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05-19-2009, 10:24 PM
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Breaking Down the 2009 Denver Broncos (Part 1)

To many fans of the NFL and the Denver Broncos, it seems like there is a grave loss of a dear friend in the Mile High City this season. Coach Mike Shanahan was replaced immediately following yet another late season collapse by the team he led since 1995.

For the last decade, the threat of competing for a title every season seemed to fall apart for one reason or another. Those threats seemingly no longer exist in their original form.

What the Broncos organization and fan base has is deep remorse over the shortfalls of the last decade. Now in a sort of rebuilding stage from top to bottom, no stone has been left unturned.

Enter Josh McDaniels, a highly touted head coaching prospect coming into the early 2009 hiring campaign. He came into Dove Valley with the look of a guy who won the lotteryówith a fresh haircut and a youthful smile, ready to pick up a check and make a lasting impression.

Somewhere between his first press conference and the present, something either went awry or almost exactly according to plan. It didnít take long for Josh McDaniels to start firing and hiring a slew of new talent.

It all seemed so surreal after All-Pro Brian Dawkins was added to the fold. It seemed the Broncos were all about kicking butt in the free agent market and taking names.

It took all of a few moments later for the eventual embarrassment from the Jay Cutler debacle to unfold.

A day later, the full details of a failed attempt to acquire Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots became widely known as Jay Cutler informed a local media outlet of what he had learned. A few weeks later after the dust still had not settled, Jay Cutler was traded to Chicago more or less on a whim.

Moving forward, the Broncos focused intently on the draft and how they would manage games and quarterbacks within the new offensive scheme. While it certainly appears the Denver Broncos are going to be less talented at quarterback, they will be a more physical football team.

The overall team outlook on this teamís season will be saved for last; the following are the breakdowns by position for Denver.

On Offense


The battle at the center position is a typical sort of competition seen on most teams at any position. You have a seasoned veteran who is up against a young, skilled talent with a desire to play in the NFL.

In this case, itís last year's free-agent acquisition from the Kansas City Chiefs, Casey Wiegmann, who played for an injured and now retired Tom Nalen all of last season going into his 14th season.

Wiegmann was the starting center for a line that tied the Tennessee Titans for the fewest sacks allowed (12). There was some talk early on that Casey might not report or instead retire unless the Broncos renegotiated his contract.

Things appear to be somewhat better for Wiegmann as the Broncos have agreed to let him miss the offseason conditioning program. The two sides are also believed to be close to a new deal for the 2009 season.

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I want to see tomorrows defensive write up

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Me too.

thanks for posting the link.

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Not much of a breakdown...mainly just a rehash of whose on the roster. Some of these blog guys are pretty good and some aren't though.

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Good find Footsteps, the defensive report should be interesting. He is right, we're going to be a more physical team from here on out and that's a good thing.