View Full Version : Carl Eller in news again

01-26-2009, 04:10 PM
I saw that Eller was in trouble with the law again:


I hope he turns his life around. His son made a nice presentation at the HOF in 2004.

Then I saw this on the HOF Website:

Eller talking about his "Iceberg period":
Eller then went through what he called his "iceberg period," in which he didn’t want to talk about the possibility of being chosen. But in more recent years, he became more philosophical.
"I realized, this is what I did in my career," he said. "As the years went by, I just wondered if (people) knew how I felt about my career."
Eller’s son, Regis, presented him for enshrinement as the consummate parent – patient, a good citizen, a passionate father. Eller used the platform of his enshrinement to deliver a heartfelt message.
"What can I do with this honor?" he said. "I want to use this platform to help young African-American males to participate fully in this society" and to set a new direction in their lives.

So far he has not delivered on using his platform to help young people. He has not been a very good role model since delivering his acceptance.

I watched "The Express" over the weekend. In the end Ernie Davis convinces a young Floyd Little to go to Syracuse over Notre Dame.

Floyd was the last of the great #44's to come out of Syracuse. Floyd retired as the #7 rusher all time, the only rusher to retire at #7 all time not to be selected to the Pro-football HOF.

Randy Gradishar also waits for the HOF to call after a lifetime of excellence and community service.

Looks like Floyd and Randy are in the "Iceberg periods", they just have not run any cops off the road, yet, it worked wonders for Randy Moss and Eller.