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Good article on why we are Damn lucky for years to come!

McDaniels' love of the game
He has worn his heart on his hoodie as a first-time head coach a reminder that football is supposed to be fun.
By Lindsay H. Jones
The Denver Post
Posted: 11/01/2009 01:00:00 AM MST

It was a scene that probably would have made Tom Landry furious. That is, if Landry, the iconic former Dallas Cowboys coach, would have dared to show emotion.

There was Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, charging through a sea of players and coaches to the north end zone at Invesco Field, emphatically pointing up to his family and unleashing a fist pump to rival all fist pumps.

At the time, McDaniels' Broncos had just defeated the New England Patriots, his previous employer for eight years, and McDaniels reacted like, well, a fan.

While fans in the stands, at home in their living rooms or gathered in bars were likely exchanging high-fives, McDaniels was leaping into the arms of a defensive lineman.

"I think when you put so much time and effort into something, when you lose, you probably want to cry, and when you win, you want to jump for joy, and he doesn't hold back," Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey said. "I like that emotion, I like him to express himself like that."

In the first two months of his first season as an NFL head coach, McDaniels has developed a reputation as the anti-Landry, or anti-Belichick, his mentor in New England. He proudly celebrates victories and doesn't shy away from emotional outbursts when things aren't going so smoothly, chewing out players and coaches on the sideline.

McDaniels would likely agree with the analytical Landry on in-game coaching philosophies. After all, McDaniels did major in math at John Carroll University.

But McDaniels has eschewed the theory that coaches must be perceived as stoic game-planners, too concerned with the intricacies of the game to acknowledge that football is supposed to be fun.

"I just think somewhere down the line people think you need to try to keep that under wraps, and not let it out," McDaniels said. "We spend too much time trying to win, then all of a sudden you win, and you bottle it up? When do you get to enjoy it? At the end of the Denver Broncos season? No."

The sincerity of his expressive display after the New England game may have helped endear McDaniels to a fan base previously hesitant to embrace him.

But the players have had months to get used to McDaniels' intense, emotional and supremely optimistic coaching style since their new boss arrived at Dove Valley in January to replace Mike Shana- han.

"Our first team meeting that we had, I saw it was going to be totally different, and knew that for those guys who were here before, that it would be totally different from what they were used to," tight end Daniel Graham said. "McDaniels is a player's coach, but he demands a lot from all his players. It helps when you have a coach like that to bring it out from all the guys. It's not miserable to come into work, and that's a big thing. He has a positive attitude, and we do too."

.................................................. ..........

McDaniels said he isn't sure how much of his energy and exuberance are a result of his youth. At 33, he's the second- youngest coach in the NFL. Will he still be fist pumping and pouncing on linemen when he's 53, or 63? Probably, as long as he's still having fun.

"I think the word we're talking about is passion. I am passionate about trying to get our team ready to go out and win, I'm passionate about winning," McDaniels said. "They understand how much work and time we put in, and then to not let it out and enjoy what you just did, I think you're wasting an opportunity. I mean, how many times are you going to get it?"

(Ouch, must be tough for Shanny to read Graham's quote ... maybe he'll learn to lighten up a bit while regaining some focus and passion? Or maybe he'll never regain the moxie, fire and enthusiasm the 1990's Shanny had?? ... I think that's more likely. I'm just SOOO glad he is no longer our coach and thank you Pat for the intelligence, foresight and strength of vision to pull the plug just in time to wrap up Josh!!! )

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Great post thanks!

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Thanks for the post and thanks to Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels.