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11-16-2009, 08:59 AM
So we went into the bye week and the whole message board was calling out people who were down on the team. Being disgruntled for being ranked so low. We had a bye week to get ready for 2 of the most physically assulting teams in the league. And really when we left Baltimore I wasn't terribly dissapointed, and even after Pittsburg was not even that down, but after getting kicked in the mouth by Washington I feel pretty low. And then seeing what LT did against the Iggles makes me pretty sure I know what he's gonna want to do Sunday in Denver. Especially when you look at how the game when in SD. But I wanted to go back and look at how we got to this point and why the TOP in the second half is so glaring.

Against Cinci the score was 3-0 at halftime in the second half we ran 27 plays for 181 yards with a TD and FG ran 16:29 off the clock and won on an amazing catch.

Next comes Cleveland, 10-6 at halftime we ran 36 plays for 271 yards 2 TDs and FG and ran 18:51 off the clock and the game was essentially in hand the whole time.

Then comes Oak, 13-3 at halftime 38 plays for 209 yards a TD and FG 19:30 off the clock and an easy win.

Cowgirls walk into Mile High and its 7-10 at half and we ran 37 plays for 261 yards a TD and FG ran 16:50 off the clock and win the game.

Then comes the Cheaters 7-17 at the half we run 37 plays for 193 yards score a TD and FG run 17:54 off the clock and its tied.

And then the trip to mile high west its 17-20 at the half we run 37 plays for 231 yards score 2 TD's and a FG hold the ball for 17:57 and jes win the game.

Then comes bye week

We go to baltimore the city the John didn't want we are down 0-6 at half time, run 30 plays for 170 yards score a TD(on the first drive of the half) and get run over.

Then the stillers come to mile high(we wear orange) down 3-7 at half run 20 plays for 59 yards in 7:41 and draw a goose egg on offense.

The we go to the capital to see mr obama...up 17-14 we run 22 plays for 26 yards all but one of those yards belong to moreno another goose egg in 8:51.

One thing I see here is we aren't ever up big or down big at half time...thats a positive at least we have a good game plan coming in. But I think the last two games bring a very scary reality that we only ran 20 and 22 plays in 60 minutes of football. And barely a quarter of time held the ball. If this team is tired the next 10 days are going to be even worse. We went 3-2 through the area of the schedule that was difficult that everyone said would show we area fakes. This team needs to step up and show who they are. Someone on offense needs to step up and take control of this team. And we need to ride Moreno like the horse he is.

Pony Boy
11-16-2009, 10:39 AM
I'm too pissed off to read anything that long, sorry ..............

11-16-2009, 10:55 AM
I wonder what life changing thing happend to McDaniels on his bye week?

11-16-2009, 11:03 AM
I was going to respond by saying I'm worried about the second half team we are now.
Before, we dominated the second half, which resulted in us winning.
Now, we are getting completely run over in the 2nd half. We have scored on offense in the past 3 games a total of 7 points in the 2nd half, and we have given up 58 points in those same 3 games(24 against Baltimore, 21 against Pittsburgh and 13 against Washington). Also, I'm seeing teams gash us in the running game, and I think it might be due to our DL finally showing up that they can't take it the whole game, as well as some of our LB's playing terrible in the running game.