View Full Version : The defense that Shanahan left - draft record stunk

04-26-2009, 11:16 AM
Let's take a look at what the Broncos had on this roster on defense before this draft that were Bronco draftees:


Dumervil - 4th rounder, very good rookie year, MIA last year, jury still out of fits this new defense

Thomas - 3rd rounder - hasn't shown anything special, hoping to be at least a solid player

Moss - 1st rounder(traded up to get) hasn't shown much at all, couldn't get on the field with a crappy defense, will be fortunate to just make the team

Crowder - 3rd round - pretty much as Moss, hasn't shown much, couldn't get on the field on a crappy defense, may not make the team, much less play much

Powell - 5th rounder - hurt all rookie year, may be in the rotation, but that's iffy right now


DJ Williams - 1st round - start of career was very good, but hasn't done much the last few years, been moved around with idiot DC's Shanahan kept hiring, been MIA for the most part

Larsen - 6th round, may stick as a backup, but at this point, not a starter


Barrett - 7th round - could stick as a backup, showed some ability at least

J. Williams - 4th round - didn't play much, couldn't beat out street free agent bell for playing time, chances are not good

I believe I got everybody that was on the roster on defense that the Broncos had drafted. This isn't counting the players that have been cut or left via free agency. And it's not like the Broncos are letting Pro Bowl defenders leave as free agents lately either.

Folks, that doesn't cut it. This is what happens when you consistently do not draft well on one side of the ball. And why I didn't believe keeping Shanahan wasn't going to change much for this defense.

Hopefully these guys drafted on defense this year will actually be guys who make plays, which this defense other than Champ, has lacked. Towards the bottom of most defensive categories, especially causing turnovers.