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A new coalition called Move To Amend is working to abolish corporate personhood in the US; they're working at the local and state level to pass laws to undo the work of Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling that equated money with speech.

Boulder is not alone in this fight, nor is it the first community to consider such a resolution. In April, voters in Madison and Dane County, WI overwhelmingly approved measures calling for an end to corporate personhood and the legal status of money as speech by 84% and 78% respectively. Similar resolutions have been passed in nearly thirty other cities and counties. Resolutions have also been introduced in the state legislatures of both Vermont and Washington...

Move to Amend is gaining momentum rapidly in communities throughout the country precisely because the problems of corporate power are most evident locally. Developers seeking special favors pour money into elections. Big polluters avoid investigations and litigation by hiding behind their illegitimate "rights." Bad employers lie to the public about unfair labor practices with no legal consequences. People see it every day. They get it and they're ready to fight back. Move to Amend is here to help them do that with a strategy for long-term success.

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We have some somber news to bring you this morning: Robert Morris, the cryptographer who helped create Unix, has died at the age of 78. Morris began his work on the groundbreaking OS back in 1970 at AT&T's Bell Laboratories, where he played a major role in developing Unix's math library, password structure and encryption functions. His cryptographic exploration continued into the late 1970s, when he began writing a paper on an early encryption tool from Germany. But the paper would never see the light of day, thanks to a request from the NSA, which was concerned about potential security ramifications. Instead, the agency brought Morris on board as a computer security expert in 1986. Much of what he did for Uncle Sam remains classified, though he was involved in internet surveillance projects and cyber warfare -- including what might have been America's first cyberattack in 1991, when the US crippled Saddam Hussein's control capabilities during the first Gulf War. Morris stayed with the NSA until 1994, when he retired to New Hampshire. He's survived by his wife, three children and one, massive digital fingerprint.

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Our Brain’s Neurons Look Exactly Like The Structure Of The Universe

Posted by JacobSloan on July 5, 2011

neuron2At top is a microscopic photo of a few neurons. Below it is a simulated rendering of what astrophysicists believe to be the universe’s structure, with clusters of galaxies and dark matter. Marvel at the remarkable symmetry and wonder, do we exist inside a gigantic brain? Via Convozine:

One is only micrometers wide. The other is billions of light-years across. One shows neurons in a mouse brain. The other is a simulated image of the universe. Together they suggest the surprisingly similar patterns found in vastly different natural phenomena.

Mark Miller, a doctoral student at Brandeis University, is researching how particular types of neurons in the brain are connected to one another. The image [on the left] shows three neuron cells on the left (two red and one yellow) and their connections.

An international group of astrophysicists used a computer simulation last year to recreate how the universe grew and evolved. The simulation image [on the right] is a snapshot of the present universes that features a large cluster of galaxies (bright yellow) surrounded by thousands of stars, galaxies and dark matter (web).

What struck me about this is not the similarity between neuron and universe, though it’s striking — rather it’s the continuity of parallels one finds whenever one looks into the structures of nature.

“As above, so below,” goes the Hermetic belief — “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing”. In Eastern thought, this idea is often paraphrased as “As is the microcosm, so is the microcosm.”

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"Andrew Marantz wondered how BPOs [ed: Business Process Outsourcing, AKA call centers] train Indians who have never even known a Westerner to sound and act like one. Since the call centers wouldn't let a journalist in to their culture-training sessions, Marantz decided to become a trainee himself. The resulting article from Mother Jones magazine is alternatively funny, sad, and thought-provoking."

During our second day of culture training, Lekha dissected the Australian psyche. It took about 20 minutes.

"Just stating facts, guys," Lekha began, as we scribbled notes, "Australia is known as the dumbest continent. Literally, college was unknown there until recently. So speak slowly." Next to me, a young man in a turban wrote No college in his notebook.

"Technologically speaking, they're somewhat backward, as well. The average person's mobile would be no better than, say, a Nokia 3110 classic." This drew scoffs from around the room.

"Australians drink constantly," Lekha continued. "If you call on a Friday night, they'll be smashed--every time. Oh, and don't attempt to make small talk with them about their pets, okay? They can be quite touchy about animals."

"What kind of people are there in Australia?" a trainee asked. "What are their traits?"

"Well, for one thing," Lekha said, "let's admit: They are quite racist. They do not like Indians. Their preferred term for us is--please don't mind, ladies--'brown bastards.' So if you hear that kind of language, you can just hang up the call."

****See links above for full story

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Overworked America (http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/06/speedup-americans-working-harder-charts)

Why "efficiency" and "productivity" really mean more profits for corporations and less sanity for you.

have nothing to lose but your gains
Productivity has surged, but income and wages have stagnated for most Americans. If the median household income had kept pace with the economy since 1970, it would now be nearly $92,000, not $50,000.



***More graphics, sources, etc on site

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This was cool news:


Report Reveals America Now Receives More Power From Renewable Sources Than Nuclear

A recent report published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration reveals that America now receives more of its energy from renewable sources than it does from nuclear generation plants. In the first three months of 2011, the country’s biomass/biofuel, hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar energy generation plants produced a combined 2.245 quadrillion Btus of energy or 11.73 percent of U.S. energy production. During the same period, nuclear energy plants produced 2.125 quadrillion Btus.

A recent report published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration reveals that America now receives more of its energy from renewable sources than it does from nuclear generation plants. In the first three months of 2011, the country’s biomass/biofuel, hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar energy generation plants produced a combined 2.245 quadrillion Btus of energy or 11.73 percent of U.S. energy production. During the same period, nuclear energy plants produced 2.125 quadrillion Btus.

According to data taken from the Monthly Energy Review, renewable energy production in the United States has increased by 25 percent since the first quarter of 2009. Biomass/biofuel production makes up a whopping 48 percent of this total. Hydropower contributes 35.41 percent to overall production, while wind, geothermal, and solar account for 12.87, 2.45, and 1.16 percent respectively.

Although it seems that solar production is particularly low, the study found that solar energy generation has increased by 104.8 percent since early 2010, while wind power has increased by 40.3 percent during the same time frame. This renewable thrust bodes well for the United States, particularly given the continued environmental and health impacts expected following the ***ushima disaster in Japan earlier this year.

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07-13-2011, 07:33 AM

A Lost World? Atlantis-Like Landscape Discovered

Buried deep beneath the sediment of the North Atlantic Ocean lies an ancient, lost landscape with furrows cut by rivers and peaks that once belonged to mountains. Geologists recently discovered this roughly 56-million-year-old landscape using data gathered for oil companies.

"It looks for all the world like a map of a bit of a country onshore," said Nicky White, the senior researcher. "It is like an ancient fossil landscape preserved 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) beneath the seabed."

So far, the data have revealed a landscape about 3,861 square miles (10,000 square km) west of the Orkney-Shetland Islands that stretched above sea level by almost as much as 0.6 miles (1 km). White and colleagues suspect it is part of a larger region that merged with what is now Scotland and may have extended toward Norway in a hot, prehuman world.


MIT Unveils Flexible Solar Cells Printed on Paper

Read more: MIT Unveils Flexible Solar Cells Printed on Paper | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

We’ve seen several different examples of printable solar cells in the past, however MIT engineers just unveiled a new type of cell that can be printed onto paper or fabric. The flexible photovoltaic cells are not energy intensive to produce and they can be folded over 1,000 times without any loss of performance. The technology was officially published today in the journal Advanced Materials by Professor of Electrical Engineering Vladimir Bulović and several other students.

solar cell printer, MIT solar cell, solar cell printed on paper, MIT solar cells, solar cells ordinary paper, solar cell advanced material, vacuum solar cells

Instead of creating solar cells by exposing substrates to liquids or high temperatures, the team has developed a process that can produce solar cells on ordinary paper or cloth using ‘gentle’ conditions. The solar cells are formed by placing five layers of material onto a single sheet of paper in successive passes. A mask is utilized to form the cell patterns, and the entire printing process is done in a vacuum chamber.

“We have demonstrated quite thoroughly the robustness of this technology,” Bulović says. “Because of the low weight of the paper or plastic substrate compared to conventional glass or other materials, we think we can fabricate scalable solar cells that can reach record-high watts-per-kilogram performance. For solar cells with such properties, a number of technological applications open up.”

MIT’s printed solar cells herald exciting new applications for photovoltaics, however the technology will need to be refined and made cheaper before we are printing solar cells out of our office printers.

Read more: MIT Unveils Flexible Solar Cells Printed on Paper | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

http://www.greatnewsnetwork.org/index.php/news/article/groundbreaking_solar_plant_in_spain_generates_24_h ours_of_power/?source=rss

Groundbreaking solar plant in Spain generates 24 hours of power
July 09, 2011

Spain's Gemasolar concentrating solar power plant just became the first solar power plant to generate power for 24 continuous hours.

The plant uses a Power Tower design which features a field of 2,650 mirrors that concentrate sunlight onto a boiler in a central receiver tower. The plant also utilizes molten salt as a heat transfer fluid that allows it to generate electricity when there's no sunlight.

07-20-2011, 12:52 PM
Human hybrids: Do they exist?

Milagros Garcia is an alleged Alien and Human inter-species hybrid. The blood DNA from this Puerto Rican woman has yielded analyses so unusual and interesting that the physician involved is now interested in meeting the subject for further study. The DNA is possible in humans but is very rare.

Ms. Garcia claims that she is the offspring of an alien encounter. The Doctor is not interested in the UFO/ alien phenomena he wants answers as to why her DNA has such rare qualities.

A case similar to this is being investigated in New Paris, Ohio. A woman there has exceptional skills and get by on two hours of sleep a night.

07-20-2011, 12:54 PM
'I gave birth to seven-headed snake'

A police officer’s wife has claimed to have given birth to a seven-headed snake last week Thursday.

Patience Tsabedze (27), a self-confessed former devil worshipper says she ‘gave birth’ to the large serpent after experiencing labour pains, yet she was not pregnant, on the evening of Thursday, July 7, 2011.

According to her, the labour pains were so severe that she decided to go to toilet and ‘push out’ whatever was troubling her.

She says the seven-headed snake then came out and upon seeing it at the base of the toilet, she screamed for help.

Her husband, Constable Mfanzile Malaza, rushed to the toilet to see what was happening and indeed saw the snake.

"He tried to kill it using a log but as he fought it, it hid inside the water and it was flushed away," she said during an interview at the government flat she shares with her cop husband.

The husband, when called at his workplace yesterday, also confirmed the incident and said he was shocked.

"It was my first time seeing such a snake, a seven-headed one with glittering eyes. I tried to kill it but it hid inside the toilet so we decided to flush it," he said.

Meanwhile, Tsabedze says life has become extremely difficult for her since she decided to stop worshipping the devil. She claims that every week, strange things happen to her.

In an almost weekly basis, she vomits litres and litres of blood, which is accompanied by live worms, fish (hake) and spiders.

"Just a few days ago, I vomited live worms which I flushed in the toilet," she said.

Tsabedze says she is now born again and wants out of devil-worshipping but it is difficult. She says she is being attacked by demons almost every night because they (demons) do not want her to leave the ‘underworld’. - times.co.sz (http://www.times.co.sz/News/30614.html)

07-21-2011, 08:18 AM
The human paradox that is common sense (http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21128210.100-the-human-paradox-that-is-common-sense.html?DCMP=OTC-rss&nsref=online-news)

Politicians dealing with urban poverty feel they already have a good idea why people are poor. Marketers planning campaigns already feel that they have a decent sense of what consumers want and how to make them want more of it. Economic policy-makers believe that they can do a reasonable job of getting the incentives right, whatever end they are trying to achieve. They don't expect to get them right all the time, and they would be the first to admit that it's complicated. Nevertheless, they do think the problems they are contemplating are mostly within their grasp, that they are "not rocket science".

What's puzzling about this attitude is that if we compare recent progress in the physical versus the social sciences, it should be clear that we're actually much better at rocket science than managing the economy, merging corporations, or even predicting how many copies of a book will be sold.

So why does rocket science seem hard, while problems to do with people - which in some respects are clearly much harder - seem like they ought to be just a matter of common sense?

