View Full Version : Trade Marshall Mock draft

09-18-2009, 01:01 PM
I have the Broncos trading Marshall to the Jet for a 2 and 5 round draft picks.

I also have the Broncos signing Hampton(NT) from Steelers and Clayton (WR) from Baltimore and Campbell (QB) from Redskins as free agents.

The Broncos also resign Dumervil.The Broncos needs after these signings are Ted linebacker and a De on defensive . Another Wr , QB and RB on Offensive.

1. Dez Bryant, he is just to good for the Broncos to pass.The Broncos would have triple threat at wide receiver in Bryant,Clayton and Royal .

2a. Rolando McClain Ilb from Alabama.McClain and Williams would make a great linebacker tandem for years.

2b Tony Pike, He is having a great year completing nearly 80 % of passes plus has a pretty stong arm. He reminds me of Tony Romo.

3. Jared Odrick ,Penn state DT, has the perfect build to dominate as 3-4 defensive end.

4. Antonio Coleman, backup rush linebacker from Auburn. Coleman is 6-3 at 250 pounds and 4.7 speed.

5. Ryan Mathews, Running back fresno State. The Broncos could use another running back. Mathews is 5-11 at 215 and runs a 4.45

6. Jeffery Fitzgerald, De fron Kansas State. He also is a perfect fit for 3-4 defensive end. Could be one of the bigest steals of draft.

7. Larry Hart, small school project at Rush linebacker. Hart is 6 ft and 240 pounds with 4.6 speed and had 15 stacks last year.