View Full Version : Bellicheat's Coaching tree resembles Jimmy Johnson's

03-17-2009, 02:23 PM
Jimmy Johnson

1) Dave Wannstedt ---Bears, Dolphins reg season: 82-87 postseason: 2-3
2) Dave Campo ---Cowboys 15-33 .313 --no postseason record
3) Butch Davis ---Browns reg season: 24-35 postseason:0-1
4) Norv Turner--decent succes on his 3rd coaching venture OVerall 77-95-1 and 4-3 in the postseason


1) Romeo Crennel--FAIL
2) Eric Mangini--FAIL
3) Nick Saban--FAIL (professionally anyhow)

And we as an organization are siding with a coach from THAT TYPE OF BACKGROUND??????? We should have hired Spagnuolo and kept Bates as OC and we most certainly should not trade JayC no matter what level of arrogance and aloofness he may display. Players win games. Coaches can help put them in the best position to win, but players win games. Bill Parcells, MCD is not. So why did Bowlen give him that much control? This is going to be a season of epic failure if we trade Jay. Getting rid of MCD would not set us back NEARLY as far as trading away our starting QB.