As it turns out, the key is common sense itself. Common sense is exquisitely adapted to handling the kind of complexity that arises in everyday situations, such as how to behave at work versus in front of your children versus in the pub with your mates. And because it works so well in these situations, we're inclined to trust it.

07-21-2011, 08:31 AM

Antipsychotics and the profit panacea

Aljazeera has an interesting if not worrying article about the fact that antipsychotic drugs have become “the single top-selling therapeutic class of prescription drugs in the United States, surpassing drugs used to treat high cholesterol and acid reflux.”

The huge rise in prescriptions has been sparked by the availability of a relatively new class of drugs called ‘atypical antipsychotics’.

All antipsychotics block the D2 type of dopamine receptor and their effect on the mesolimbic dopamine pathway is what largely causes the reduction in psychotic symptoms.

The older drugs block D2 receptors fairly indiscriminately in the brain, including in the nigrostriatal pathway.

This pathway is involved in movement regulation and blocking dopamine here leads to similar problems to Parkinson’s disease (tremors, rigid and uncontrollable movements) – a type of dementia where this brain area starts to break down due to disease.

The newer ‘atypical antipsychotics’ usually also block serotonin 2A (5HT-2A) receptors in the key movement pathway.

Serotonin normally reduces dopamine release but because serotonin is being blocked, more dopamine is released in the movement pathway with the newer atypical antipsychotic drugs than with the older typical antipsychotic medications.

This means less Parkinson’s-like movement side-effects with the atypicals – a genuine advance – but unfortunately, the serotonin effect causes additional problems with weight gain and often obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

However, these problems are perhaps easier to control and more ‘socially acceptable’ (compare with someone who make strange contorted movements during conversation).

On the commercial side, many newer atypicals are still under patent, meaning one company has sole control over their manufacture and sale, while other companies are not able to make cheaper copies.

Over time, these newer drugs have been promoted, legally and illegally, by drug companies for a wider and wider range of problems – everything from depression to dementia.

Despite limited evidence for their effectiveness in these areas, the sales campaign has been a huge success and the drugs are now being widely prescribed.

Once upon a time, antipsychotics were reserved for a relatively small number of patients with hard-core psychiatric diagnoses – primarily schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – to treat such symptoms as delusions, hallucinations, or formal thought disorder. Today, it seems, everyone is taking antipsychotics. Parents are told that their unruly kids are in fact bipolar, and in need of anti-psychotics, while old people with dementia are dosed, in large numbers, with drugs once reserved largely for schizophrenics. Americans with symptoms ranging from chronic depression to anxiety to insomnia are now being prescribed anti-psychotics at rates that seem to indicate a national mass psychosis…

What’s especially troubling about the over-prescription of the new antipsychotics is its prevalence among the very young and the very old – vulnerable groups who often do not make their own choices when it comes to what medications they take. Investigations into antipsychotic use suggests that their purpose, in these cases, may be to subdue and tranquilize rather than to treat any genuine psychosis.

Antipsychotic drugs have been one of the great advances of 20th century medicine. For the first time we have an effective treatment for psychosis, one of the most disabling of any of the disorders, that works for at least a fair proportion of patients.

The side-effects of both the older and newer drugs, however, are among the worst of any medication and they should genuinely be used with caution.

Unfortunately, the well-being of patients has become secondary to the profit margins of large pharmaceutical companies who continue to promote these drugs to as many patients as possible, regardless of their benefits or adverse effects.

The Aljazeera article tracks this campaign to the point where they have become top selling medications.

Link to ‘How Big Pharma got Americans hooked on anti-psychotic drugs.’

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Study Discovers That Solar Panels Have a Cooling Effect on Buildings

It turns out that solar panels can do more than provide you with renewable energy - they can significantly cut down the power needed to heat and cool your building as well. In a study recently released in the journal Solar Energy, an engineering team at UC San Diego found that the presence of solar panels on rooftops keeps buildings an average of 5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler during the day and keeps heat in during the nighttime, which could save cash on heating costs in the winter.

The team of researchers, led by Jan Kleissl, a professor of environmental engineering at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, discovered that the amount of money saved on heating and cooling costs could add up to a 5% savings on the total cost of the solar panels if factored in as energy saved. The team used thermal infrared cameras to capture temperature data from the rooftop of the Powell Structural Systems Laboratory at the Jacobs School of Engineering which has been outfitted with tilted solar panels and solar panels flush with the roof, while also maintaining some exposed areas.

Instead of the sun beating directly onto the roof and heat seeping through the roofing material and into the building, the solar panels absorb that direct sunlight, turn it into energy and divert the heat from the building. The panels, especially the tilted kind, create wind tunnels where heat is swept away from the building as it moves between the panels and the rooftop. The team found that solar panels could reduce heat reaching the rooftop by as much as 38% and the more efficient solar panels had higher heat redirection rates. “There are more efficient ways to passively cool buildings, such as reflective roof membranes,” said Kleissl. “But, if you are considering installing solar photovoltaic, depending on your roof thermal properties, you can expect a large reduction in the amount of energy you use to cool your residence or business.”

07-22-2011, 08:27 AM

1 In 66 Americans Is A Psycho

Focusing on psychiatrists because they rely on subjective diagnoses, the drug reps have been so successful that they've changed the criteria for mental illness and disability payments. Ridgeway quotes former New England Journal of Medicine editor Marcia Angell.

"[T]he tally of those who are so disabled by mental disorders that they qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) increased nearly two and a half times between 1987 and 2007 - from one in 184 Americans to one in seventy-six. For children, the rise is even more startling - a thirty-five-fold increase in the same two decades. Mental illness is now the leading cause of disability in children." Under the tutelage of Big Pharma, we are "simply expanding the criteria for mental illness so that nearly everyone has one." Fugh-Berman agrees: In the age of aggressive drug marketing, she says, "Psychiatric diagnoses have expanded to include many perfectly normal people."

Particularly vulnerable because medication decisions are often out of their hands, the old and the young suffer most.

For kids: the number diagnosed with bi-polar disorder rose 40-fold between 1994 and 2003 and one in five comes away from a psychiatrist with a prescription for an antipsychotic.

Dosing the elderly at nursing homes has become so common that sales reps have coined the term "five at five" -- meaning 5 milligrams of Zyprexa at 5 pm to sedate difficult residents.

For all their nefarious wrangling, in 2009, Lily agreed to pay $1.4 billion, including a $515 million criminal fine. The largest settlement ever in a health care case and the largest criminal fine on any corporation in the U.S.

That year, Lilly sold $1.8 billion of Zyprexa alone.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/zyprexa-antipsycotics-top-selling-drugs-in-us-2011-7#ixzz1SqepXkJO

07-22-2011, 08:31 AM
Twice the height of the Empire State - EnviroMission plans massive solar tower for Arizona (http://www.gizmag.com/enviromission-solar-tower-arizona-clean-energy-renewable/19287/)


An ambitious solar energy project on a massive scale is about to get underway in the Arizona desert. EnviroMission is undergoing land acquisition and site-specific engineering to build its first full-scale solar tower - and when we say full-scale, we mean it! The mammoth 800-plus meter (2625 ft) tall tower will instantly become one of the world's tallest buildings. Its 200-megawatt power generation capacity will reliably feed the grid with enough power for 150,000 US homes, and once it's built, it can be expected to more or less sit there producing clean, renewable power with virtually no maintenance until it's more than 80 years old. In the video after the jump, EnviroMission CEO Roger Davey explains the solar tower technology, the Arizona project and why he couldn't get it built at home in Australia.

How Solar Towers Work

Enviromission's solar tower is a simple idea taken to gigantic proportions. The sun beats down on a large covered greenhouse area at the bottom, warming the air underneath it. Hot air wants to rise, so there's a central point for it to rush towards and escape; the tower in the middle. And there's a bunch of turbines at the base of the tower that generate electricity from that natural updraft.

It's hard to envisage that sort of system working effectively until you tweak the temperature variables and scale the whole thing up. Put this tower in a hot desert area, where the daytime surface temperature sits at around 40 degrees Celsius (104 F), and add in the greenhouse effect and you've got a temperature under your collector somewhere around 80-90 degrees (176-194 F). Scale your collector greenhouse out to a several hundred-meter radius around the tower, and you're generating a substantial volume of hot air.

Then, raise that tower up so that it's hundreds of meters in the air - because for every hundred metres you go up from the surface, the ambient temperature drops by about 1 degree. The greater the temperature differential, the harder the tower sucks up that hot air at the bottom - and the more energy you can generate through the turbines.

***Cont'd on site

07-22-2011, 08:34 AM
States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures (http://www.blacklistednews.com/States_negotiating_immunity_for_banks_over_foreclo sures/14826/0/0/0/Y/M.html)

Source: Rawstory / Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) - State attorneys general are negotiating to give major banks wide immunity over irregularities in handling foreclosures, even as evidence has emerged that banks are continuing to file questionable documents.

A coalition of all 50 states' attorneys general has been negotiating settlements with five of the biggest U.S. banks that would include payment of up to $25 billion in penalties and commitments to follow new rules. In exchange, the banks would get immunity from civil lawsuits by the states, as well as similar guarantees by the Justice Department and Department of Housing and Urban Development, which have participated in the talks.

State and federal officials declined to say if any form of immunity from criminal prosecution also is under discussion. The banks involved in the talks are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup, JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial.


Reuters reported Monday that major banks and other loan servicers have continued to file questionable documents in foreclosure cases. These include false mortgage assignments, and promissory notes with suspect or missing "endorsements," which prove ownership. The Reuters report also showed continued "robo-signing," in which lenders' employees or outside contractors churn out reams of documents without fully understanding their content. The report turned up several cases involving individuals who were publicly identified as robo-signers months ago.

Reuters found that such activity has continued even after 14 major mortgage lenders signed settlements with federal bank regulators promising to halt such practices and give remediation to some homeowners who were harmed.

In response to these disclosures, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation and Community Development, and nine other senators sent a letter to federal bank regulators, asking them to disclose information gathered about banks' foreclosure practices.

07-22-2011, 08:40 AM
Infinity Symbol of Dense Gas Observed at the Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy (http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=16158)

From: dailymail.co.uk (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2016902/Ribbon-dust-The-strange-twisted-ring-gas-centre-Milky-Way.html?ito=feeds-newsxml)



The twist in the ring is not the only mystery to come out of the new Herschel observations.

Astronomers say that the centre of the torqued portion of the ring is not where the centre of the galaxy is thought to be, but slightly offset.
The centre of our galaxy is considered to be around Sagittarius A, where a massive black hole lies.

According to Dr Noriega-Crespo, it’s not clear why the centre of the ring doesn’t match up with the assumed centre of our galaxy.
’There’s still so much about our galaxy to discover,’ he said.

The study is published in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

07-22-2011, 10:02 AM
Fat Substitutes Make You Fatter
by Big Think Editors
1 person liked this - you
What's the Latest Development? A new study published in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience says that foods with low-calorie fat substitutes may promote weight gain rather than reduce it: "The use of food products designed to mimic the sensory properties of sweet and fat while providing fewer ...

Read More (http://bigthink.com/ideas/39023)

08-01-2011, 07:52 AM

Obama Administration's "Secret Law" to Spy on Americans

During last spring's run-up to the reauthorization of three expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) charged that the administration and the FBI was relying on a "secret" interpretation of law to vacuum-up exabytes of data, including cell phone location records and internet data mining that target Americans.

In March, a written statement to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security by Justice Department official Todd Hinnen confirmed that the administration had used Section 215, the so-called "business records" section of the Act "to obtain driver's license records, hotel records, car rental records, apartment leasing records, credit card records, and the like."

Further confirmation of Wyden's charges came from an unlikely source: a White House nominee for a top counterterrorism position.

Last week Wired reported that Matthew Olsen, the administration's pick to head the National Counterterrorism Center "acknowledged that 'some of the pleadings and opinions related to the Patriot Act' to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that approves snooping warrants 'are classified'."

If confirmed, Olsen will replace Michael E. Leiter, the Bushist embed who told the Senate last year during hearings into 2009's aborted plot to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day: "I will tell you, that when people come to the country and they are on the watch list, it is because we have generally made the choice that we want them here in the country for some reason or another."

