View Full Version : OT: The OM's Greatest _________

05-09-2009, 07:47 PM
The recent "Greatest ____" threads got me thinking about something another forum I used to post on did, which is pretty cool and fun.

If we did ''Greatest Bands'' for example, it would be done NCAA Tournament style. Everyone who wanted to participate would nominate their top 10 bands, and they would be ranked 1 to 64 based on number of votes. Then it would be set up where #1 would face number #64 and we would vote for who would advance.

Make sense?

Is there any interest in doing this?

If so, can Taco or whoever create another forum for all the polls (so it doesn't clog up the main forum or sub-forums) and we can use this thread for discussion, such as what categories to do and whatever.

If not, may this thread die peacefully. 8')