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03-17-2009, 10:00 AM
I thought this was helpful for those that have a tough time making ends meat

this rough economic times.

1) Steal batteries. The sienfeild eppisode is correct. Batteries should be free. Often if you get caught stealing some you can say
you forgot about them in your pocket. Make sure you are buying something of lesser value at the time.
Ususally I buy a couple packs of hot dogs and raman when I steal batteries to let them know I didn't do it on purpose. Don't get gready just
be satisfied with the 4 or 5 dollars you can save by stealing them

(bonus) Steal rechargeable batteries.

2) Obtain those "green" bags you see everywhere in the shopping centers. When laying things out on the convayer belt.
"forget" to put one or two items on there. Idealy you want to target places that are smaller like aldi's

Bonus: Get a 10 cent piece of cloth and create your own (secret compartment) to steal more batteries.

3) Sell your clothes on craigslist. I have been able to get by with 2 pairs of tough jeans ties, and 2 shirts with a color. When summer comes Cut jeans to make jean shorts, in winter sew jeans back up
anything that you think is value clothewise can be sold remember all you need to do to not get arrested is cover privates when in public.

4) get rid of cell phone and use payphones. If at all possible date a member of the opposite sex that will let you use their phone, don't worry about how big fat, or big they are
the economy is bound to turn around.

5) eat your spouces food (if you deem them too large)
bonus. Sell your spouces food to the hungry and write it off as charity.
6) Steal homless persons cans they are ususally slow on their feet so use your car to ram their shopping
cart out of the way steal the cans. easily make 75 cents this way.

7. recycle cans if you can't find homeless person with said cans

8) check all vending machines for quarters in the bottom
bonus shake the **** out of the vending machines for funyons
double bonus sell the funyons for 50 cents.
9) forget condoms (if pulling out was good enough for king henry its good enough for you
(tip) keep stairs near if nessessary
10) use the libary for internet needs.
bonus (make sure your jean shorts have holes in the pockets for any
activity you need looking at the internet.


03-17-2009, 11:59 AM
Nice. However, you failed to work an 80s TV drama in. May I suggest Simon & Simon?