What those reasons are for wanting a terrorist to board a packed airliner were not spelled out to Senate nor were they explored by corporate media. This raises an inevitable question: what else is the administration concealing from the American people?

08-01-2011, 07:53 AM

Nature’s hidden prime number code

08-01-2011, 08:11 AM
HADOPI, the French agency charged with disconnecting French Internet users who use the same Internet connections as accused copyright infringers, conducted a study on media purchasing habits by copyright infringers. They concluded that the biggest unauthorized downloaders are also the biggest customers for legitimate media. Just like every other study that’s looked at the question, of course, but this time the study was funded and released by one of the most extreme copyright enforcement bodies on the planet.

Joe Karaganis, from SSRC, points us to the news that there’s been yet another such study… and this one is from HADOPI, itself. Yes, the French agency put together to kick people off the internet for file sharing did a study on the nature of unauthorized file sharing, too. Not surprisingly (and consistent with every other study we’ve seen on this topic), it found that those who spend a lot of money on content… were much, much, much more likely to also get content through unauthorized means. HADOPI released the results in a somewhat convoluted way (perhaps trying to downplay this result), but Karaganis reformatted the results to make this clear.

08-01-2011, 08:13 AM
Infinity Symbol of Dense Gas Observed at the Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy (http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=16158)

From: dailymail.co.uk (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2016902/Ribbon-dust-The-strange-twisted-ring-gas-centre-Milky-Way.html?ito=feeds-newsxml)



A lot of strange things going on in there Uhh

08-01-2011, 08:13 AM

Ghost towns on the increase as rural America accounts for just 16% of population

Migration will form a virtual mega-city stretching through Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland and ending in the capital Washington D.C.
In 1910 72% of Americans lived in rural areas

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2019771/Ghost-towns-increase-rural-America-accounts-just-16-population.html#ixzz1Tn4R9bvN

08-01-2011, 08:14 AM
A lot of strange things going on in there Uhh

Ya, i wanted to include the original too just because I didn't see it as clear as "they did".

Cool pick though.

08-01-2011, 08:54 AM

Chinese rush to buy US land
July 31, 2011
Print Version

Source: China Daily

One Chinese office worker paid $8,800 through an online auction by chance and bought 1,000 square meters of land in Miami of US, the Guangzhou Daily reported on Wednesday.
The Florida-based seller, United Solutions of American LLC, said the land belonged to a company near bankruptcy.
Zhuang Nuo, the auction host from Chinese property agency Soufun International, said the land seller also put 100 pieces of 1,000 sq m land up for auction and will offer 30 US investment immigration application forms for the Chinese group buyers who spend more than $200,000.
The 100 pieces of land sold out on July 22 from 73 Chinese buyers. One of them bought 20 pieces.

08-11-2011, 12:28 PM

'Multiverse' theory suggested by microwave background

08-11-2011, 12:30 PM

Crop Circles Created By Wallabies 'Stoned' On Opium, Australian Officials Say

08-11-2011, 12:47 PM

Horsmaning” or fake beheading was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s. It’s currently experiencing a revival and is basically the new planking. Here are some modern day adaptations of this popular new/old photo trend



More pictures and info here.


08-11-2011, 01:01 PM

Some good photos of bands/musicians in the 80's.


08-11-2011, 01:08 PM

Kyle Dewitt spent three days in jail because he was too poor to pay a fishing fine. Last spring, Dewitt was ticketed and fined $215 for fishing smallmouth bass out of season (Dewitt disputes the charge).

But Dewitt, 19 years old with a fiancée and a nine-month-old son, lost his job at a grocery store in 2010 and has been out of work ever since. He couldn’t afford the $215 fine. Instead he offered to pay $100 up front, and repay the rest in a month. But Judge Raymond Voet of Ionia, Mich., refused. The judge sentenced Dewitt to three days in jail.

The American Civil Liberties Union paid to break Dewitt out. Now the group is suing on behalf of Dewitt and four others in Michigan who were jailed because they were too poor to pay misdemeanor fines.

“Long thought to be a relic of the 19th century, debtors’ prisons are still alive and well in Michigan,” Kary Moss, executive director of the Michigan ACLU, said in a press release. “Jailing our clients because they are poor is not only unconstitutional, it’s unconscionable and a shameful waste of resources.”

08-11-2011, 04:10 PM

Horsmaning” or fake beheading was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s. It’s currently experiencing a revival and is basically the new planking. Here are some modern day adaptations of this popular new/old photo trend



More pictures and info here.


That's pretty cool

08-12-2011, 08:29 AM
Radical Sharing Works: This Guy Lets the World Use His Starbucks Card for Free (UPDATED) (http://www.good.is/post/radical-sharing-works-this-guy-lets-the-world-use-his-starbucks-card-for-free/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+good%2Flbvp+%28GOOD+Main+RSS+ Feed%29)


Download this image to your phone, take it to Starbucks and scan it at the cash register: It'll get you a free coffee. It's part of a radical experiment in sharing that's teaching us something about mobile money in the process.

"It's been extremely uplifting," Jonathan Stark tells GOOD. About one month ago, Stark posted the barcode image for his personal Starbucks card online, for anyone to use. Surprisingly, it still has money on it.

Stark was researching broadcast mobile currency—how to transfer money or pay for goods with your phone. He wondered if he could share his Starbucks account just by sharing the image. "I thought, 'that's crazy that I can just show this online and everyone can use it.'"

On July 7th, he loaded $30 onto his card and posted the image for his friends to use. Within hours, the money turned into caffeine and prefab sandwiches. So Stark added another $50 and invited a few more friends to see if they liked paying for things with their phones, creating an informal user experience focus group.

But this time, the money didn't vanish. People started adding money as well as spending it.

08-12-2011, 08:37 AM
New leukemia treatment exceeds 'wildest expectations'
A single shot could be one of the biggest advances in cancer research in decades, scientists say. But the research almost didn't happen (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44090512/#)

Doctors have treated only three leukemia patients, but the sensational results from a single shot could be one of the most significant advances in cancer research in decades. And it almost never happened.

The Penn scientists targeted chroniclymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the most common type of the blood disease. It strikes some 15,000 people in the United States, mostly adults, and kills 4,300 every year. Chemotherapy and radiation can hold this form of leukemia at bay for years, but until now the only cure has been a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant requires a suitable match, works only about half the time, and often brings on severe, life-threatening side effects such as pain and infection.

In the Penn experiment, the researchers removed certain types of white blood cells that the body uses to fight disease from the patients. Using a modified, harmless version of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, they inserted a series of genes into the white blood cells. These were designed to make to cells target and kill the cancer cells. After growing a large batch of the genetically engineered white blood cells, the doctors injected them back into the patients.

In similar past experimental treatments for several types of cancer the re-injected white cells killed a few cancer cells and then died out. But the Penn researchers inserted a gene that made the white blood cells multiply by a thousand fold inside the body. The result, as researcher June put it, is that the white blood cells became “serial killers” relentlessly tracking down and killing the cancer cells in the blood, bone marrow and lymph tissue.

As the white cells killed the cancer cells, the patients experienced the fevers and aches and pains that one would expect when the body is fighting off an infection, but beyond that the side effects have been minimal.

08-12-2011, 08:42 AM
New Drug Could Cure Nearly Any Viral Infection (http://science.slashdot.org/story/11/08/10/1917232/New-Drug-Could-Cure-Nearly-Any-Viral-Infection?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Slashdot%2Fslashdot+%28Slashd ot%29)

HardYakka writes "A team of researchers at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory have designed a drug that can identify cells that have been infected by any type of virus, then kill those cells to terminate the infection. The researchers tested their drug against 15 viruses, and found it was effective against all of them — including rhinoviruses that cause the common cold, H1N1 influenza, a stomach virus, a polio virus, dengue fever and several other types of hemorrhagic fever."

08-15-2011, 09:40 AM
Now if you think you do have rights, one last assignment for you. Next time you're at the computer, get on the Internet, go to Wikipedia. When you get to Wikipedia, in the search field for Wikipedia, I want you to type in "Japanese Americans 1942" and you'll find out all about your precious ****ing rights, Okay? All right. You know about it. In 1942, there were 110,000 Japanese American citizens in good standing, law-abiding people who were thrown into internment camps simply because their parents were born in the wrong country. That's all they did wrong. They had no right to a lawyer, no right to a fair trial, no right to a jury of their peers no right to due process of any kind. The only right they had: "Right this way" into the internment camps! Just when these American citizens needed their rights the most, their government took them away! And rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges. And if you read the news even badly, you know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter. You see all, sooner or later. Sooner or later, the people in this country are gonna realize the government does not give a **** about them! The government doesn't care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare or your safety. It simply does not give a **** about you! It's interested in its own power. That's the only thing. Keeping it and expanding it wherever possible.

"You Have No Rights" (http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/George_Carlin)

08-16-2011, 12:40 PM
The Vampires of Dillsboro, North Carolina

In the spring of 1788 a family setup housekeeping in the small mountain community of Dillsboro N.C. The family name was Alfort and there were rumors that they had descended from royalty. They bought land by the river and built what was then a very nice large southern colonial home. Dr. Alfort opened up an office and pharmacy in a few rooms in the front of the house. The local people were at first really happy that a new doctor had arrived in their community...but very quickly this attitude was about to change.

Two men both who had gone to the new doctor to be treated for gout suddenly died. Both men had been well liked members of the community and the circumstances angered many of the residents. However in a short time the local minister had brokered peace in the community and everything seemed to be fine. However this calm was short lived.

That Fall the young daughter of the minister was found dead in her bed with puncture marks to her throat. The minister's wife swore she had seen a dark form hovering over her daughter and she screamed but it was too late and the child quickly succumb to the attack.

The incident caused a huge outcry in the town and the people of the area started to claim a vampire or a group of vampires was in their midst. For many nights groups of men ventured out and searched but found nothing. However some men claimed to have seen a large black bat-like creature fly over them. A few nights after the sighting a young boy ran down the hill to his grandfather's house and proclaimed that something was up the hill in his house attacking his parents. The grandfather summoned other men and they ran to the house but only found the parents and their two young daughters, who were dead with puncture wounds to their necks. The area was immediately alerted...soldiers were called in and searched the area. By February of 1789 the community had quieted down.

Then one evening screams were heard and when men arrived they witnessed a black form of a human run from the house, run down the hill and into the Alfort house. When the village men went into the house where the screams had come from they found the bodies of a young couple with vicious bite marks to their throats. Almost at once more men came and they were told that the murderer had ran down the hill and into the Alfort house. When the search party got to the Alfort house Dr. Alfort refused to let them in. However as soon as the sheriff arrived they dragged Dr. Alfort outside and tied him to a tree. When the men entered the house they were surprised at what they found. The upstairs bedrooms each had beds but it was clear that no one had slept in them. When the sheriff and search party went downstairs they found three caskets and Mrs. Alfort, who was dressed in black, lying in one of the caskets and very much alive. She hissed and cursed at them as she was pulled from the casket.

Later that night the sheriff and the village minister announced to the crowd assembled outside the Alfort house that the Alforts and their son were vampires. The Alforts were summarily hanged and then placed back inside the house. The house was set on fire and burned to the ground. However the couple's 15 year old son was not found and never seen in the area again. There were no further unusual murders in the area.

08-16-2011, 12:58 PM

Great News: "An Alien Invasion Would Save the Economy!"
2011 08 15

From: blacklistednews.com
Paul Krugman Wants Manufactured Threat From OuterSpace to Revive Economy

**Video @ source from CNN (i believe).

08-16-2011, 01:01 PM


08-16-2011, 01:05 PM

Uncontacted Tribe in South America Goes Missing

Bad news. Remember that uncontacted South American tribe? (Covered here and here.) They’ve gone missing after narco traffickers wiped out the guard post protecting the tribe. Observers fear the worst.

The Brazilian guard post protecting the uncontacted Indians who were filmed from the air earlier this year has been over-run by heavily-armed men, suspected to be drug-traffickers. It has been ransacked and vital equipment destroyed.

