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09-04-2009, 09:21 AM
The following players seem certain to be part of the 53 man roster:

QB: Orton, Simms (2)
RB: Moreno, Hillis, Buckhalter (3)
WR: Royal, Gaffney, Stokley (3)
TE: Graham, Scheffler, Quinn (3)
OL: Harris, Clady, Hamilton, Wiegman, Kuper, Olsen, Hochstein (7)

S: Dawkins, Hill, Mcbath, Bruton (4)
CB: Bailey, Goodman, Smith (3)
LB: Williams, Davis, Woodyard, Larsen, Dumervil, Haggan, Reid, Ayers (8)
DL: Fields, Peterson, Mcbean, Thomas, Baker (5)

ST: Paxton, Kern, Prater (3)

41 sure, leaving 12 open spaces.

People who are likely to make the roster:

QB: Brandstater (1)
RB: Walker (1)
WR: Marshall, Mckinley (2)
TE: None
OL: Not sure

DL: Smith (1)
LB: Crowder (1)
S: None
CB: Williams (1)

That leaves 5 open spaces to fought for. At least 1 spot will go to either Gorin or Polumbus, 1 spot will go to Vernon Fox or Barrett at S, 1 spot will go to Brandon Lloyd or Chad Jackson, 1 spot will go to Lee Robinson, Nic Clemons or Powell, 1 spot could go to someone we haven't seen much of but is high on the depth chart such as Jordan or Lichtensteiger.

09-04-2009, 09:27 AM
IMO Nic Clemaons & Brandon Lloyd make it and I think Jarvis Moss makes it???

any candidates for PUP, IR?

09-04-2009, 09:31 AM
So Moss is a goner? I do think you're right though. I also think the Broncos will make a couple of claims off the waiver wire, so the 'final' roster will probably look different Monday than it does Saturday.