View Full Version : Feeling cautiously optimistic about our RB stable

Boobs McGee
09-03-2009, 11:04 PM
This all predicates on the line keepin up the incredible work, but....

Buckhalter. He just looks solid. Great patience, hits the hole hard and looks fluid. GREAT speed imo, and isn't afraid to run some bitches over.

speaking of running bitches over.

Hillis. Hot damn that is one tough mother****er. I can't imagine what it's like seeing a big ass 250 pound dude lumbering towards you with his shoulder down. Baby soft hands, excellent blocker, all around badass.

Walker. He's been pretty solid all PS. Doesnt' look like the fastest guy in the world, but he runs smart, has quick feet, and plays bigger than 210. Also seems to be fairly patient.

Jordan. meh. Kind of lackluster, lot of hesitancy when hitting the hole...but i think he could be a servicable back in injury situations.

Moreno. DAMMIT I cant wait to see what this kid can do! First time we've actually picked up a top RB in I don't even know HOW long. If he's as good as advertised, our qb (whoever he may be) should have a LOT more room to make plays with that guy eating up chunks of yardage.

Thomas. Kind of an unknown, but he looked like he was hungry out there in the fourth.

However they're utilized, it feels like we have a much more solid foundation at the rb position this year. Yes, i know, freakish string of injury's last year, but if we can stay healthy we're gonna pack one HELLUVA punch.

Buckhalter's knees, while they dont have a TON of mileage on them, have both been under the knife, but he had one of his best years last year and I'm inclined to think it'll continue in that direction here.

Again, CAUTIOUSLY optimistic, we'll find out next week against a middle of the road run D. Curious to see who McD will be starting.

Obviously, I'd like to see Moreno, but would MUCH rather have him sit out another week to fully heal up.

Hopefully he brings hillis back into the focal point of the running game, with a nice healthy mixture of correll and walker. Although, hillis is just such a crusher in the later part of the game, I wouldn't mind seeing him lining up in an offset, maybe catchin some dump offs out of the backfield. But DEFINITELY as the number one for the majority.

anywho, I"m ****ing STOKED!!!!!