View Full Version : Alphonso Smith and his height - a midget?

04-25-2009, 10:11 PM
Let's see, not too long ago the Broncos drafted a CB who was seen more as a return type guy than a starting CB, but later became a starter. Oh yeah, his name was Darrent Williams and he was in the 5'8-5'9 range. I wonder how many of the "Smith is a midget" crowd also referred to Williams in that same way? Nobody. Williams struggled quite a bit, but it wasn't because of height.

Hmm, seems Winfield of the Vikes is highly regarded as a 5'9 CB. I wonder how many Viking fans call him a midget? I doubt anybody.

Point is if a guy can play at CB, his height won't matter. Not to mention Smith is/was rated much higher for CB skills than Darrent ever was.

And don't forget the Broncos drafted 3 CB's that year because of need and the results weren't the greatest.

But people want the Broncos to draft for need on the DL no matter who it is. That's how you become and stay crappy on defense for years like has been happening and missing out of talent in other areas you could use.

But I know, all of this makes too much sense for some.

Now back to your fire McDaniels, he's an idiot, all the players he drafted suck.