Fears are now mounting for the welfare of the Indians after workers from FUNAI (the government’s Indian Affairs Department) found one of the traffickers’ rucksacks with a broken arrow inside. A rapid survey by governme

08-16-2011, 01:10 PM

An AT&T legal staffer inadvertently (and briefly) posted a damning internal document to the FCC's docket for the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger. The document makes it clear that "AT&T is giving Deutsche Telekom $39 billion primarily to reduce market competition" and that the company's claims of bigger network buildouts and increased employment are utterly fictional.

Again, the reality appears to be that AT&T is giving Deutsche Telekom $39 billion primarily to reduce market competition. That price tag eliminates T-Mobile entirely -- and makes Sprint (and by proxy new LTE partner LightSquared and current partner Clearwire) more susceptible to failure in the face of 80% AT&T/Verizon market domination. How much do you think wireless broadband market dominance is worth to AT&T over the next decade? After all, AT&T will be first to tell you there's a wireless data "tsunami" coming, with AT&T and Verizon on the shore eagerly billing users up to $10 per gigabyte.

Regardless of the motivation behind rejecting 97% LTE deployment, the letter proves AT&T's claim they need T-Mobile to improve LTE coverage from 80-97% simply isn't true. That's a huge problem for AT&T, since nearly every politician and non-profit that has voiced support for the merger did so based largely on this buildout promise. It's also a problem when it comes to the DOJ review, since proof that AT&T could complete their LTE build for far less than the cost of this deal means the deal doesn't meet the DOJ's standard for merger-specific benefits.

08-16-2011, 01:11 PM
For those with open hearts;


08-22-2011, 07:26 AM


Photo: SlimVirgin (CC)

AsiaOne reports:

The Chinese media has reported on an extraordinary account of a mother bear saving her cub from a life of torture by strangling it and then killing itself. The bears were kept in a farm located in a remote area in the North-West of China. The bears on the farm had their gall bladders milked daily for ‘bear bile,’ which is used as a remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It was reported that the bears are kept in tiny cages known as ‘crush cages’, as the bears have no room to manoeuvre and are literally crushed. The bile is harvested by making a permanent hole or fistula in the bears’ abdomen and gall bladder.

As the hole is never closed, the animals are suspect to various infections and diseases including tumours, cancers and death from peritonitis. The bears are fitted with an iron vest, as they often try to kill themselves by hitting their stomach as they are unable to bear the pain.A person who was on the farm in place of a friend witnessed the procedures and told Reminbao.com that they were inhumane.

The witness also claimed that a mother bear broke out its cage when it heard its cub howl in fear before a worker punctured its stomach to milk the bile.

08-22-2011, 07:42 AM
Better times are coming


08-26-2011, 07:39 AM

If this is happening in Puerto Rico, I can't even imagine what's going to show up on the streets of New York when Hurricane Irene hits.


08-26-2011, 07:42 AM

If this is happening in Puerto Rico, I can't even imagine what's going to show up on the streets of New York when Hurricane Irene hits.


lol a shark swimming around in Brooklyn that will be awesome

08-26-2011, 07:44 AM
No ****! They already have a problem with these:



08-26-2011, 08:07 AM
So...you knew it was coming - and i found this interesting - but am not "endorsing" it:


A frightening foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin states that over the past nearly 48 hours the vast intercontinental military tunnel complex constructed by the United States Air force over the past nearly 45 years was hit with two powerful nuclear explosions at its main terminuses in Colorado and Virginia used nearly exclusively by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

http://nation.com.pk/uploads/news_image/large/RussiareportsNuclearexplosion****vastUSmilitarytun nelnetwork_31505.jpg


Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC.

08-30-2011, 06:10 AM

As food prices continue to rise we could see a lot more riots, says Yaneer Bar-Yam

You have found a link between speculators and social unrest. How did you discover this?

We started by analysing the recent financial crisis. The crash in US house prices in 2007 was followed by a stock market crash, then a puzzling peak in the price of commodities such as wheat and metals. Why? Money from the mortgage markets had been moved to the commodity markets. When you pour a lot of money into a small market you are going to have peaks. This has nothing to do with supply and demand; it is simply due to speculators. With high food prices, we were not surprised that riots occurred in many parts of the developing world at the same time.

But it's not just speculators causing food prices to rise, is it?

There is another factor: the conversion of corn to ethanol for biofuel in the US. Forty per cent of US corn is now being converted to ethanol. That's over 15 per cent of global production from almost nothing 10 years ago. This has been a very large shock to the agricultural system.

When you plot food prices over the last 10 years, you see sharp peaks superimposed on a rising trend. The peaks are due to speculation and the rising trend due to corn-to-ethanol conversion.

08-30-2011, 06:14 AM

Tiny bugs are controlling your mind!
August 30, 2011 by Amara D. Angelica

Are billions of bacteria influencing your moods? (Credit: Udo's Choice)

Before you take another probiotic cap, you may want to read this. Yet another study at McMaster University in Canada suggests that gut bacteria might be able to alter your brain chemistry and change your mood and behavior, reports Science NOW.

We reported on earlier research on gut bacteria at McMaster University and at Ohio State University. We also mentioned some heady speculations at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center on a new field of microbial endocrinology, “where microbiology meets neuroscience.”

In the new study, McMaster researchers take a slightly bolder step. They fed mice a broth containing a “benign” bacterium, Lactobacillus rhamnosus. The scientists chose this partly because, well, they had some around, so why not, and also because related Lactobacillus bacteria are a major ingredient of probiotic supplements and very little is known about their potential side effects.

How it works, maybe

They found that mice whose diets were supplemented with L. rhamnosus for 6 weeks exhibited fewer signs of stress and anxiety in standard lab tests, as reported online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For example, the mice spent more time exploring narrow elevated walkways and wide-open spaces, which are scary to rodents. (That might explain the Jackass movies?)

But how does it work? That’s the part that has been puzzling me. First, the McMaster researchers found changes in the activity of genes in the brain that encode portions of the receptor for the neurotransmiter GABA. GABA typically dampens neural activity, and many drugs for treating anxiety disorders target its receptors. (The Texas Tech guys also suggested GABA effects.)

Then they cut the vegas nerve, which runs between the stomach and brain, and lo and behold, the effects stopped. The findings “open up very exciting speculations” about using probiotics to treat mood disorders in people, says Emeran Mayer, a gastroenterologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. But he said he’s skeptical that the findings will translate easily from mice to people.

Then he squeaked and ran up the wall.

Topics: Biotech | Cognitive Science/Neuroscience

***Embedded links in content.

08-30-2011, 06:17 AM

A View From The Top One Percent

Posted by JacobSloan on August 29, 2011

jet-jets-private-plane-planes-planes-fly-rich-wealthy-charterVia Who Rules America?, a financial manager provides his perspective on the wealthiest one percent and 0.1 percent of Americans — i.e. his clients — regarding who they are, how they got so rich, and why he worries that they have too much power:

Membership in this elite group is likely to come from being involved in some aspect of the financial services or banking industry, real estate development involved with those industries, or government contracting.

Recently, I spoke with a younger client who retired from a major investment bank in her early thirties, net worth around $8M. Since I knew she held a critical view of investment banking, I asked if her colleagues talked about or understood how much damage was created in the broader economy from their activities. Her answer was that no one talks about it in public but almost all understood and were unbelievably cynical, hoping to exit the system when they became rich enough.

Folks in the top 0.1% come from many backgrounds but it’s infrequent to meet one whose wealth wasn’t acquired through direct or indirect participation in the financial and banking industries. One of our clients, net worth in the $60M range, built a small company and was acquired with stock from a multi-national. Stock is often called a “paper” asset. Another client, CEO of a medium-cap tech company, retired with a net worth in the $70M range. The bulk of any CEO’s wealth comes from stock, not income, and incomes are also very high. Last year, the average S&P 500 CEO made $9M in all forms of compensation. One client runs a division of a major international investment bank, net worth in the $30M range and most of the profits from his division flow directly or indirectly from the public sector, the taxpayer. Another client with a net worth in the $10M range is the ex-wife of a managing director of a major investment bank, while another was able to amass $12M after taxes by her early thirties from stock options as a high level programmer in a successful IT company. The picture is clear; entry into the top 0.5% and, particularly, the top 0.1% is usually the result of some association with the financial industry and its creations. I find it questionable as to whether the majority in this group actually adds value or simply diverts value from the US economy and business into its pockets and the pockets of the uber-wealthy who hire them. They are, of course, doing nothing illegal.

I think it’s important to emphasize one of the dangers of wealth concentration: irresponsibility about the wider economic consequences of their actions by those at the top. Wall Street created the investment products that produced gross economic imbalances and the 2008 credit crisis. It wasn’t the hard-working 99.5%. Average people could only destroy themselves financially, not the economic system. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the collapse was primarily due to the failure of complex mortgage derivatives, CDS credit swaps, cheap Fed money, lax regulation, compromised ratings agencies, government involvement in the mortgage market, the end of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, and insufficient bank capital. Only Wall Street could put the economy at risk and it had an excellent reason to do so: profit. It made huge profits in the build-up to the credit crisis and huge profits when it sold itself as “too big to fail” and received massive government and Federal Reserve bailouts. Most of the serious economic damage the U.S. is struggling with today was done by the top 0.1% and they benefited greatly from it.

Not surprisingly, Wall Street and the top of corporate America are doing extremely well as of June 2011. For example, in Q1 of 2011, America’s top corporations reported 31% profit growth and a 31% reduction in taxes, the latter due to profit outsourcing to low tax rate countries. Somewhere around 40% of the profits in the S&P 500 come from overseas and stay overseas, with about half of these 500 top corporations having their headquarters in tax havens. If the corporations don’t repatriate their profits, they pay no U.S. taxes. The year 2010 was a record year for compensation on Wall Street, while corporate CEO compensation rose by over 30%, most Americans struggled. In 2010 a dozen major companies, including GE, Verizon, Boeing, Wells Fargo, and Fed Ex paid US tax rates between -0.7% and -9.2%. Production, employment, profits, and taxes have all been outsourced. Major U.S. corporations are currently lobbying to have another “tax-repatriation” window like that in 2004 where they can bring back corporate profits at a 5.25% tax rate versus the usual 35% US corporate tax rate. Ordinary working citizens with the lowest incomes are taxed at 10%.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this: A highly complex and largely discrete set of laws and exemptions from laws has been put in place by those in the uppermost reaches of the U.S. financial system. It allows them to protect and increase their wealth and significantly affect the U.S. political and legislative processes. They have real power and real wealth. Ordinary citizens in the bottom 99.9% are largely not aware of these systems, do not understand how they work, are unlikely to participate in them, and have little likelihood of entering the top 0.5%, much less the top 0.1%. Moreover, those at the very top have no incentive whatsoever for revealing or changing the rules. I am not optimistic.

08-30-2011, 08:13 AM

Brazilian Wind Power Now Cheaper Than Natural Gas
August 28, 2011

“...That wind power could reach these lows versus natural gas was unimaginable until recently.”
- EPE president and chief executive Mauricio Tolmasquim

Wind power in Brazil now costs less than natural gas. Brazil’s National Electric Power Agency held a series of energy auctions last week. During the auctions, 78 wind power projects, out of 92 projects, nabbed contracts.

EPE predicts Brazil’s wind power potential of 143 gigawatts (GW) could increase to 300 GW with better use of turbine technology. EPE also predicts that the Brazilian use of wind power will increase to 60 percent between 2010 and 2020.

08-30-2011, 08:31 AM
Time Warner, gigantic media conglomerate and parent of Warner Brothers, owns the rights to the Guy Fawkes mask design from the 2006 Warner Brothers film “V for Vendetta.” So, every time you purchase one of those masks, they are paid a licensing fee. Nick Bilton in the New York Times has more.

08-30-2011, 08:32 AM

Professor Kurtis Heimerl of the University of California, Berkeley has created a do-it-yourself GSM (global system for mobile communications, a worldwide cell-phone standard) cellular data network for areas (such as remote villages) with limited power and network resources, reports Shareable.

The network can be deployed off-the-grid because only low power is required, using solar or wind, and no connection to a cell-phone company is required.

