View Full Version : WooHoo! Got my Denver Chanels back on BUD!

05-30-2009, 10:38 AM
I have one of the BUD (Big Ugly Dishes) on my roof. Since I live in Oregon , I put it up as soon as the Denver channels were put on Satellite in 85 or so.

Its been MY Sunday ticket since then. I moved in 98 and since the dish had to go on my roof, I went with a smaller (8.5 foot) dish than my old one (11').

About 2 years ago the analog feeds that had been used for the Denver channels went away. Then they were put up again in digital format....but on a satellite that was directly behind a 100 + foot Fir tree.. NO Denver for me.

I kept my subscription going for the last two years, since I didn't want to lose my waivers from the local tv stations (another hoop to go through). Cost me 130 a year, but I knew eventaully I would figure something out.

I spent an awful lot of time and effort putting up dishes then moving them all over my property. No luck.

Then I put up a small dish (which is no good for Big dish signals). Moved them around a lot. Still no luck.

Finally I moved the small (1 Meter) dish to a spot on my rear deck about 1.5 months ago and pointed it through a hole in the trees about 8 feet wide.. Lo and behold the satellite where the Denver channels are came in strong ( but on a different frequency band)

Since this is sitting pretty much on my deck I needed to find a 7.5 foot dish . I put it up this week temporaray, and I have got the Denver channels coming in strong! No more internet feeds for ME!

Just excited .....Had to Say so!
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05-30-2009, 10:47 AM
That's awesome--So is the 'waiver' for Denver channels available to purchase today?

05-30-2009, 01:37 PM
Probably NOT, as the waivers are hard to get now. However there is ONE
program provider for BUD dishes that is based in CANADA. I'm sure they would authorise anyone that wants to pay. They charge a little more than
others (say 150 a year). Actually their web page says they will match any competitors price, then they fix their price at 2 times the normal...Hoping to catch a sucker I guess.


the channels you get are ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, KRMA, UPN and two PBS for the Denver market.

In order to get a waiver you have to ;

1. Not subscribe to cable , or receive no local channels on cable for at leat 90 days
2. Not subscribe to direct or dish net or not receive any local channels through them for 90 days.
3. Receive waivers from your local network stations grannting you rights to receive distant networks. In order to get these you have to NOT be able to receive the local stations with a TV antenna (WATCHEABLY!)

Unfortunately, it has become almost impossible to get waivers since digital tv
came on, as if you get enough signal, you get a clear picture or none.

However if you have mountains, hills or terrain that block reception a waiver should be granted. If a station agrees to test and you fail you have to pay for the expenses the station had.

Because of the terrain where my house is, I can get a clear analog channel on only 1 of the networks (ABC). When I applied for my waivers in 98, I actually had two networks come out to my house to make signal measurements (NBC and CBS) and after seeing what I was getting through my large rooftop antenna ( very ghosted and drifting pictures) they went ahead and granted the waivers, even though the FCC maps said I was in a class 1 reception area. I am only 15 miles from the transmitters and in a Portland suburb IN the major metro area. All the others just granted waivers after seeing the others grant them.

If I had to requalify I probaly couldn't (except NBC) as the digital signal is strong enough to get clear HD.

However, once I started receiving them I'm grandfathered in.

Might check the Canadian service above but have them match SRL or SPS.




05-30-2009, 01:57 PM
I forgot to say...IF you DID subscribe to these channels, or PT 24 (East coast feeds ) in the past , and you are still at the same address, and Have a copy of a bill showing them on the bill ( has to be within the last few years ) the programming services WILL subscribe you again.