View Full Version : Has anyone else been getting teased/ridiculed/harassed because of the chaos our FO?

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04-20-2009, 11:06 AM
Good take. :thumbs:
This is what Lex and others never see or ignore....the consistent immaturity and pouting.
We have all seen how he responded to being 'mentioned' in a trade scenario, one can only imagine his first meltdown when he's being 'coached' and criticized.
Better now than later.

I like that take too.

When I cam in my office after the trade, a guy I work with (Lions fan)... the first thing he said, "I bet you're happy." And he was serious.

We'll wait and see who we get and how they turn out.

Miss I.
04-20-2009, 11:39 AM
For what it's worth: to avoid teasing about NFL teams, move to a foreign country. They don't seem to know who Jay Cutler is. If you talk about football they are going to think you mean either rubgy or soccer.

The only people who I've talked to about this are friends back home and mostly the consensus is that it's unfortunate it went down this way, but Cutler was the one who acted like an idiot.

My take is this:
1. On the Cutler Melodrama: Things could've been handled by the front office perhaps better, but in the end most of the worst behavior was exhibited by our QB and his manager. My belief is Jay lost faith when Shanny left and looked for an excuse to get out and tried to shift it to McDaniels (who yes could've handled it better, but Bowlen was the bigger problem in this situation to me...but more Jay, you call your employer back you douche, geeze).
2. On the OM reaction: It's a game, a team and I love both, but this isn't real life. The team will do what it will do and I will enjoy watching them in either case. I hope for the best and discuss other options for the future if its constructive. The destructive talk on here amongst the fan base is disheartening, but not unexpected. People vent where they feel safe. The OM is a place people feel safe to do that. I don't always agree with the perspectives but they are always interesting.
3. Go Broncos! Go Broncos! Go Broncos!