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Jason in LA
09-07-2009, 01:09 PM
Did a Marc Lear ever play line (I'm not sure which side of the ball) for the Broncos around the early to mid '90s. I'm not sure the exact years, but judging from what the guy said, that's where I'd put him.

I'd never heard of the guy before five weeks ago. He was the head coach of my son's tackle football team. Key word is "was". Dude got the can from coaching 12 and 13 year olds because he flat out sucked, which is why I'm questioning if he ever played in the NFL. He said that he had played for the Broncos and Raiders. I didn't ask much about his career, but I was under the impression that he was on an active roster.

(Here's the bulk of the story that happened on my son's team, for those of you with kids in youth sports)

He pretty much wasted 4 1/2 weeks of the kid's training camp, and damn near ruined their experience. The main point of playing at that age is that the kids have fun while become better players, but this guy was going extra hard on them, and he didn't teach them anything. Which pissed all the parent off.

I am one of the assistant coaches on the team, so I saw first hand the damage this guy was doing. Through 4 1/2 weeks, he never came up with a playbook. I understand that some coaches do not pass out a playbook, and they just teach the kids plays. But this guy didn't even have plays made up. He'd walk into the huddle and just make up plays on the fly. Running plays weren't so much of a problem, because most of them were straight forward, but passing plays were a huge problem. He'd just make up the routes on the spots, with no rhyme or reason to them, and expect the QB to make the right read, and that the receivers would have the timing down on the patterns. When the play failed he'd ride the QB's ass about it. Like the QB is supposed to get a play right that he's never tried before. I'm the WRs/DBs coach, and when I had them at practice I had to teach them some plays, since we had no playbook, which I kept asking Marc for. So they knew how to run these simple pass plays because they practiced them. But when we scrimmaged Marc didn't want to use any of them. He rather make plays up on the fly then use plays that they already knew.

Our O line could not block at all, which kind of surprised me, because this guy said he played in the NFL. The D Line was just as bad. So I'm wondering what the guy was doing during practice when we'd break off into groups.

Oh, and defense, we never practiced that. The day before the first scrimmage was the first time he lined them up in defense, and he just told the LBs to play zone (MLB in the middle, and OLB hash line to side line), the safeties deep halves, and the CBs in man. That was kind of silly. And he never told them what their responsibilities were against the run.

So we got our asses kicked in the first scrimmage. It was horrible. The running game was hit and miss, but the passing game was horrible because he was making up plays on the fly (in scrimmages the coaches can be in the huddle.) They didn't complete one pass on the plays he called. The defense gave up a lot of big plays because the kids didn't know their responsibilities.

So then at the next scrimmage (we didn't have a practice between scrimmages because of the poor air from the fires), we get our asses kicked even worse. Marc was such an ass that when we took the field in the second half he was still talking to the team manager, probably talking about how bad the kids were playing. So me and the other three assistant coaches (the other three had come on board a week earlier and didn't get what the hell was going on) started running the team. I started calling the pass plays they already knew, and they competed a few passes. The timing was off, and it was hit and miss, but at least they moved the ball a little bit, giving them some hope. One of the other coaches made a few adjustments on D and kids started filling gaps making tackles. They were still getting beat, but at least they were making plays on both sides of the ball here and there.

So after the scrimmage Marc comes over to give his post game speech, and he pretty much tells the kids that tomorrow at practice all they would be doing would be hitting and running. No words of encouragement. Just punishment.

So the next day in practice this guy comes in and tells the kids that they should feel embarrassed at the way they played and that he's never been a part of a losing organization. When I had conversations with he he'd always say that he needs kids that want to play for him, he would blame the kids for all the problems with the team, and he said that if they, or the parents, don't like his ways that they could find a different program. Forget that he hadn't taught them the basic fundamentals, didn't teach them any schemes or plays, and pretty much failed to prepare them. And when me and the other coaches would tell him what he needs to do, he'd just ignore us.

So that day in practice he runs the crap out of them, has them doing hitting drills (without teaching them the proper techniques to preform those drills), and the players that he didn't like he pretty much put in his dog house and treated like crap. I'm all for being tough, especially in football, but he was extremely disrespectful.

During all this time a number of the parents had complained to the president of the organization. A lot of the parents were really pissed off, including myself. So the president started watching the guy, and after the scrimmage and the practice where he treated all the kids like crap, he had enough and told the coach not to come back.

One of the other assistant coaches is now the coach, and he's been the head coach at other programs. I'm liking what he's doing so far. He has a system on both sides of the ball and he's taken a step back so we can take the time to teach the kids the basic fundamentals of the game. Only problem is that we only have a week to make major changes. If this guy was named head coach from the beginning this team would be looking nice right now. And one thing I really like about the guy is that he seeks out suggestions from the other coaches. He said that he liked a lot of my passing plays and he's going to put them in his playbook. He's more of a running coach and said that he's not very strong in the passing game. So I drew the plays we'd been working on to fit his formations. The good thing is that the WRs and QBs already know how to execute the plays, so they just have to learn to run them out of a different formation.

The kids instantly became upbeat. Everybody is having a good time. Having fun, and they are learning, which is the point of all of this. With Marc as the coach I didn't think we'd win a single game. Now I think we have a chance.

After going through all that BS with Marc, I can't see how that guy played in the NFL. The guy has no knowledge of the game.

09-07-2009, 01:19 PM
I think there's an all-time roster in the media guide ... I have one, I'll check.

Jason in LA
09-07-2009, 01:25 PM
I think there's an all-time roster in the media guide ... I have one, I'll check.

I can't find my media guide anywhere. I did a search on the guy and couldn't find anything.

09-07-2009, 01:41 PM
A historical players search on NFL.com yields nothing for the name Marc Lear:


Not sure how thorough the database is though.

09-07-2009, 01:55 PM
Never heard of him. Given, I could have missed a role-player/2nd string type back then, but I don't recall him at all.

09-07-2009, 02:02 PM
He's not on the raiders all time roster either.

09-07-2009, 02:02 PM
I checked the media guide and he isn't listed in the alphabetical all time roster.

Maybe he played for a day in training camp? I doubt it, I think he's full of it. Glad your team is rid of him now.

09-07-2009, 02:14 PM
Maybe he was on one of the strike teams in the 80s?

EDIT: ...or maybe he is just a lying POS?

09-07-2009, 02:20 PM
Maybe he played for the Boise State Broncos. ;D

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That kind of stuff makes me crazy.

That said, what do you want to bet we see this headline sometime this offseason: "After 1-15 season, Raiders tab Marc Lear as their new head coach?"