What if devices like this were used to connect to an autonomous Internet through a collectively owned satellite? For example, Buy This Satellite is an effort to crowdfund enough money to purchase the communications satellite TerreStar-1. Non-profit Ahumanright aims to use the satellite to provide free Internet access in the developing world.

09-01-2011, 07:13 AM

Wozniak: Machines will run the world, humans will become idle 'pets'
Apple co-founder paints a vision of machines doing more, people enjoying 'easy life'

09-01-2011, 10:20 AM

Extraordinarily close call for Gizmag's Loz Blain


It's fair to say we nearly lost one of our team a couple of days ago. Gizmag feature writer and videographer Loz Blain was out test riding the amazing BMW S1000RR superbike with a friend on board when he survived an extraordinarily close call with an oncoming 4WD that had drifted onto the wrong side of the road. As he was filming for a video review, he had a high-definition camera on board to record the incident, so without further ado here's the footage - and a reminder that not all single vehicle accidents are the rider's fault.

09-01-2011, 10:43 AM

Mean Bosses & Co-Workers Cause Damage Beyond the Workplace

09-01-2011, 10:44 AM

Over 31k views on this thread. WOW!!! Thanks everyone for enjoying the content.

09-01-2011, 10:54 AM


09-12-2011, 10:35 AM
So Who Really Runs The World? A Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control … (http://www.disinfo.com/2011/09/so-who-really-runs-the-world-a-network-analysis-reveals-%E2%80%98super-entity%E2%80%99-of-global-corporate-control/)

An outline of the adversary emerges from Michael Ricciardi on PlanetSave:

In the first such analysis ever conducted, Swiss economic researchers have conducted a global network analysis of the most powerful transnational corporations (TNCs). Their results have revealed a core of 787 firms with control of 80% of this network, and a “super entity” comprised of 147 corporations that have a controlling interest in 40% of the network’s TNCs.

When we hear conspiracy theorist talk about this or that powerful group (or alliance of said groups) “pulling strings” behind the scenes, we tend to dismiss or minimize such claims, even though, deep down, we may suspect that there’s some degree of truth to it, however distorted by the theorists’ slightly paranoid perception of the world. But perhaps our tendency to dismiss such claims as exaggerations (at best) comes from our inability to get even a slight grip on the complexity of global corporate ownership; it’s all too vast and complicated to get any clear sense of the reality.

But now we have the results of a global network analysis (Vitali, Glattfelder, Battiston) that, for the first time, lays bare the “architecture” of the global ownership network. In the paper abstract, the authors state …

Read More from Michael Ricciardi on PlanetSave

09-12-2011, 11:00 AM

War with the Grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is Won!

Good news! Via the Examiner:

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre with a human representative-contactee of the extraterrestrial governance council known as the Andromeda Council it has been revealed that the war of liberation against a 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian alliance has been won by the forces of the Andromeda Council as of the 3rd quarter of 2011. The attempted the occupation of Earth, our moon and Mars by this grey-Reptilian alliance is over. The defeated grey-reptilian forces have been sent via stargate into the far reaches of our universe.

The Andromeda Council representative states in his ExopoliticsTV interview that the forces of the 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian forces that remain on Earth consist of small pockets of isolated forces around such as Washington, DC.

We can all cast in our $.02 on this one. I’ll stick to what I already cast into the pot a little while back …(embedded link)

09-12-2011, 11:02 AM
So Who Really Runs The World? A Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control … (http://www.disinfo.com/2011/09/so-who-really-runs-the-world-a-network-analysis-reveals-%E2%80%98super-entity%E2%80%99-of-global-corporate-control/)

An outline of the adversary emerges from Michael Ricciardi on PlanetSave:

Read More from Michael Ricciardi on PlanetSave

I wonder if this is the same computer... :)


Feeding a supercomputer with news stories could help predict major world events, according to US research.

A study, based on millions of articles, charted deteriorating national sentiment ahead of the recent revolutions in Libya and Egypt.

While the analysis was carried out retrospectively, scientists say the same processes could be used to anticipate upcoming conflict.

The system also picked up early clues about Osama Bin Laden’s location.

Kalev Leetaru, from the University of Illinois’ Institute for Computing in the Humanities, Arts and Social Science, presented his findings in the journal First Monday.

Mood and location

The study’s information was taken from a range of sources including the US government-run Open Source Centre and BBC Monitoring, both of which monitor local media output around the world.

News outlets which published online versions were also analysed, as was the New York Times‘ archive, going back to 1945.

In total, Mr Leetaru gathered more than 100 million articles.

Reports were analysed for two main types of information: mood – whether the article represented good news or bad news, and location – where events were happening and the location of other participants in the story…

[continues at BBC News]

09-12-2011, 11:10 AM
Re: the computer simulation forecasting "unrest" - I wonder how the data from that computational model "fits" with these guys:


The Global Consciousness Project
Meaningful Correlations in Random Data

09-12-2011, 11:18 AM

Life in an Occupied Country

Posted Sep 09, 2011 10 comments

"Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be." -- Marshall McLuhan


Really good read if you got a few minutes. I really like the guys over @Skilluminati.

09-13-2011, 06:09 AM

An Israeli psychologist is asking whether Moses may have been tripping when he saw God on Mount Sinai, suggesting that many of our traditional ideas about the Abrahamic God may have been inspired by hallucinogenic drugs.

Professor Benny Shannon’s apparently cites historical evidence that the religious ceremonies of the Israelites included hallucinogenic plants and further bases his speculation on his own experiences with the reportedly similar psychedelic plant ayahuasca.

Of course, the idea is bound to ruffle a few feathers but as it’s so speculative it’s unlikely to make much of a mark on modern theology.

However, it is not the first nor the wackiest attempt to explain religion as arising from hallucinogenic drugs.

Biblical scholar John Allegro wrote an astounding 1970 book called The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross where he argued that Jesus was actually an hallucinogenic mushroom.

Bear with me on this one.

Allegro suggests that the word ‘Jesus’ was actually a code word for amanita muscaria, the red and white speckled mushroom often featured in fairy tales.

Amanita muscaria, otherwise known as Fly Agaric, genuinely exists and can cause quite intense hallucinations, owing to its effect on GABA receptors in the brain.

According to the theory, a religious sect were using these mushrooms for spiritual purposes, and their visions resulted in the Christian religion.

The Bible contains many words which have since been misinterpreted but with enough (of Allegro’s) linguistic detective work, they can be seen to explain the mushroom cult, rather than the later orthodox Christian interpretation.

To recoin a cliché: you don’t need drugs to enjoy the book, but it helps.

As an aside, the article in Haaretz says Shannon’s theory is published in a philosophy journal called ‘Time and Mind’, but I’m damned (excuse the pun) if I can find it.

Links to the original article gratefully received.

Link to article on Shannon’s theory about Moses.
Link to 1970 Time article on Allegro’s book.
Link to full text of The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross.

09-13-2011, 07:33 AM


In a brutal incident reminiscent of one in Houston three weeks ago, a wheelchair-bound Florida man taking shelter from a storm had part of his face eaten off at an abandoned Hooters restaurant by a young woman claiming to be a vampire. Someone once told me that Pensacola is one of the worst places on Earth, and I’m starting to understand why. Via ABC Action News:

A St. Petersburg man who had dozed off in his motorized wheelchair woke up to find himself being attacked by a woman, according to police. Morton Ellis, 69, said he fell asleep after parking his wheelchair on the porch of a vacant Hooters to escape the rain.

He said the woman, 22-year-old Josephine Rebecca Smith, told him she was a vampire as she bit off chunks of his face and part of his lip.

Ellis managed to fend her off and called police. Officers found Smith at the restaurant, half naked and covered in blood. Ellis required a number of stitches.

Smith, who is from Pensacola, told police she had no idea what happened.



GALVESTON — A man claiming to be a vampire was in the Galveston County jail today after attacking a woman over the weekend.

"He was begging us to restrain him because he didn't want to kill us," Galveston Officer Daniel Erickson said. "He said he needed to feed."

Lyle Monroe Bensley, 19, of Galveston, is being held on a charge of burglary with intent to commit assault after forcing his way early Saturday into the apartment of a woman he did not know, police spokesman Capt. Jeff Heyse said.

Bensley, covered with tattoos and wearing only boxer shorts, forced his way into the apartment on Seawall Boulevard and made his way into the bedroom of a woman whose name has not been released, Heyse said.

Bensley made growling and hissing noises while biting and hitting the woman in her bed, Heyse said. Bensley then dragged her out of the apartment and she broke free.

She ran into the parking lot where she got into a car driven by a neighbor. Bensley beat on the car before it sped away, Heyse said.

Police received a call at 6:50 a.m. Erickson said he and another officer were in the woman's apartment when they heard shrieking and growling sounds and saw Bensley in the parking lot. They arrested him after a short chase.

"I'm a vampire, and I've been alive for over 500 years," Bensley said, according to Erickson.

Emergency medical personnel determined that Bensley did not appear to be under the influence of drugs, Erickson said.

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Dolphins call each other by name

09-13-2011, 12:43 PM

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwdBz9PaUAN90dt8lTCQy5xHmCpMzM6 bZvly05MObvELgMOHLQ

The link below, is a large version of the 2nd pic. Some how, seeing turtles eat strawsberries makes me smile.


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Cornell’s New 3-D Printer Lets You Print Food in Any Shape and Texture

Read more: Cornell's New 3-D Printer Lets You Print Food in Any Shape and Texture | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

The Cornell Creative Machines Lab has invented a 3-D printer that not only allows you to print food, but lets you create almost any design imaginable with your favorite ingredients. Working with experts from the French Culinary Institute, Cornell’s new technology may soon be available for chefs and home use, allowing enterprising cooks to customize new and interesting dishes with healthier ingredients. We’ve seen a similar concept designed by a pair of students at MIT, but this ready made design takes things to a whole new level. Spaceship nuggets anyone?

The new printer uses edible ink and an electronic blueprint system called FabApps. After drawing up the food’s design on a computer, the blueprint shows the printer what goes where, essentially building the food. Though a blueprint may be difficult to get ahold of, edible ink is anything from melted chocolate to cheese or cookie dough — anything that can fit through a syringe. Larger foods can also be ground and mixed with other liquids to make ink, as proven with the printer’s successful hamburger creation, complete with ketchup and mustard.

The head of the Cornell Lab, Jeffrey Ian Lipton, has created a new way of printing that allows the printer to change the texture of food. Stochastic printing results in a coiled looking design who’s absorbency can be completely controlled. Lipton and his team tried this procedure with corn masa used for tortilla chips, and created a flower shape that is even in texture and weight all around making it easier to deep fry.

Stochastic printing technology opens up a world of possibility for foods. Nearly everything can be produced to look and taste like something it is not. Chefs can customize new and interesting dishes incorporating healthier ingredients while parents can make peas and carrots look like spaceships.

A New York tech start up called Essential Dynamics wants to come out with a 3-D food printer for the public retailing around $1,000. Families could easily control the ingredients and shapes of their own foods, quickly making it an essential addition to the kitchen. Lipton adds: “What kid wouldn’t eat a space shuttle, even one made of peas?”

Read more: Cornell's New 3-D Printer Lets You Print Food in Any Shape and Texture | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

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Alien Chip Found in Napoleon’s Skull?

Posted by phunkychic666 on September 8, 2011

NapoleonVia Life’s Great Clues:

Scientists examining the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte admit they are “deeply puzzled” by the discovery of a half-inch long microchip embedded in his skull. They say the mysterious object could be an alien implant — suggesting that the French emperor was once abducted by a UFO!

“The possible ramifications of this discovery are almost too enormous to comprehend,” declared Dr. Andre Dubois, who made the astonishing revelation in a French medical journal. Until now, every indication has been that victims of alien abduction are ordinary people who play no role in world events. Now we have compelling evidence that extraterrestrials acted in the past to influence human history – and may continue to do so!”

Dr. Dubois made the amazing find while studying Napoleon’s exhumed skeleton on a $140,000 grant from the French government.

“I was hoping to learn whether he suffered from a pituitary disorder that contributed to his small stature,” he explained. But instead the researcher found something far more extraordinary: “As I examined the interior of the skull, my hand brushed across a tiny protrusion. “I then looked at the area under a magnifying glass – and was stunned to find that the object was some kind of super-advanced microchip.”

