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Bronco Rob
08-12-2009, 04:07 PM
Bowe has "Hands of Stone"

RIVER FALLS, Wis. | The coaches were relentless, and their target couldn’t pass his latest test.

Dwayne Bowe kept getting opportunities Tuesday to prove he’s better than the Chiefs’ third-string wide receiver. The passes kept coming, and Bowe kept dropping them.

Tuesday’s drill was designed to simulate contact after the catch. The receiver would catch the ball, and a coach would immediately smack him with a blocking pad. One pass after another came toward Bowe, a third-year wide receiver, and for a long and uncomfortable while, he couldn’t secure the ball.

“This group as a whole needs work,” Chiefs coach Todd Haley said after Tuesday’s practice. “They have a ways to go.”

As the unit’s problems continue, Bowe has become the face of an underachieving group of wide receivers that entered the offseason as a potential problem area and hasn’t spent many days outside Haley’s crosshairs. Haley is a former NFL wide-receivers coach, and he’s spent months trying to get through to the Chiefs’ receivers — and none more than Bowe.

Haley had Bowe’s eyes checked to find out whether his dropped passes were related to poor vision, had cleats examined to help receivers improve their routes and has tried verbal assault therapy — anything to get through to Bowe, who is talented but inconsistent.

Now, Haley is attacking Bowe’s job security. When the Chiefs released their first depth chart late Monday, Bowe was listed as a third-team receiver. It was a steep fall for the player expected to be quarterback Matt Cassel’s go-to option and the heir to departed tight end Tony Gonzalez’s many opportunities.

Haley wouldn’t admit it Tuesday when asked whether Bowe’s demotion was the latest attempt to jump-start the player’s sputtering training camp. Then again, Haley didn’t deny it, either.

“You know me. You probably have some idea,” Haley said with a chuckle. “I’m always pushing and prodding and trying to instigate a little bit and get some emotion out of guys and get some passion out of guys. That’s the way I’ve done it. There’s a lot of different ways. That’s what I’ve done more than anything, just try to press them every day and not give them a whole lot of time to breathe.”

Bowe said Tuesday that he was told to not speak with reporters, and he hurried down a side path to the Chiefs’ locker room after the receivers spent time after practice working on their catches. Another winded wide receiver, veteran Bobby Engram, said he hadn’t paid attention to how the depth chart listed the Chiefs. But he admitted that the group knows its head coach isn’t happy.

“As players, we already know when we mess up,” said Engram, who’s also listed on the third team. “But it’s good to have a coach and coaches there to call you out and talk about why you did it.

“It’s good to set the standard high. We’ve got to set our expectations up here, or else we’ll never get there.”

Haley has made it clear his expectations and the things that contributed to last year’s 2-14 record will not align. He works players hard, screams at them when they loaf and has admitted to paying particular attention to the team’s wide receivers.

Kansas City has signed a handful of free-agent wide receivers in the months since last season’s final game, including veterans Engram and Amani Toomer. On Tuesday, Haley praised Toomer, Rodney Wright and Terrance Copper, saying those players have been consistent and seem always willing to work hard during practices. Copper and Devard Darling are listed as the first-team wide receivers

But others have drawn the coach’s ire, and Bowe — a first-round pick in 2007 out of Louisiana State — has drawn out the worst in Haley, who has said he’ll do whatever it takes to bring out the best in his receivers.

Haley was among the architects of last year’s NFC champion Arizona Cardinals, who rode Haley’s pass-heavy offense and receivers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald to their first Super Bowl appearance.

Haley has said Fitzgerald once feared team meetings, during which Haley, as the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator, would mercilessly highlight Fitzgerald’s mistakes. Then the receiver approached Haley after last year’s NFC title game, thanking the coach for the attention and determination, with Fitzgerald saying he couldn’t have done it without the pressure Haley applied so often.

“When I was a position coach,” Haley said Tuesday, “I would say: ‘I’ll do everything to get you out of here if you’re not doing it this way.’ Obviously, they knew as a position coach, I wasn’t making the decision. But occasionally, I’d be able to get what I wanted done. The rest of the group would take notice. Now that I’m the head coach, obviously I have a little more say in these things.

“It’s not a threat. It’s more of: We’re going to do it with guys who are going to do it our way.”

Engram is entering his 14th NFL season, and he said Tuesday that he has learned over the years how to spot a coach’s pressure points. The veteran said Haley demands perfection, and if that doesn’t happen, he at least wants his receivers to run sharp routes, take correct angles, hold on to the ball and turn with it upfield.

“Being a complete player,” Engram said.

What about the trouble zones? The things that Haley just won’t tolerate?

“The opposite,” Engram said. “All the things that will get you beat.”

Whatever Bowe has done, it’s not good enough for his new coach. Bowe’s vision is fine, his cleats are regulation, and he has taken steps to graduate from Haley’s verbal assault dungeon. But he hasn’t been close to perfect, and Tuesday’s contact drill underscored that there’s work to be done.

Haley said he understands that. And that some mistakes are OK. He has learned that much over his years in the league. He learned another thing, too: Sometimes the people with the most potential are the ones with the most turbulent lives. Haley learned that the hard way, as an assistant for fiery and relentless coach Bill Parcells. Now, Haley is teaching Bowe what the coach learned long ago: There is no easy path to greatness.

