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04-24-2009, 11:21 PM
Okay, I have tried four times over the last week to put my draft up, and each time, something has gone horribly awry, from the browser crashing, to the power going out. I can only conclude the McDaniel’s does not want me to post this and leak all of his sensitive secrets to the world.

1 Detroit picks Stafford
This is a no-duh now, since it was announced this afternoon. I suspect that eventually Detroit may regret picking Stafford over Sanchez. From film it sure looked like Stafford had a much better time behind his o-line then Sanchez did. This makes it mandatory that Detroit picks up a good OT.

2. St. Louis trades down or takes Sanchez
Quarterback is the one place where there is commodity in the top five this year. If St. Louis doesn’t grab Sanchez, they will trade down. The idea that they take OT, in a deep OT draft seems doubtful.

3. Kansas City picks Aaron Curry
This is where we see what difference Scott Piolli makes. All other things being equal, I am sure he would rather have a 10-20 pick, but Aaron is as good as gold, or so the thinking is.

4. Seattle – Michael Crabtree
If Sanchez is still here, I think he goes here. That being said Seattle wants to bring a big time passing attack, and wide receivers take some time to develop.

5. Cleveland – Brian Orakpo
Cleveland would desperately like to be out of this spot. Unless Crabtree or Curry fall this far, they may try to shift out. Orakpo is not a bad pick up here.

6. Bengals – Jason Smith
There are so many good (but not great) OT’s in this draft that I don’t think there will be a huge rush to get any particular one. Bengals start out with Jason Smith.

7. Oakland – Eugene Monroe
Perhaps this is the year, and the raiders select someone sane. Perhaps not. The buzz in the league has been how effective Ryan Clady was last year, and any team with a new QB is thinking twice about grabbing a OT in the first.

8. Jaguars – Jeremy Maclin
The Jaguars have wide receiver problems. This position may be the first position where a team has a chance to trade down for someone other then Sanchez. If BJ Raji is on board here, watch for teams to trade up to try and grab him.

9. Green Bay –
BJ Raji Duh.

10. New England via Trade to San Fransisco – Tyson Jackson
As much as I would love to see him stay on the board, I think New England wants him and is more then willing to move up.

11. Buffalo Bills
Andre Smith Right team, right position.

12. Denver Broncos
Continuing the pattern of fixing the team by addressing historical strengths, Moreno at RB gets drafted here.

13. Denver Broncos via trade Robert Ayers
His tested speed wasn’t good, but he is a player of the first order.

14. Saints Chris Wells.
Their run game needs lots of help.

15. Houston Rey Maualuga,
Maualuga is a nice fit from Houston.

16. San Diego. Everette Brown.
There is some dicey things going on with San Diego’s d-line. This is a first step to fixing it.

17 New York Jets. Josh Freeman
A distant third, but his greater physical skills may allow him to play Cutler to Sanchez and Stafford’s Leinart and Young.

18 Washington Redskins Cushing
There is decent depth here in LB. Cushing goes to the skins.

19 Tampa Bay Darrius Heyward-Bey
Another target will not be amiss here.

20 Detroit Lions Michael Oher
If they can afford to sign him, he will be a great asset in protecting their new OT.
21 Eagles Donald Brown RB
A rushing and receiving threat.
22 Vikings Percy Harvin
The Vikes need a offensive touch up. Percy might give it.
23 49ers Connor Barwin,
Some D-Line help for the 49ers here.
24 Falcons
Brandon Pettigrew here, despite getting Gonzales. Tony has a few years in the tank, and it’s already time to groom a successor.
25 Dolphins
Malcolm Jenkins looks irresistible here. I think it would be good for them to resist, but not likely.

Here are the Broncos picks (assuming no trades)

12 Moreno might be the best player on the board at this point. This might be a huge value in this point, despite the strength the Broncos have in RB.
18 Robert Ayers looks interesting. Watching video it’s easy to see why Mayock is so high on him.
48 Ron Brace – Nose Tackle. There might be something of the Hillis Effect, where a flashier teammate got the attention and credit.
79 Look for the best barging. Pat White if he is still available here makes a great 3rd QB / Marshall insurance. If Paul Kruger if he is still available here.
84 Derrick Williams – WR/KR if we can’t grab Pat White.
114 Jairus Byrd CB

149 QB Steven McGee.
185 DeAndre Levy LB
225 Brandon Hughes, CB
235 Edwin Williams, C

04-25-2009, 05:03 PM
First two Broncos Picks nailed. Let's wait to see about Brace. Might be a reach, but we need it.