View Full Version : The Article I want to see from the Media "ORTON outplays BRADY!"

10-12-2009, 01:49 AM
That's right....write that up!

Here's the stats to help you with what you call a 'piece':

Brady: 19/33 215yds (6.1 per pass) 2Tds, 1Fumble (dont forget that)
Orton: 35/48 330yds (6.4 per pass) 2Tds, 1Garbage Pick

Third Down Efficiency:
ORTON: 6/14 - 42% 21 Passing First Downs (6 diff receivers)
BRADY: 5/14 - 35% 11 Passing First Downs (6 diff receivers)

Orton Quote: "I didn't beat him, it was our team that beat the NE Patriots!"