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02-10-2009, 08:06 PM
I already posted a 3-4 mock offseason, now I will take my chances with the 4-3. The coaches and players have said personnel will dictate the scheme, depending on what happens in Free Agency and the draft. Count me among the group that wants to stick with the 4-3 because it will take less work to fix that than it will to implement the 3-4. I realize we almost certainly are transitioning to the 3-4 and this may be futile, but it gave me something to do during the offseason while I try to improve my 3-4 mock. I am posting two mock drafts, both using the same free agency pickups. The mocks are based on whether Raji is there at 12 or not. Feedback encouraged...

4-3 Offseason

Free Agency

Clean out the coffers:
Albert Haynesworth DT

Not breaking the bank, but not cheap:
Antonio Smith LE
Sean Jones SS

Justin Miller CB/KR
Michael Huff FS (worth a shot if he is released)

These additions instantly upgrade our defense and special teams. Smith is a very solid LE, Haynesworth will command double teams and still be disruptive. His presence alone makes the other players better by giving them better matchups. Dumervil, in his contract year, could explode. We would be much better against the run with those two signings, and even have a better pass rush. Expensive, but we have the cap room for it.

Jones can play either safety position, but is best suited at SS. He will not get huge money, he is coming off of some injuries and only a few lists that I have seen list him as a top 5 safety in this free agent group. Michael Huff could benefit from a change of scenery, he has the talent and should come cheap if released by Oakland.


Scenario 1- Raji not available

1- Rey Maualuga (MLB USC)
2- Delmas/R. Johnson/W. Moore/ S. Smith (Best FS available)
3- Robert Ayers (LE Tennessee)
4- James Davis (RB Clemson)
5a- Ray Feinga (G BYU)
5b- Corvey Irvin (DT Georgia)
6a- Louis Sakoda (K Utah)
6b- Robert Francois (SLB Boston College)
7- Jordan Norwood (WR Penn State)

Scenario 2- Raji available

1- BJ Raji (DT Boston College)
2- Delmas/R. Johnson/W. Moore/ S. Smith (Best FS available)
3- Darry Beckwith (MLB LSU)/ Dannell Ellerbe (MLB/ Georgia)/ Jason Phillips (MLB TCU) (Best MLB available)
4- James Davis (RB/ Clemson)
5a- Derek Walker (LE Illinois)
5b- George Bussey (G Louisville)
6a- Louis Sakoda (K Utah)
6b- Quan Cosby (WR Texas)
7- Lee Robinson (SLB Alcorn State)

Can you imagine Raji and Haynesworth? That would be incredible. I still have a lot of faith in Marcus Thomas and think he will continue to grow and be a solid player. In scenario 2, our d-line would be one of the better ones in the league. With scenario 1, I still think they would be outstanding. I think either of these offseasons would do a great job of covering our bases and helping us contend as soon as next season. And its easier to plug the holes this way than by putting in a 3-4 :) Easier on me, anyway. And ultimately isn't that what counts?

02-10-2009, 10:32 PM
Scene 2: not to be picky or anything, but whay teh G at 5? I think there are a couple of those laying around Dove Valley. Maybe should spend that pick on another LB or S prospect.

I would not discount C. Powell. He could be a player, although he might need a little time. Man's got game.

Scene 1 somehow seems okay to me. Good draft.....

If the Broncos got Haynesworth, one could almost guarantee that the 12th pick would get traded because of money. Just my opinion.....