Not in Haley’s world, anyway.

“It’s OK to drop a ball. It’s going to happen. You understand it,” Haley said. “I look at wide receivers as more than just pass catchers — as football players. They have to block, they have to catch the ball in traffic, make contested catches, make big plays in big situations, but be football players first would be the way I would describe a group that I would like to be a part of.

“Usually, in the end, you’ve got a decent group.”



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"Seeing is the most important thing, son."


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Ahhhhh, thanks for this, I needed a pick me up today.

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I posted this in the NFL thread, but as we are enjoying a laugh at KC's expense. Ha!

Peter King

9:45 a.m., Wednesday (Chiefs camp, River Falls, Wisc.): You're not going to believe this. It's midway through Kansas City's first of two daily practices and Matt Cassel, Tom Brady's longtime understudy now on his own in the heartland, fades back to pass. Quarterbacks in training camp are not supposed to be hit in camp, but in this pass drill, with Cassel setting up in the pocket, safety Bernard Pollard comes on a blitz.

You remember Pollard. He's the guy who tumbled/dove into Brady's planted left leg on an identical rush last September, collapsing the knee, shredding Brady's ACL and knocking him out for the season. Now, on a sun-baked field miles from anywhere in western Wisconsin, here came Pollard at the man who replaced Brady and who, ironically, became Pollard's teammate after New England traded Cassel to Kansas City in February.

What makes the play even more amazing is that Brady got hit last year when a back missed a block on the onrushing Pollard. And as I'm watching, I can't believe what I see: Again, a back (I didn't catch his number) throws an ¡Ole!block, and precisely the same thing that happened a year ago happens now: Pollard thought he was going to be blocked by a running back last year against New England, got low to take on the block, wasn't blocked, and fell into Brady. Now, he thought he was going to be blocked by a running back, got low, wasn't blocked, and stumbled and tried to avoid hitting Cassel, yelling at the last moment, "Move!" It was too late. He fell hard and rolled into Cassel's left leg.


Pollard was able to put on the brakes enough so that he only tapped Cassel's left leg. Cassel flexed it a couple of times and was fine. A couple of his offensive mates hustled in to defend him against Pollard. Words were exchanged, but that was it. No harm, no foul.

"Pretty weird," a smiling Cassel told me an hour later. "Yeah, I realized it."

I caught Pollard after lunch on campus. His eyes got wide when I asked him about the play. "I got to the sidelines after that play," Pollard said, "and I realized what happened, and I thought, -- OH MY GOD! It's like a replay.''

As I said, Cassel was fine, and held no grudge against Pollard. That's football. But it's such happenstance. How history would have been changed if Pollard tapped Brady's knee the way he tapped Cassel's. If it had happened like that, what would have happened to Cassel? Would he still be the permanent backup to Brady? Or would Cassel, whose contract expired at the end of last year, have been picked off by new Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who was behind Cassel's drafting in the seventh round five years ago by the Patriots? My money's on the Chiefs taking him off New England's hands -- money being the key word. He parlayed his opportunity with the Patriots last year into a six-year, $63-million contract in Kansas City.

What might Cassel have gotten had he never played? Well, a parallel player to Cassel a year ago at this time -- a totally unproven backup with a little marketability -- was Brian St. Pierre, the third-stringer on Arizona who re-signed with the Cardinals this offseason: For one year and $1 million.

So, Pollard's hit was a $62-million whack, give or take a million, for Cassel. On this morning, double jeopardy almost struck. Football is a funny game.

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Sucks to be him.


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Keep 'em comming boys. Give me something with dorsey in it. This is classic.

I know there is something out there..... Like dorsey was in LA and saw a life size creampie sandwich. He took a bite and heard to his dismay "ouch wtf". Dorsey replied "hey where is the cream filling." Turns out it was Jamarcus in his silver and black. Dorsey thought his fat ass was was one of those creampie things....

Something like that...... I know its out there.

Dr. Broncenstein
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Someone with shop-fu needs to put some horn rim glasses on Bowe.

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Not that i care if it happened but Pollard is an idiot!!

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Not that i care if it happened but Pollard is an idiot!!

But he maimed brady!

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Bowe's eyes aren't the problem. His hands are. He should try this method.



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Please tell me this has been posted on CrapPlanet.

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Where is the Chef fan spin?


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Where is the Chef fan spin?


Dunno. I thought he was supposed to be the next Michael Irvin ( or so the teevee said)...™

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Where is the Chef fan spin?




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- It was another tough day for WR Dwayne Bowe. In the individual position segment, the receivers run a four-cone drill. The cones are set up in a box pattern, about five yards apart. The receiver runs around those cones and has to catch a pass on each side, and the throws are coming in hot. When Bowe succeeded in catching all four of his passes, he slammed the ball down, flung off his helmet and posed as if he’d just scored the winning TD pass. On the next drill, two coaches were welding bags and hitting receivers as they tried to catch the ball. In six chances, Bowe did not have a successful catch. He was the only receiver who didn’t catch at least one pass.

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What a d-bag.

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9 pages of a cat fight, random Bronco references and people comparing TO and Amani Toomer...


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9 pages of a cat fight, random bronco references and people comparing to and amani toomer...



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Guess what team is about to sign Ashlie Lelie?