09-14-2011, 09:42 AM

Creativity is ‘Vomit, Poison and Agony’ to Most

Posted by Good German on September 8, 2011

RainbowFrom ScienceDaily:

Most people view creativity as an asset — until they come across a creative idea. That’s because creativity not only reveals new perspectives; it promotes a sense of uncertainty.

The next time your great idea at work elicits silence or eye rolls, you might just pity those co-workers. Fresh research indicates they don’t even know what a creative idea looks like and that creativity, hailed as a positive change agent, actually makes people squirm.

“How is it that people say they want creativity but in reality often reject it?” said Jack Goncalo, ILR School assistant professor of organizational behavior and co-author of research to be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science. The paper reports on two 2010 experiments at the University of Pennsylvania involving more than 200 people.

The studies’ findings include:

Creative ideas are by definition novel, and novelty can trigger feelings of uncertainty that make most people uncomfortable.
People dismiss creative ideas in favor of ideas that are purely practical — tried and true.
Objective evidence shoring up the validity of a creative proposal does not motivate people to accept it.
Anti-creativity bias is so subtle that people are unaware of it, which can interfere with their ability to recognize a creative idea.

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How to print a clock, or a house … or another printer

3DP printers build 3D solid objects by spreading layers of supported materials over movable control surfaces. Current models can use a variety of materials, including metals, and can include colors in printed objects.

One former Media Lab student, Peter Schmitt PhD ’11, working with Media Lab IP consultant Bob Swartz, has printed entire working clocks — with all their gears, chains, faces and hands in a single unit — ready to start ticking as soon as the surplus powder is washed away.

But take it a step further: imagine being able to “print” an entire house or building. A system for doing just that by “printing” concrete is being developed by the MIT Media Lab’s Neri Oxman and her graduate student Steven Keating. The technique could make it possible to create fanciful, organic-looking shapes that would be difficult or impossible using molds. It could also allow the properties of the concrete itself to vary continuously, producing structures that are both lighter and stronger than conventional concrete.

This variable-density printing is not just about large-scale objects. Oxman has designed a chair made of different polymers, for example, producing stiff areas for structural support and flexible areas for comfort, all printed out as a single unit.

Peter Schmitt, now a visiting scientist at the Media Lab, is pushing the technology in an even more sci-fi direction, trying to “build machines that could build machines,” he says. So far, he’s succeeded in making machines that can make many of the parts for another machine, but there remain many obstacles in establishing connections among these — and it’s still more of an intellectual exercise than a practical system, he concedes.

“There are better ways to make the parts,” he says. “But at some point, these kinds of things will happen.”


Concrete samples made by hand to illustrate the concept of density gradient in concrete. A team from the MIT Media Lab hopes to be able to print such materials with a 3-D printer. (Credit: Steven Keating, Timothy Cooke and John Fernández)

09-16-2011, 07:23 AM

$4 Gas: Brought to You by Wall Street

If oil speculators in Big Finance are making gas prices soar, shouldn't you know about it?

But what most people didn't realize at the time was the role that big financial players like Goldman Sachs—not simple supply and demand—played in pushing gas prices sky-high.

That is, until last month, when someone leaked confidential documents detailing the positions of Wall Street speculators—including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays—from a single day that fateful summer, June 30, 2008. More than 200 companies held investments in millions of barrels of oil that day, many of them companies that neither produce nor use oil.

The documents laid bare the extent to which big banks' speculating has begun to affect oil prices: Traditionally, those who produce and buy oil have been the big players in the futures market, making calculations about how much oil will cost in the future and drafting contracts to provide that oil at a set price down the line. But now financial players are also in the game, bidding on oil that they'll never make or use—a development that many say is artificially raising the price of crude.

Advertise on MotherJones.com

According to the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), an anonymous source provided the confidential regulatory data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The senator's office then gave the documents to the Wall Street Journal, which set off a whole heap of outrage from the traders whose identities and positions were revealed. The companies that were outed say that their trading information is proprietary, and that its release imperils their business.

But Sanders' office argues that the data is now three years old, so there's no good reason to keep it secret. Sanders has been using the information to push the CFTC to issue rules that would actually crack down on speculators, in the interest of preventing that kind of spike in the future. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law in July 2010, granted the CFTC authority to craft new rules on commodities speculation, including oil. Those rules were supposed to be completed by January 2011, but so far the agency has only issued a draft.

The senator's office contends that the CFTC is violating Dodd-Frank by not issuing the rules. "We believe they are breaking the law right now," said Warren Gunnels, a senior policy advisor to Sanders. "They're being disingenuous at best by saying they need more information. They have all the information they need."

In June, Sanders introduced legislation that would force the CFTC to finalize the rules required by Dodd-Frank and set firm speculation rules for crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and heating oil. The bill calls for rules that set position limits to "diminish, eliminate, or prevent excessive speculation."

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There’s A Secret Stack Of Pancakes On The $5 Bill

09-16-2011, 09:40 AM
^ LOL!

09-16-2011, 09:48 AM

There’s A Secret Stack Of Pancakes On The $5 Bill

Ha! That's great!

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Missouri resident George F. Blackburn had a moment of inspiration one day when he went to the local courthouse to finalize his divorce from his third wife. The 64-year-old gentleman seized the opportunity to file papers with the clerk's office to do something he'd been thinking about for years: changing his name to Led Zeppelin II, after his favorite album by the great rock band.

"I reinvented myself," he tells stltoday.com. "Since I became Led Zeppelin, my life has improved a thousand fold."

Zeppelin said he had a childhood fascination with zeppelins, and has been a fan of the rock stars since seeing them live in concert in Chicago in the late 1960s. It has been a love affair with their music since. The "II" at the end of the name is after the band's second album, "Led Zeppelin II."

"I don't want to appear to be some off-the-wall, drug-addict idiot," he said. "I just changed my name from the standpoint that I can be a better person than I used to be."

He said it's a tribute to the music. "They changed my life, forever, and that's my whole reason for doing this." When some fellow Led Zeppelin music fans learn his name, he said, they buy him drinks and dinner. They say they admire him for having the guts to do it. Even his ex-wife is supportive, calling him L.Z. or Zep. Some folks still call him George instead of Led, and he said he's fine with that, too. "I want them to be comfortable."

09-16-2011, 12:32 PM

An eBay seller has this photograph up for the “buy it now” price of a million dollars. It looks suspiciously like the star of Raising Arizona and Leaving Las Vegas.

Original c.1870 carte de visite showing a man who looks exactly like
Nick Cage. Personally, I believe it’s him and that he is some sort of
walking undead / vampire, et cetera, who quickens / reinvents
himself once every 75 years or so. 150 years from now, he might
be a politician, the leader of a cult, or a talk show host.

This is not a trick photo, it’s an original photograph of a man who
lived in Bristol, TN sometime around the Civil War.

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The American Revolution Begins Sept 17th


09-19-2011, 10:17 AM

NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist

Former National Aeronautics and Space Administration Data and Photo Control Department manager, Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency's Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions has been fired for telling the truth.

Johnston asserts NASA knows astronauts discovered ancient alien cities and the remains of amazingly advanced machinery on the Moon. Some of the technology can manipulate gravity.

He says the agency ordered a cover-up and forced him to participate in it.

09-21-2011, 10:42 AM

Riddle in the sands: Thousands of strange 'Nazca Lines' discovered in the Middle East

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2037850/Thousands-strange-Nazca-Lines-discovered-Middle-East.html#ixzz1YbslpDAv

09-21-2011, 10:48 AM
Prescription Drug Use Now Kills More People Than Traffic Accidents

Posted by Easy Rider on September 19, 2011
OxyContin Setup

Photo: 51fifty (CC)

Via the Inquisitr:

In 1979 the U.S. Government began tracking drug-related deaths and for the first time those deaths have surpassed the number of traffic fatalities on an annual basis. The most recent statistics which were taken in 2009 shows that 37,485 people died in traffic related accidents while 36,284 people died from drug related activities in a one year period.

Surprisingly the main culprit of those deaths were not street illegal drugs but rather prescription options including Xanax, OxyContin and the main culprit Vicodin which killed more people than cocaine and heroin combined.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times a Santa Barbara sheriff said: “The problem is right here under our noses in our medicine cabinets.”

The study also revealed that traffic related fatalities have actually fallen by a third since the 1970s even as the number of drivers using American roadways continues to increase, while drug related deaths have doubled in the last decade. Deaths among the 50-year-old to 69-year-old crowd have been even worse, tripling during the same time period.

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The Infinity Room


09-22-2011, 06:04 AM

Photograph taken in Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. This phenomena is the result of a nearby nickel factory, where the excess iron seeps into the water and produces the deep red color.

09-22-2011, 06:15 AM
America’s Internet service slips to #25 worldwide

Welcome to America, the country with the 25th fastest Internet service in the world, just behind Romania, and falling fast. The culprit? Hard to say, but maybe it's got something to do with the FCC's abolition of any sort of competitive markets for Internet service in the USA? Well, I'm sure it'll be fine -- after all, why would Internet access have any effect on national competitiveness, industry, jobs, health, education, civic engagement, and so forth?

Under the Bush administration, the FCC tossed out competitive broadband safeguards such as open-access requirements, which opened lines to other providers. In 2002 the agency declared that high-speed cable Internet access would no longer be considered a telecommunications service that opened the network to competitors, but rather an “information service” that did not. Following a 2005 court decision, the FCC also reclassified broadband delivered by the phone companies as an “information service.”

These were radical policy shifts that went against the long-held assumption that open communications in competitive markets were essential to economic growth and innovation.

While the U.S. blindly followed a path of "deregulation," other nations in Europe and Asia beefed up their pro-competitive policies. The results are evident in our free fall from the top of almost every global measure of Internet services, availability and speed.


09-29-2011, 06:33 AM
I cannot believe there isn't more attention to the #Occupywallstreet stuff going on:



09-29-2011, 06:36 AM
http://www.alternet.org/economy/152481/11_things_you_can_do_to_help_the_%27occupy_wall_st reet%27_movement/

1) Spread the word — there’s something going on. People have started a movement — they’re occupying Wall Street. Hundreds of people have been camped out in lower Manhattan for four days!

2) If you’re in New York and can only spare a little time or money: bring American flags, cardboard, markers, water, etc. down to Liberty Park.

3) If you’re in the New York area and have a day, a morning, an afternoon, go down there. The weather appears to be holding. Take the day off and just go. I know it sounds hard to believe but you will be heard. This is an open general assembly effort and you will get your say and be a real participant.

4) If you are a little ways from NYC, organize foursomes to go to NYC for the day. It will cost you the train/bus/car fare. Take nothing but some food and water and your body.

5) Too far to get to NYC? Sign this petition and I will read your name and comments in Liberty Park this week, I promise. Break Up Goldman Sachs Now!

6) Be subversive against the big money interests wherever you are and encourage others to do the same. Don’t give the banksters 4 percent of every purchase you make with a credit or debit card — use cash. See: UseCashMovement

7) Be subversive: max out your credit card on large ticket items and return them the next day. (This one is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.)

8) Move your money from a big bank to a credit union.

9) Picket a local branch of a bank. When the press asks you what the heck you think you’re doing, tell them it’s in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

10) Send food to the protesters in Liberty Park through a New York friend or go to the live stream chat for information on local eats that will take your order. (Yes, you’ll have to use your credit card, big spender!)

11) Do you know anybody who knows anybody who knows a writer, a celebrity, etc. who will show their face at the protest? Get to them now.

09-29-2011, 06:38 AM

Tombstone RJ
09-29-2011, 10:45 AM
http://www.alternet.org/economy/152481/11_things_you_can_do_to_help_the_%27occupy_wall_st reet%27_movement/

1) Spread the word — there’s something going on. People have started a movement — they’re occupying Wall Street. Hundreds of people have been camped out in lower Manhattan for four days!

2) If you’re in New York and can only spare a little time or money: bring American flags, cardboard, markers, water, etc. down to Liberty Park.

