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10-01-2009, 02:38 PM

At the start of the season we knew we had some issues converting from a 4-3 to a 3-4, most of Broncomania was lined up like 'chicken on a stick' roosting on the fence posts wondering how this transition was ever going to be succesful. Well with good reason, the Broncos 27th ranked defense was converting to a 3-4. Just the previous year, the defense were the laugh of the league that featured a horribly leaky defensive line and inconsistent linebackers and questionable safety play? To top it all off, rumors were flying that Denver was converting their 2 DE's to the outside linebacker spot! Honestly?, their going to play Dumervil at OLB along with our #1 pick Jarvis Moss? Madddddness!! Evil Maddddddness!

I, for one, was in the crown of those yelling, "Mike Nolan has gone MAD"! Indeed, his is a unique career, with his football beginnings as an Oregon Duck playing 3 years at safety. But, let's get real - the beginning and successes of Nolan's career have been greatly overshadowed by his recent failures as the HC of the 49ers. Which led us all to closely scrutinize each player acquisition and information leak coming from the team reports during the last preseason. In fact, we all were left in the dark on the details or testing that was occurring in Nolans lab during the offseason...then he appears as Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown from Back to the Future, the 'good' mad scientist that has introduced time travel for the Broncos D. Could the Orange Crush of the past be back?

Few really believe that the 49ers latest roasted duck could ever turn out so good! Well, the defense is a recipe that he put his own preseason spin on with some of his secret special touches and it has come out perfect after 3 games - in fact its the best defense in the NFL! Was this beginners luck? - hardly! Well after a quick 3 game start in his first season, Mike Nolan has many fans clamoring "Damn this 'duck' is better than any tri-tip we've wasted money on in years!"

Well, Mike Nolan may not like the idea of sizzling duck, but this is quite possibly the story of the year in the AFC West.

Mike Nolan surely is part of the Sid Gillman/Bill Walsh line as a DC for Brian Billick but then somehow his coaching treeline shows grafted branches from Bill Parcells with his affiliation to Al Groh early in his coaching career after and also some Norv Turner tree sap. And, of course, we also know that Nolan planted a tree in his front yard that he named Jimmy Johnson early on in his career.

But hold up, stop the press - we owe our success, to really one person! Are you ready for this? I give you Dan Reeves Broncos' fans! Funny how quickly you can go back to the future, eh?! Dan Reeves was responsible for Nolan's success - taking him from Denver (linebacker coach) to the NY G-I-ANTS in 1993...well, he did one hell of a job and his career took flight again only this time as a pro coach. Ha - Dan Reeves - the coach we remember as the evil mad doctor is credited for giving us our current defensive powerhouse product - from the 'good' mad doctor!

Well enough about the mad dr. duck's past, he's slowly going to prove this season that he is an NFL coach and is on track to more than outperform his 49er replacement coach Mike Singletary. After 3 games, Denver's defense is a top 2/3 ranked defense in the NFL in yards surrendered and points given up at 5.3 per game. The Broncos defense looks good, very good, in fact...with Dawkins, Bailey, Goodman, Doom, Davis and other ingredients, Nolan 'the duck' has turned out beautifully for the Bronco Nation!

Like any good guy 'mad' scientist, Nolan has 'played god' with many players careers including Elvis Doomervil, who has the 2nd most sacks in the NFL, second to only Antwan Odom of the Bengals. Surely the mystery is solved, Elvis is...well, let's just say 'HE's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!'

Leading the League In Sacks:
1. Antwan Odom 7.0 (Bengals)
2. Elvis Dumervil 6.0 (Broncos)
3. Dwight Freeney 4.0 (Colts)
4. Greg Ellis 3.0 (Raiders)
5. Lawrence Jackson 3.0 (Seahawks

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Nice Vegas, very well written.