View Full Version : Does anyone care for the Scouts Inc. breakdown?

Rulon Velvet Jones
11-25-2009, 07:52 AM
It's actually a bit better this week.

Ray Finkle
11-25-2009, 07:56 AM
wow....what a tease....show us the goods!

11-25-2009, 08:05 AM
I'm guessing the score prediction is....

Denver 23
NYG 20

Rulon Velvet Jones
11-25-2009, 08:07 AM
By Jeremy Green
Scouts Inc.
New York at Denver
When: 8:20 PM ET
Watch: NFL
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Scouts Inc. Position Advantage
RB NY (That's faint praise. Neither corps has been anything special and Bradshaw is likely out)
Coach NY

After breaking down film of both teams, Scouts Inc. offers 10 things to watch in this week's Giants-Broncos matchup.

1. Denver's QB situation: Despite an ankle injury, look for the Broncos to start QB Kyle Orton this week. Last week they did not start him but ended up playing him after Chris Simms struggled early in the game. In our mind, either you are healthy enough to play, or you aren't, so we were dumbfounded by coach Josh McDaniels' move not to start him last week.

2. Denver RB Knowshon Moreno: Sure he had a costly fumble last week at the goal line, but he also toted it 10 times for 80 yards. He will need more touches than that if they are going to win this week and end a four-game losing streak. The middle of the Giants' defense is vulnerable without MLB Antonio Pierce, so look for the Broncos to attack straight downhill and right at the Giants' defensive front seven.

3. Giants' QB Eli Manning: Give Manning a lot of credit for bouncing back and playing a great football game last week after throwing a bad early interception. The Broncos play a lot of man coverage, which is what Manning got a lot of last week. Look for the Giants to use a motion man again this week to force the Broncos to declare whether they are in man or zone coverage. This will give Manning an early indication of where his first look should be.

4. New York running backs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw: Teams have been gashing the Broncos' run defense over the past few weeks. San Diego had the 32nd-ranked run offense in the NFL and ran it right down their throats last week. This is a copycat league and until the Broncos can prove they can stop the run, teams will continue to pound it, which by the way is the Giants' specialty. Look for them to run right at DE Elvis Dumervil to slow him down and neutralize him as a pass-rusher.

5. Giants LT David Diehl vs. Broncos ROLB Elvis Dumervil: Diehl is much better as a run blocker than he is in pass protection. He is a converted guard who has adjusted to playing at LT and done a solid job, but he does have occasional issues playing one-on-one with speed guys, and Dumervil can beat even the most athletic OTs to the edge. This will be one of the best interior matchups of the week.

6. Denver's defensive packages: Why did the Broncos go so plain on defense this past week? Right now they do not have a lot of confidence in their offense and are trying to play more conservatively on defense to avoid giving up the big play. Look for that to change this week as they will get back to taking more risks and blitzing more often on early downs. It is the only way to cover up the many holes they have in their front seven and they are good enough in the back end to matchup one-on-one.

7. Denver's offensive script: Unlike most teams in the NFL, Denver does not script its first 15 plays on offense. Look for them to possibly get away from that this week. While it is understandable that McDaniels does not like to pigeon hole the offense based on the down and distance situations that may arise, they don't seem to get into a good offensive rhythm every week. When teams script their first 15 plays, they run through the script late in the week in practice and it gives the players an understanding of what will be called and can get them in a nice rhythm.

8. The Giants' blitz packages: They were fairly aggressive early in the game against Atlanta, but then like many weeks, they stopped pressuring in the second half. It almost came back to haunt them against Atlanta. Coach Tom Coughlin should get together with defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and make sure they are on the same page about bringing consistent pressure throughout the game.

9. Broncos TE Tony Scheffler: He has to become more involved in the offense. The Broncos seem to be getting away from him in recent weeks. During their four-game losing streak he had three one-catch games. One of the Giants' weaknesses has been effective pass-catching tight ends, so Scheffler's targets must go up this week.

10. Giants cornerbacks vs. Denver WR Brandon Marshall: It will be interesting to see how the Giants play Marshall because their corners have been vulnerable when playing off coverage and giving a free release. Marshall is very difficult to press, however, because he is so physical. The Giants' Aaron Ross played some safety in his return from injury last week, so it will be interesting to see how he is used against Denver.

New York 20
Denver 17


11-25-2009, 08:10 AM
they notice as well the broncos stopped blitzing, and thus stop losing. why has nolans playcalling changed? who cares if they burn us long for a TD, its better than getting burned short 15 times for 5 yards then a TD. we found that out last year when slowick never blitzed.

11-25-2009, 08:14 AM
even guy on TV said the team has lost its aggressiveness, nolan needs to dial it up and start taking chances because it worked early in the year, as soon as they stopped trying to be aggressive, we go 0-4

Rulon Velvet Jones
11-25-2009, 08:19 AM
I think they're discounting the travel to the higher altitude on a short week. Some asses might be dragging late in the game.

11-25-2009, 02:57 PM
We need to play turnover free and take advantage when were in the redzone. If we do that I think our D can give us a chance. Hope we get Eli on an off day. If he's on fire we probably have no chance.

11-25-2009, 02:59 PM
mcdaniels responded ot the blitz question saying we cant blitz if they are on 3 step drops because we need our guys in coverage... they said this all last year too, and look how we fared.

11-25-2009, 03:03 PM
mcdaniels responded ot the blitz question saying we cant blitz if they are on 3 step drops because we need our guys in coverage... they said this all last year too, and look how we fared.

wtf? Were was this the first 6-7 weeks of the season?