3) If you’re in the New York area and have a day, a morning, an afternoon, go down there. The weather appears to be holding. Take the day off and just go. I know it sounds hard to believe but you will be heard. This is an open general assembly effort and you will get your say and be a real participant.

4) If you are a little ways from NYC, organize foursomes to go to NYC for the day. It will cost you the train/bus/car fare. Take nothing but some food and water and your body.

5) Too far to get to NYC? Sign this petition and I will read your name and comments in Liberty Park this week, I promise. Break Up Goldman Sachs Now!

6) Be subversive against the big money interests wherever you are and encourage others to do the same. Don’t give the banksters 4 percent of every purchase you make with a credit or debit card — use cash. See: UseCashMovement

7) Be subversive: max out your credit card on large ticket items and return them the next day. (This one is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.)

8) Move your money from a big bank to a credit union.

9) Picket a local branch of a bank. When the press asks you what the heck you think you’re doing, tell them it’s in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

10) Send food to the protesters in Liberty Park through a New York friend or go to the live stream chat for information on local eats that will take your order. (Yes, you’ll have to use your credit card, big spender!)

11) Do you know anybody who knows anybody who knows a writer, a celebrity, etc. who will show their face at the protest? Get to them now.

I really hope this works.

09-30-2011, 07:24 AM

09-30-2011, 07:28 AM

A large handwritten poster (purportedly) from a laid-off employee of the defunct bookselling chain Borders entitled "Things we never told you: Ode to a bookstore death," reveals several key truths of bookselling (and some cranky griping):

Things we never told you: Ode to a bookstore death (http://feeds.boingboing.net/~r/boingboing/iBag/~3/dhVIDbO9b2w/goodbye-letter-from-borders-employees-spills-secrets-of-bookselling-trade.html)

09-30-2011, 07:46 AM

New material claimed to store more energy and cost less money than batteries

<img src="http://images.gizmag.com/hero/energymembrane.JPG">

Researchers from the National University of Singapore's Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative (NUSNNI) have created what they claim is the world's first energy-storage membrane. Not only is the material soft and foldable, but it doesn't incorporate liquid electrolytes that can spill out if it's damaged, it's more cost-effective than capacitors or traditional batteries, and it's reportedly capable of storing more energy.

The membrane is made from a polystyrene-based polymer, which is sandwiched between two metal plates. When charged by those plates, it can store the energy at a rate of 2 farads per square centimeter - standard capacitors, by contrast, can typically only manage an upper limit of 1 microfarad per square centimeter.

09-30-2011, 08:32 AM

Editor's Blog
What If A New Technology Forces Everyone to be Honest?
By: R.U. Sirius
Published: September 28, 2011

“Magnetic interference with the brain can make it impossible to lie, and polygraphs and “truth serums” will soon be obsolete, say Estonian researchers.

Inga Karton and Talis Bachmann worked with 16 volunteers who submitted to transcranial magnetic stimulation, which can stimulate some parts of the brain and not others.”

09-30-2011, 09:40 AM

Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment

UC Berkeley scientists have developed a system to capture visual activity in human brains and reconstruct it as digital video clips. Eventually, this process will allow you to record and reconstruct your own dreams on a computer screen.

09-30-2011, 09:42 AM

Recently, I've been watching some videos on YouTube on children's apparent memories of past lives. I like this one, on the work of Jim Tucker, author of Life Before Life (an excellent book), who has carried on the groundbreaking work of Ian Stevenson on children's past life memories at the University of Virginia. Also this one, a 1992 documentary on Stevenson's work. And finally, this one, about an American boy who has memories of being a World War II fighter pilot.

As I watch these, the question that comes up for me is: Why hasn't this phenomenon been known in the West for centuries? It's clear that children in the West have these memories. They aren't that uncommon. One of the videos offers an estimate of one in every 500 children. Indeed, the daughter of a friend of mine had apparent past-life memories. Presumably, these things have been happening forever. So why did it take one man, Ian Stevenson, to bring this phenomenon to light in 1960?

09-30-2011, 09:43 AM

'First Irish case' of death by spontaneous combustion

10-03-2011, 01:23 AM
Today in the WPR forum this was the only thread worth taking a look at. Keep posting! I want to see what this cesspool evolves into. Thanks for all that you do.

10-03-2011, 05:51 AM
NO! Thank the "you's" who keep reading and making it worth my time. :)

10-06-2011, 07:34 AM

10-06-2011, 07:40 AM

I'd do something like this.

10-06-2011, 10:47 AM
http://www.alternet.org/vision/151850/8_reasons_young_americans_don%27t_fight_back%3A_ho w_the_us_crushed_youth_resistance/?page=entire

10-06-2011, 10:54 AM

What started out as a few people sleeping at Liberty Square, has now blossomed into a full blown revolution. The occupiers were living on pizza and Chinese takeout until the kitchen got into full swing.

I spoke with the kitchen coordinator, Amy Hamburger (really!), and this role sort of landed in her lap, as her original vision was more art-oriented. Amy, stepped in when a fellow volunteer from Food Not Bombs became overwhelmed by a lack of sleep and a sea of donated peanut butter jars.

Amy told me that they are getting more organized by the day. The food is coming from several avenues. First, the local food carts have been offering their leftovers at the end of the day, and they also cut deals with the occupiers for daily supplies. Every hour pizzas and other delivery food is arriving, but they really want to move toward more home-cooked meals.

Due to sanitation concerns, they are not preparing any meals on site. Various volunteers are taking the donated food to their homes and cooking it up. While I was there, someone brought a massive batch of winter squash risotto, which got happily gobbled up by the participants. Even though I had a thermos full of food, they kindly offered up some of the risotto. I passed since there were an awful lot of hungry occupiers to be fed.

A few local churches have offered storage space, but they can definitely use more assistance.

There are many way that you can help. If you are not in New York you can either donate directly from their website or send organic delivery.

If you are in the area, then you can offer your home or business for storage of the food. If you are a kitchen whiz and feel inspired to make some meals, then go to the kitchen area and speak with Amy or one of the other volunteers. They also need plates, cups, napkins, and general supplies. Extra transportation would be welcome, since so many in NY are without cars, and hauling large batches of food via the subway is no easy task.

There is a feeling of true community, and even without a central leadership, everything is flowing quite smoothly.

This article orginally appeared on Foodista.com.

10-06-2011, 10:55 AM
Today in the WPR forum this was the only thread worth taking a look at. Keep posting! I want to see what this cesspool evolves into. Thanks for all that you do.

This place has really gone down the ****ter, hasn't it....

10-11-2011, 12:02 PM

A beautifully recursive study has shown that viewing an episode of the psychology of deception TV series Lie To Me makes people worse at distinguishing truth from lies.

The TV series is loosely based on the work of psychologist Paul Ekman who pioneered the study of emotions and developed the Facial Action Coding System or FACS that codes even the slightest of changes in facial expression.

Although in poplar culture Ekman and the FACS are often associated with the detection of lies through changes in ‘micro expressions’, there is actually no good research to show it can help detect falsehoods.

However, the TV series relies heavily on this premise and suggests that there is more of a scientific basis to lie detection than is actually feasible and that it is possible to detect deception through careful observation of specific behaviours.

This, however, is not very accurate. The authors of the study don’t mince their words:

Lie to Me is based on the premise that highly accurate deception detection is possible based on real-time observation of specific behaviors indicative of lying. The preponderance of research demonstrates that the exact opposite is true.

Lie to Me also suggests that certain people are naturally gifted lie detectors. This is also inconsistent with the preponderance of research. Thus, when looking at the evidence generated across several hundred individual studies, the idea of Lie to Me is highly implausible and almost certainly misleading.

Rather shrewdly, this new study, led by psychologist Timothy Levine, decided to test whether this misleading view of lie detection might actually influence the viewer’s ability to detect lies.

They split participants into three groups, one who watched and episode of Lie to Me, another an episode of Numb3rs – in which crimes are solved by a genius math professor, and a final group who didn’t watch anything.

Afterwards, everyone saw a series of 12 interviews – half of which were honest and half which involved lies – and were asked to rate the truthfulness of the interviewee.

Normally, when we do tasks like this where honesty and deception are present in equal numbers, we tend to over-rate how truthful people are – probably due to the fact that in everyday like most people are being genuine with us, so we have a tendency to assume people are telling the truth – even when we know there’s some falsehood to be found.

In the study, those who had just watched Lie To Me didn’t show this truth-accepting bias, they were more skeptical, but crucially, they were actually worse at distinguishing deception than the others.

They applied their skepticism in a blanket fashion and became less accurate as a result.

In other words, not only does the programme misrepresent the psychology of lie detection, but this has an effect on the psychology of the viewers themselves.

Which, by the way, would make a great plot device for Lie To Me.

Link to locked study (via @velascop)

*****Embedded links @ source

10-12-2011, 07:23 AM

10-12-2011, 07:26 AM
Nissan just announced that, in conjunction with Japan’s Kansai University, it has built an electric vehicle charger that is capable of fully recharging a car in just 10 minutes. One of the biggest downsides of current electric vehicles and their accompanying charging stations is that it usually takes about 8 hours to fully recharge a battery. This new charging station, when commercialized, could open up the door to a whole new demographic of people who aren’t willing to wait — the only problem is they’ll have to wait about a decade for Nissan to get this thing into dealerships. (http://inhabitat.com/nissan-unveils-10-minute-electric-vehicle-charger/)

10-12-2011, 07:41 AM
http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2011/10/esoterica-legendary-sleepy-hollow-and.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PhantomsAndMonstersAPersonalJ ourney+%28Phantoms+and+Monsters%29

Esoterica: Legendary Sleepy Hollow and the Most Terrifying Road in the U.S.

Where the Ghosts are

A British ghost investigator named Dean James Maynard visited Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow in the summer of 2005 and called the area “the most haunted place in the world.”

Who and where are the ghosts? Here is a guide to the apparitions and places where they reportedly reside. Should you see a ghost or hear about one we haven't mentioned, please let us know.

10-12-2011, 07:48 AM


[Action Alert] This World Food Day, people all around the country are coming together in the Millions Against Monsanto campaign to get labels on genetically engineered foods.

Come gather at community gardens, farmers markets, grocery stores, non-GMO potlucks, film showings and rallies to educate our communities about the dangers of Monsanto's seeds and pesticides and demonstrate how much better organic, GMO-free eating can be.

FIND A LOCAL EVENT: http://www.organicconsumers.org/monsanto/wfd-rally-map.cfm

Post your event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/create/
Contact us: http://www.organicconsumers.org/aboutus.cfm?truthlabeling#contact

JOIN MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/millionsagainst

Please help them reach their goal of 1,000,000 petition signatures by World Food Day, October 16, 2011. Sign the petition here!

10-12-2011, 09:49 AM
<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border:0px" src="http://books.google.com/books?id=CxNEWiPoU4MC&lpg=PA30&ots=7rqRPmcBTQ&dq=lucy%20komisar%20dirty%20money%20and%20the%20gl obal%20banking%20secrecy&pg=PA30&output=embed" width=500 height=500></iframe>

http://books.google.com/books?id=CxNEWiPoU4MC&lpg=PA30&ots=7rqRPmcBTQ&dq=lucy%20komisar%20dirty%20money%20and%20the%20gl obal%20banking%20secrecy&pg=PA30#v=onepage&q=lucy%20komisar%20dirty%20money%20and%20the%20glo bal%20banking%20secrecy&f=false

Banking Secrecy article - worth the read.

10-13-2011, 08:30 AM


10-13-2011, 08:37 AM

very funny i love it

10-13-2011, 08:49 AM
:) Nice to see ya baja.

10-13-2011, 08:51 AM

Holy ****e, this is the wave of the future. I'm about to puke.

10-13-2011, 08:53 AM
No doubt Mosca...

10-13-2011, 08:57 AM

GM Food Needs Mandatory Labels, Food Producers Tell FDA

Posted by phunkychic666 on October 12, 2011

FrankenfoodMolly Peterson writes in Business Week:

Genetically engineered corn, soy and plant oil should be disclosed on mandatory food labels, a coalition of more than 350 producers, trade groups and consumers said in a petition to U.S. regulators.

