View Full Version : Alec's Thoughts: Day 1

Rock Chalk
04-26-2009, 09:23 AM
Im probably not as controversial as SoCal is, but I did have some thoughts I wanted to highlight.

1) Knowshon Moreno. I was talking to OSKIE about this on the phone after the pick. He was on board, me, not so much. Its not that I dont like Moreno or dont think he is going to be a great player, but with Orakpo on the board still, I think this pick was a mistake. Its not a bad pick, but for me, Orakpo was the proper pick.

2) Ayers. Its hard to argue with SEC defensive linemen. Most of the best DL come from the SEC, however I had some concerns about his lack of starting until his senior year and lack of production until his senior year. He played well finally when he did "break out" so to speak, but this reeks of George Foster who also didnt play much in college. I read that many scouts had him pegged like an Erasmus James without the injury history, that's cool. Hopefully its that instead of Foster.

3) Alphonso Smith. WTF. 5'9" ballhawk? There are some concerns here obviously and I especially didnt like the move to trade up to get him BUT, everything I have read about him suggests he may be like a Darrent Williams for us. I know D Will was still raw, but the guy had a lot of talent and had a chance to grow into a really fine cornerback for us. Hopefully Alphonso Smith can do the same.

4) Darcel McBath. Now this guy was a great pick IMO. I saw a lot of Big XII football last year and was impressed with McBath's GENERAL skills as a safety. He has some weaknesses. He isnt a great in the box player, but he has good instincts and hopefully that can make up for his lack of top end speed. Combined with Smith, I think we got two more ballhawk type secondary players. If they arent big gamblers like Dre Bly was, and just play the ball then we might have won big on this deal.

5) Richard Quinn. Look, I dont know what this pick was all about. Even a blocking tight end is bound to get more than 12 catches in his career. He better be a damn fine blocker because this was the strangest pick to me. All the other players at least, on the surface, have the stats and talent to be picked where they were, but this guy, what the ****.

Summary: The first day didnt go as I had quite hoped, but most of my hopes really were pipe dreams once KC selected Tyson Jackson at #3. It wasnt as bad as some of Shanahan's drafts either. I had a dream we selected two WRs in the first round and was absolutely furious in my dream. In the end, Id give the day a B-. I think Orakpo and Moreno or Orakpo and Ayers would have been a better first round, but in the end Moreno and Ayers isnt a bad first round haul. The second round had 1 great pick IMO, 1 WTF pick and 1 very long reach. If Smith can play at a high level being a midget in the NFL, that will certainly help to alleviate the WTFness about him. If Quinn really is as good a blocker as many seem to believe, it wont change the reach factor on him. We could have had him today sometime.

Generally, once I get a chance to look at the big picture, I tend to not overreact on things. I wasnt happy at all yesterday, but after looking at the grand scheme of things I think this was a decent draft so far and we still got plenty of choices to make today.

But no matter what happened yesterday or today, there are a lot of things needing fixed on this team and I dont think one draft was going to help us a great deal. Its going to take a year or two to get the defense and special teams fixed.

The offense does look to be pretty potent though. The best O-line, a great WR corps, a nasty backfield in Moreno and Hillis and a guy like Orton who has shown a fair amount of ability to make plays. Given the offense around him, I thnk Orton has all the tools to succeed even with a marginal defense here.