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The MVPlaya
08-06-2009, 03:19 AM

Other teams running similar offensive systems

Bill Parcells ran the Erhardt - Perkins offensive system during his pro coaching years, which is where Charlie Weis originally learned it.[7] Many teams coached by members of the Parcells - Belichick coaching tree currently use this system, such as Notre Dame under Charlie Weis. The Pittsburgh Steelers also continued to run this system during the Bill Cowher years, from when Ron Erhardt was their offensive coordinator.[8] Carolina currently runs this system as well, under Jeff Davidson.[9] Kansas City adopted this system with the 2007 hiring of Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator.[10] The Denver Broncos adopted this system with the 2009 hiring of Josh McDaniels [11] (who served as offensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots under Bill Belicheck from 2005 through 2008).

I'm not sure how accurate this is since it IS wikipedia - not sure if McDaniels has his own system branched of this but it's an interesting read none the less and I'm sure McDaniels' system will be relevant to what is written.