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First Take?

It's 18 after now ...

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idk I turned it on right after 11 AM and he said Eddie Royal at the bottom of the hour.

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First Take?

It's 18 after now ...

No the radio show

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I typed as it went. Most is paraphrased.

On ten passes last game: Wasn't expecting it. Never know when you're numbers called and have to be ready every game.

On his production drop off this year: It's been very humbling. Football is a humbling and team sport. We have to do what we need to win and have a lot of playmakers to spread it around.

On if his attitude would be different if they weren't winning: I would do what they said. Anyone wants to be productive but we have to play as a team.

on Orton: Great leader. Studies a lot of film and is a hard worker. That's what we need: take care, don't make mistakes and make the plays.

On if he thought they'd be better w/Cutler: No, since OTa's we're moving ahead and have a lot of guys with great leadership on this team and we're moving on.

on beating NE: You always expect to win but whenever you play the Pats it's a tough game. they're well coached and don't beat themselves and make you play situational football.

On winning for coach: You always want to win every game and we come together because we have good players that play for each other and the coaches.

on buying in: We're definitely all in. They say "all in" on their break down. Josh and the coaches put a great plan in and we want to come out and execute for them.

On fist pumping McD: It was great. Lots of hard work doing the week so was satisfying and he's as enthusiastic on the practice field during the week.

On Rod Smith: Talks about football and off the field stuff and helping in the community. Helps he and Marsh make good decisions on and off the field. Shows him how to be a professional: care of body, film, preparation, little things that make big things.

on MNF: It will be a great challenge on big stage and they're excited.

On chargers: You always get their best shot. They always play them tough and they have a lot of pro-bowl players. Their secondary is underrated and have good ball skills and they have to take care of the ball to win.

On virginia tech: They are playing really well. Hopes they can go all the way. Have good leadership.

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Thanks Kaylore. Rep.

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Thanks Kaylore!

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Jungle Karma!!

Quentin Jammer was supposed to be on too