View Full Version : I'm looking for some Denver locals to fill out our FFL.

08-30-2009, 02:56 PM
My fantasy football league recently lost a team, and I'm looking for either 1 new team or 3. We currently have 9 teams and need to round out our league. We can take on 1 team or if 3 people are interested we can round out the league with 12 teams.

Preferably local, as all of our teams like to get together and watch Bronco games together. This is not a group of guys. We have several girlfriends/wives who are playing and so this is a beginner FFL.

Draft is unfortunately tomorrow Monday August 31st at 7pm using ESPN online draft. Several Teams are drafting remotely and the rest of us will be at a draft party at my place. If you chose to come to the draft party, you have to bring your own laptop and beer. Cost is $10 a team with $80 going to the winner and 2nd place makes their money back.

Email me at derrick(at)muffintopbikers.com or pm me if you are interested, girlfriends and wives are welcome.