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03-27-2009, 11:28 AM
What can they get sued on? Not much. Any defamation suit of a person of Jay or McD's stature is harder to prove than a joe schmoe posting on the Omane. Secondly, she is quoting her source and they would have to sue the source and her for reporting what the source said. If they cannot find the source or cannot prove that the source's information was patently and knowingly false for the purpose of injurying Jay or McD, then theres no case.

I think they initially took it down because it appeared to inflamatory journalism, then put it back up when it was drawing so much attention. The information of what was previously posted already was floating around on the interwebs and spreading like a brush fire... why not put it back up? Once the cat's out of the bag can you really get it back in? No.

Im pretty sure they could get sued for libel. I would also think that the "source" could also be sued along with the publication once they are made known. Otherwise unnamed sources are too convenient to hide behind when printing falsehoods.

03-27-2009, 11:47 AM
Cutler “Alcohol” Comment Resurfaces On FOX31 Blog
Posted by Mike Florio on March 27, 2009, 12:49 p.m. EDT

Earlier this week, Josina Anderson of FOX31 in Denver posted an eyebrow-raising item regarding Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.

Within a day, the most intriguing assertion had been removed.

It’s now back, with some mild clarification.

Here’s the prior version:

“The source said there are concerns about Cutler’s consumption of alcohol, and ‘that he’s not that sharp.’

“[That scared the crap out of McDaniels,’ the source said.”

Here’s the new version:

“Two things that kept coming up were concerns about Cutler’s alcohol consumption (given his diabetes) and ‘that’s he not that (football) sharp.’

“‘That scared the crap out of McDaniels,’ the source told me.”

Though the text was removed with no explanation, the return of the assertion of alcohol (given his diabetes) and whether Cutler is (football) sharp carries a separate “additional note.”

Here’s the additional note: “A portion of what was written in the ‘Secrets Inside the Cutler Trade talks’ blog was briefly removed by our web supervisors to review for additional clarity. That portion has been resubmitted subsequent to this process. It is important to note, this portion was not briefly removed out of doubt of the primary source’s information.”

Duh. In our assessment, the information was removed not because anyone doubted the source’s information (which Anderson still takes great pains to point out isn’t an assertion of fact by FOX31) but because it “scared the crap” out of someone who thought FOX31 might take a lawsuit.

Thus, the language was scrubbed out of the entry quietly, presumably in the hopes that no one would notice it was ever there. The fact that the cat got out of the bag might have been a factor in the decision to re-post the information.


03-27-2009, 02:35 PM

Don't you get it baja? Cutler is an emo-crybaby, whining mopey mother****a!!

You can take you independant thoughts elsewhere Baja, here you take sides and don't ask questions!!!

But TJ said I could think for myself once and a while....

03-27-2009, 05:14 PM
But TJ said I could think for myself once and a while....

Im with Cutler(stupid)` Is this the best offseason ever.