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01-12-2009, 12:29 AM
The Denver Broncos have reached an agreement with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to become their new head coach, an NFL source confirmed Sunday night [update: the Broncos are now confirming the news].

In New England, the question now is who replaces McDaniels. The Patriots' other offensive coaches are Ivan Fears (running back), Pete Mangurian (tight ends), Bill O'Brien (receivers) and Dante Scarnecchia (offensive line/asst. head coach).

Mangurian held the offensive coordinator title with the Atlanta Falcons in 2003, while O'Brien was the offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech in 2001-2002 and at Duke University in 2006.

If the Patriots stay in-house, Mangurian and O'Brien would seem to be the likely candidates. Head coach Bill Belichick could also take a more active role in play-calling.

If the Patriots seek a coordinator outside of the organization, it would presumably have to be someone willing to adapt to the system that New England already has in place. The Patriots are unlikely to significantly alter what they do, which is a consideration to keep in mind as they look to fill McDaniels' void.

As for the impact of McDaniels' hiring in Denver, one question likely being asked is: Why did the Broncos go with an offensive coach when their primary problems are on defense?

While McDaniels has spent the majority of his NFL coaching tenure on offense, he is more than just an offensive coach. His understanding and background in personnel -- specifically on defense, which ties into the offensive game-plans he prepares -- is significant.

In that way, he is similar to Bill Belichick. While most consider Belichick's expertise to be on defense, Belichick's overall understanding and background in personnel -- such as looking at defensive players' strengths and weaknesses and then overseeing an offensive plan to attack specific areas -- is an often overlooked part of his excellence.

McDaniels shouldn't have a problem with personnel evaluation and offensive and defensive Xs and Os, but one of the more interesting aspects to watch will be how he is received as a leader among some of the team's higher profile players such as quarterback Jay Cutler and receiver Brandon Marshall.

Will they respond to a 32-year-old head coach who is replacing a franchise icon?


I'm optimistic that the players will react well to McDaniels. Go watch his press conferences in this thread (http://www.orangemane.com/BB/showthread.php?t=76120). He's charismatic and sophisticated. He'll command respect and admiration. He's a real wunderkind.

I also think the bolded portion of the article can't be emphasized enough.

01-12-2009, 12:29 AM
I hope he's not TOO similar.

01-12-2009, 12:34 AM
Many sports analysts are comparing him to a young Mike Shanahan.

I'm not a fan of comparisons... I'd rather have Josh McDaniels be the first Josh McDaniels.

Apparently COO Joe Ellis creamed his pants over McDaniels and oogled over him for 5 1/2 hours. I hope he can bring that charisma to the field for many many many years to come.

And bring in both or either Nolan and Romeo for defensive staff.

Romeo would make a great D-Line coach.