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06-13-2009, 04:56 AM

Brandon Marshall Misses Mandatory Meeting As Attitude Worsens by Rich Kurtzman (Scribe)

...Marshall has missed the past three weeks of team activity in Denver, and has said that he doesn't trust the Broncos' medical unit, and he wants a pay raise. He says he's wary of the team doctors because his hip was misdiagnosed originally.

While Marshall may have a gripe with the staff, he should put it behind him and realize that Steve "Greek" Antanopolus is highly regarded as one of the best in the league.

The young "beast" of a receiver definitely has a gripe when it comes to his contract though, as he is set to make $2.2 million for the 2009 season, well below the standards for high profile NFL receivers....

Marshall needs to suck it up and act like he cares about his NFL career, then he should ask for more money. There is no room on the baby Broncos, led by youngster Josh McDaniels, for an egotistical, selfish, and likely violent player on the team....

This article pretty much hits it spot on for me. Brandon has too much baggage to be pulling this stuff right now, but the amount that we aren't paying him is a little silly. I hope they get him a new contract, incentive ladden instead of guarenteed money, and with protection for the organization if he can't keep his nose clean. I wouldn't be adverse to a fairly sizeable signing bonus for services already rendered considering how little we paid so far and how much production we have gotten, but if Brandon refuses to consider a fair deal for the future, with clauses to handle his off field incidents, move on without him.

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