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El Minion
04-18-2009, 07:43 PM
The whole interview here (http://www.bruinsnation.com/2009/4/8/826460/bruinsnation-sits-down-with-coach):

BruinsNation: Coach, the spread offense has taken the nation by storm and the majority of the country's top offenses are running some form of the spread offense, yet when you took over, you came in with Norm Chow and a pro-style offense. Why did you decide to go in that direction and why do you think the offense you're currently running is the best for the Bruins?

Coach Rick Neuheisel: It’s a great question, and there are times when I look at spread offenses and I see value. The key to the spread offense, and the reason why its successful, is that it adds an extra player. It diminishes the need for great offensive linemen, because you’ve got a little longer because you are always in the gun, and the quarterback’s a runner. So, in essence, he becomes a blocker, and can account for an extra defender. All great thoughts, all great thoughts. The problem at UCLA is that you have to beat the Trojans. And it’s also the benefit at UCLA, because when you beat them, you’re going to be among the nation’s elite. So you have to be a physical offense. I know that two years ago SC got beat by Oregon up in Eugene, but his last year, SC with their physical defense was able to beat the heck out of a very, very good spread offense Oregon team.

You’ve also seen when you lose a quarterback in the spread offense, things can go awry, as happened with Oregon two years ago. They lost Dennis Dixon and then I think they lost their last three games to Arizona, to UCLA and then to Oregon State. It’s a difficult offense to have a lot players at the quarterback position because it’s so [much] decision making, which requires all the repetitions and, yet, you’re exposing them.

I was the benefactor of a type of spread offense, even though it was an option offense, it’s the same math in terms of the quarterback’s a runner in Marcus Tuiasosopo at Washington which we took to the Rose Bowl. So, I understand the benefits and the virtues of having the extra guy. I just think you have to be careful about how often you expose that quarterback. [Jeremiah] Masoli at Oregon was maybe the player of the year had he burst onto the scene maybe a couple weeks earlier last year. But, if he’s gone, what happens to the offense?

That being said, [B]the other thing that kids are interested in today is the chance to go to play on Sundays. You are not seeing spread offenses played on Sundays. Vince Young would have been the perfect guy to go and do it, but even Vince Young didn’t want to do it. And I have it on authority, because Norm was there, because he doesn’t want to get hit anymore. He doesn’t want to get beat up on an every-Sunday basis and shorten his career length. So, quarterbacks that are interested in going to the NFL would like to be in pro-style offenses. So, you can go and attract guys. [Likewise,] offensive linemen, frankly, would like to be in offenses that are going to be like the NFL because they’d like to have a chance to play in more of that scheme. It goes on down the line; the more you play like an NFL offense, the more the NFL can look and see your skill level and adapt it to that. That argument gets more watered down the further out you go because obviously receivers can still play receiver, and running backs can still play running back.

But it’s an interesting question, and I think you can never, ever stop investigating it, and researching it, and having some components of it. There were some components of the spread offense in what we did last year. We got into the old wildcat stuff, and it isn’t as though we’ve got our heads in the sand. I just think, to start with, we’ve got to be a physical running team that can handle the line of scrimmage with the likes of a very talented defensive team like USC.

04-18-2009, 08:06 PM
Does any QB like to be hit?

04-18-2009, 08:11 PM
What a pussy, who doesn't want to get hit by 250 - 300 pound men on a weekly basis.

04-18-2009, 09:10 PM
The types of qb he is, he needs to take alot of hits to success and be rich.. But in another way he is being smart in long term. Being smart means less money for the types qb he is. Pardon me my english is bad, it is my 2nd language.

04-19-2009, 12:25 AM
idk, either way in my eyes spells a shorter career for spread option QBs for 2 reasons.

either a spread option QB keeps the run 1st mentality in the pros and ends up suffering injury or not fitting an NFL style game plan and is soon relegated to backup staus and then out of the league.


they buy into the pro style offenses but realize that they don't have the ability to become pro style QBs or are not given the time to learn to play in a pro style offense and are relegated to backup staus and eventually out of the league.

that is all the more reason that QBs who have talent in high school that are getting offers for college ball, they should really look at teams that run a pro style offense instead of teams that do the spread offense

had Vince Young played in a real pro style offense, 1 of a few things would have happened with him.
1) he would have failed and been a very late round pick or undrafted
2) he could have learned and gotten tougher in mind before the pros and would possibly still be a starter.

04-19-2009, 12:48 AM
In other news...

Water is wet.

Grass grows.

Gravity makes everything saggy eventually.


Captain 'Dre
04-19-2009, 08:26 AM
What a p***Y, who doesn't want to get hit by 250 - 300 pound men on a weekly basis.

...40 times per game.

Like getting in a coupla dozen car wrecks in a three hour span.

Captain 'Dre
04-19-2009, 08:29 AM
The types of qb he is, he needs to take alot of hits to success and be rich.. But in another way he is being smart in long term. Being smart means less money for the types qb he is. Pardon me my english is bad, it is my 2nd language.

Hey, after a few beers a lot of native speakers can't do anywher near as well as you're doing!

It's quite a challenge learning a second language. Good on ya!

Where's Plummer???
04-19-2009, 09:51 AM
only thing i can say are these ****ing rules to protect the QB... damn pretty soon you won't even be able to look at him.

So, in the very first game of the 2008 NFL season, Tom Brady suffers a season-ending knee injury. Whoop-de-doo right? Wrong! This injury stirred up quite a few questions as to the health of players, mainly the high-profile athletes.
In a new NFL rule instituted Tuesday, any defender who is on his knees can no longer lunge at a quarterback's knee and destroy his season without taking a 15-yard penalty. Ridiculous, is what I think. Why is it the NFL decides to change the ruling on this after the Brady injury? Is it because Brady is the NFL?

No, that cant be the reason. But it is.
I haven't heard anything about the offensive lineman from Detroit who chop-blocked Jared Allen and almost ended his season. No, the NFL would never look at that as the reason to change a rule. Why not, you ask? He is not Tom Brady.
Why is it they change the rule this year? Someone please give me a valid reason. What I am writing will probably get quite a few Patriots fans upset, but it is what I believe. I feel the NFL must protect its most winning QB so he can try to make history every time he takes the field. Makes me sick.
Well, what other big-name quarterback has had a serious knee injury since maybe Daunte Culpepper? Nothing was done after Vinny Testaverde went down in 1999 with a ACL tear.
You can try to make the game as safe as possible, but injuries are going to happen. It is unpredictable and inevitable in a physical game such as this. If the NFL wants to cut back on injuries, why not change it to flag football?
How about we go ask some legends what they think of all these rules and listen to their opinions? They didn't have this "let's run at the QB, make him scared, and step back stuff." No. They played until their guts fell out, until their knuckles bled, until their ankles broke.

Tom Brady is good, but it's inexcusable that he is the sole reason for a league rule change.

i know it's a bit off topic but id rather see this...

04-19-2009, 10:02 AM
Apparently Vince Young does like to get hit... but not on the field. I really don't care, but it's interesting.