View Full Version : Chris Simms takes advantage of Jay Cutlerís absence

03-21-2009, 10:47 PM

Chris Simms signed with the Denver Broncos knowing he would be Jay Cutlerís backup. As things would have it, Simms could end up being the Broncosí starter.

"Itís a crazy situation," Simms said in a telephone interview.

Cutler is upset with the Broncos and new coach Josh McDaniels and has requested a trade. Last Monday, the Broncos started their voluntary off-season workouts with Simms as their quarterback.

Simms said he hasnít talked to Cutler since Simms signed a two-year, $6 million deal with the Broncos on March 5. The former University of Texas starter is getting his news about the Cutler situation the same way Broncos fans are.

"If you open the paper here in Denver, or turn on the radio, you definitely hear a lot about the whole situation and deservedly so," Simms said. "Itís the Denver Broncos, and itís Jay Cutler, who is definitely one of the top-five best quarterbacks in the NFL. Itís deserving of the attention, but itís maybe getting a little more attention than it should be, too. Who knows the real story?"

During the Broncosí first team meeting Monday, McDaniels told the Broncos that he and management would deal with Cutler; players should take care of their jobs.

Thatís what Simms intends to do.

He has played little since injuring his spleen in a Sept. 24, 2006, game against Carolina while he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It wasnít until last season when he was the third-string quarterback in Tennessee behind Kerry Collins and Vince Young that Simms finally felt like himself again.

Now, he intends to take advantage of every rep he can get while Cutler is away.

"Reps are definitely a good thing," Simms said. "Of course, that is exciting. For me, [Cutler not being there] doesnít really change anything. Iím going to approach it the same way I always do ó thatís just day by day and work hard every day. It doesnít matter whoís here, just keep chipping away at the block. Then, everything will work out."

Simms considered staying in Tennessee, but his decision where to sign ultimately came down to two teams. The Cowboys, who traded for Jon Kitna, werenít one of them.

"I was a little bit surprised," Simms said. "I thought maybe they would come after me, because I, like you, had heard all the rumors last year about them trying to trade for me and acquire me when I was still in Tampa. I understand their move completely. Jon Kitna is a guy who has been in that system before, and thatís the route they wanted to go, and good for them."

And good for Simms, who, after having so much bad luck in his career, could find himself the starter in Denver.