The U.S. should require added disclosure even when a product containing a gene-altered organism is similar to foods that aren’t bioengineered, the groups said today in the petition to the Food and Drug Administration. Stonyfield Farm, the organic-yogurt maker owned by Danone SA, and Dean Foods Co.’s Horizon Organic are among the coalition members.

Petitioners, led by the Washington-based Center for Food Safety, want to reverse a 1992 Food and Drug Administration policy that doesn’t require different labeling. Gene-altered seeds are used for almost 90 percent of U.S.-grown corn, 94 percent of soy and 90 percent of cottonseed, an oil-producing plant, the coalition said.

“Consumers ought to have the right to choose whether to be buying these foods,” said Gary Hirshberg, chief executive officer of Londonderry, New Hampshire-based Stonyfield Farm, in an interview. “Polls show a vast majority of Americans say they don’t want to eat genetically engineered foods.”

10-13-2011, 12:51 PM



The following is excerpted from the upcoming book All These Serious Faces Will Only Drive You Mad. This is Part 1 in a series. Read excerpt 2 here or excerpt 3 here. To learn more about the book, please click here.

10-14-2011, 07:12 AM

Fragments of 700-year-old DNA from the bug responsible for the Black Death have been pulled from the teeth of four plague victims buried in east London.

Scientists used the degraded strands to reconstruct the entire genetic code of the deadly bacterium - the first time experts have succeeded in drafting the genome of an ancient pathogen, or disease-causing agent.

The researchers found that a specific strain of the plague bug Yersinia pestis caused the pandemic that killed 100 million Europeans - between 30% and 50% of the total population - in just five years between 1347 and 1351.

They also learned that the strain is the "mother" of all modern bubonic plague bacteria.

"Every outbreak across the globe today stems from a descendant of the medieval plague," said lead scientist Dr Hendrik Poinar, from McMaster University in Canada. "With a better understanding of the evolution of this deadly pathogen, we are entering a new era of research into infectious disease."

Although rare, bubonic plague continues to kill some 2,000 people around the world each year.

The scientists, reporting their findings in the journal Nature, analysed the skeletal remains of four individuals exhumed from an East Smithfield "plague pit" sited under what is now the Royal Mint in London.

Tiny scraps of Yersinia pestis DNA were obtained from the victims' dental pulp, and from these fragments, the researchers were able to reconstruct virtually the whole of the bug's genetic code, or genome.

The same techniques could now be used to study the genomes of other ancient pathogens, say experts.

"This will provide us with direct insights into the evolution of human pathogens and historical pandemics," said co-author Dr Johannes Krause, from the University of Tubingen in Germany.

10-14-2011, 07:27 AM

CHICAGO: The iconic Tyrannosaurus rex may have grown even bigger than previously estimated, and at a faster rate, new models have shown.

Using actual skeletons rather than scale models, British and U.S. scientists digitally modeled flesh on five mounted T. rex skeletons.

Their findings, published in the open access journal PLoS One, show that the fearsome meat-eaters were up to one-third bigger and grew upwards of twice as as fast into adults than previous research had suggested.

"We estimate they grew as fast as 3,950 pounds (1,790 kilograms) per year during the teenage period of growth, which is more than twice the previous estimate," said lead author John Hutchinson from the Royal Veterinary College, London.

10-14-2011, 07:32 AM

BERLIN (REUTERS).- The newly published diary of an indignant small-town official in Nazi Germany has stirred the sensitive debate over how much ordinary Germans knew of atrocities committed under Hitler, creating a wave of interest at home and abroad.

The diary of Friedrich Kellner "'All Minds Blurred and Darkened' Diaries 1939-1945" came to prominence thanks to the intervention of the elder former U.S. President George Bush.

Filled with scathing commentaries on events, newspaper clippings and records of private conversations, Kellner's 940-page chronicle gives an insight into what information was available to ordinary Germans.

Kellner, a mid-ranking court official who was in his mid-50s when he started writing, vents his anger at Hitler, hopes his country will be defeated in the war and laments reports of mysterious deaths at mental homes and mass shootings of Jews.

10-14-2011, 07:33 AM

New algorithm distinguishes contributors to the Old Testament with high accuracy, says TAU research

In both Jewish and Christian traditions, Moses is considered the author of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. Scholars have furnished evidence that multiple writers had a hand in composing the text of the Torah. Other books of the Hebrew Bible and of the New Testament are also thought to be composites. However, delineating these multiple sources has been a laborious task.

Now researchers have developed an algorithm that could help to unravel the different sources that contributed to individual books of the Bible. Prof. Nachum Dershowitz of Tel Aviv University's Blavatnik School of Computer Science, who worked in collaboration with his son, Bible scholar Idan Dershowitz of Hebrew University, and Prof. Moshe Koppel and Ph.D. student Navot Akiva of Bar-Ilan University, says that their computer algorithm recognizes linguistic cues, such as word preference, to divide texts into probable author groupings.

10-14-2011, 07:34 AM

Early Celtic 'Stonehenge' located in Black Forest

10-14-2011, 07:45 AM

Tacos are not recognized as legal forms of identification in the state of Florida [insert bad joke about immigration laws here]. Matthew Falkner found out the hard way after he passed out drunk in the drive-thru of a Jensen Beach Taco Bell and his car caught fire [insert bad joke about Taco Bell's fire sauce or volcano taco here].

The incident occurred in the early morning of October 1 in Jensen Beach, according to the blog Off the Beat. Falkner, 30, had apparently decided to make a run for a fourth meal after downing some beers, and he somehow made it all the way to the fast-food joint in his Chevy pickup, placed his order, and received his taco before falling asleep.

The Taco Bell manager had to call police because Falkner was out cold at the pick-up window and holding up customers behind him. Clearly this was not a victimless crime, and our hearts go out to the hungry folks who had to wait so long for their late-night munchies.

A deputy awoke Falkner and then asked for his ID. Falkner said no before reaching into his bag and presenting the officer with a taco. Another deputy clarified they were asking for an ID, not a taco. Falkner chuckled and began eating the taco.

Then deputies noticed Falkner had fallen asleep with his foot on the accelerator while his truck was in park. The engine had caught fire, and fire extinguishers were used to put it out.

Falkner's blood alcohol content was between .227 and .225, according to a breath test. That's three times the legal limit. He was hauled off to jail on DUI charges. No word on the fate of the taco.

Follow Miami New Times on Facebook and Twitter @MiamiNewTimes.

10-14-2011, 08:24 AM

Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana

Government Takes Private Property Without Due Process

10-14-2011, 08:26 AM
Computer scientist Dennis Ritchie is reported to have died at his home this past weekend, after a long battle against an unspecified illness. No further details are available at the time of this blog post.

Wikipedia biography here.

He was the designer and original developer of the C programming language, and a central figure in the development of Unix. He spent much of his career at Bell Labs. He was awarded the Turing Award in 1983, and the National Medal of Technology in 1999.

"Ritchie's influence rivals Jobs's; it's just less visible," James Grimmelman observed on Twitter. "His pointer has been cast to void *; his process has terminated with exit code 0."

The news of Ritchie's death was first made public by way of Rob Pike's Google+.

Photo, below: Candlelight vigil for Dennis M. Ritchie. (thanks, Kevin)

10-14-2011, 08:46 AM
Wonder if this is another guy who knew too much like Steve Jobs.

10-14-2011, 08:49 AM
FBI Insider: Obama Administration Likely Manufactured Dubious Terror Plot

No information about plot exists within FBI channels
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, October 13, 2011
Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer says that an FBI insider told him the dubious terror plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador which has been blamed on Iran was likely manufactured by the Obama administration, because no information about the plot even exists within FBI channels.

The plot, an assassination attempt against Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, was pinned on an Iranian-American used-car salesman from Texas and subsequently linked by the Obama administration to a wider conspiracy controlled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.
According to the administration, used car salesman Mansour J. Arbabsiar tried to hire assassins from a Mexican drug gang to carry out the murder, but the head of the drug gang turned out to be a DEA agent posing as a Mexican Los Zetas gangster. The story has all the hallmarks of classic FBI entrapment tactics that have characterized almost every major terror bust in recent times.
Having personally interrogated Iranians, Shaffer doubted the fact that members of the elite Quds Force would risk carrying out an assassination in the United States when it would be far easier to conduct such a plot in the middle east.
“It does not smell correctly,” Shaffer told Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano, adding that it was doubtful a successful used car salesman who has been part of the community for 15 years would suddenly become embroiled in an international assassination plot.
Asked by Napolitano if Arbabsiar was the victim of another FBI sting, Shaffer responded, “I think that’s part of it.”
“The FBI’s had a record lately and I did talk to one of my inside guys and he is saying he thinks the same thing, you know why, because he can’t find any real information and he’s got a clearance – so that tells him that there’s something going on that’s extraordinary by the fact that he’s an inside investigator, knows what’s going on and yet, I’m gonna quote here, ‘There’s nothing on this within the DOJ beyond what they’ve talked about publicly’ – which means to him that there’s something very wrong with it,” said Shaffer.
Even the New York Times is now reporting that the dubious nature of the plot has caused “a wave of puzzlement and skepticism from some foreign leaders and outside experts.”
The military-industrial complex has long been searching for a pretext that could be used to justify military strikes against Iran.
In a 2009 report entitled “Which Path to Persia?”, the elitist Brookings Institution wrote, “It would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be.”
The dubious plot has been instantly seized upon by the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry to push for Iran to be further isolated by the international community. Kerry’s comments were perhaps the most bellicose, telling reporters yesterday, “I don’t think anything should be taken off the table at this point in time.”
It has also served as a useful distraction for Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently under investigation for his role in the infamous Fast and Furious program, which saw the federal government deliver thousands of military-grade weapons to leaders of Mexican drug gangs.
“That the current “alleged” plot pinned on Iran revolves around yet another undercover federal agency conducting a long-term sting operation defies belief,” writes Tony Cartalucci. “That we are expected to believe one of Iran’s most elite military forces left such a sensitive, potentially war-starting operation to a used-car salesman and a drug gang reported in the papers daily for its involvement with US government agencies (and who turns out to actually be undercover DEA agents) is so ridiculous it can only be “made up” as Secretary Clinton puts it. More accurately, it is the result of an impotent US intelligence community incapable of contriving anything more convincing in the face of an ever awakening American public, to bolster its morally destitute agenda. The cartoonish nature of the plot and the arms’ length even its proponents treat it with to maintain plausible deniability is indicative of a dangerously out of control ruling elite and an utterly incompetent, criminally insane government.”


10-14-2011, 08:50 AM
Wonder if this is another guy who knew too much like Steve Jobs.

I think it's like they are checking out before the shift.

10-14-2011, 08:53 AM
Assassination Plot Was Pushed By DEA Informant

Arbabsiar thought he was involved in a drug deal
Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, October 14, 2011
Details emerging from the dubious Iranian terror plot strongly suggest that the plan to assassinate a Saudi ambassador was concocted not by Mansour J. Arbabsiar, who thought he was overseeing a drug deal, but by the DEA informant working on behalf of the federal government.

“The legal document describing evidence in the case provides multiple indications that it was mainly the result of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation,” reports Asia Times’ Gareth Porter.
The document confirms that the assassination plan was “originated with and was strongly pushed by an undercover DEA [Department of Drug Enforcement] informant, at the direction of the FBI”.
Geopolitical experts have almost universally questioned why the highly professional Iranian Quds Force would hire a washed up used care salesman who had a drinking problem and a propensity for hookers to be the “mastermind” behind such a sophisticated operation, and why that operation would take place in the United States when it would be far easier to carry out the assassination in the middle east.
It now appears that Iranian-American patsy Mansour Arbabsiar thought he was merely involved in a drug deal to sell large amounts of opium from Afghanistan, and that the terrorist angle was introduced by “CS-1″ – the DEA informant working on behalf of the FBI.
“On May 24, when Arbabsiar first met with the DEA informant he thought was part of a Mexican drug cartel, it was not to hire a hit squad to kill the ambassador. Rather, there is reason to believe that the main purpose was to arrange a deal to sell large amounts of opium from Afghanistan,” writes Porter.
The legal document fails to list any single example directly attributable to Arbabsiar where he mentions killing the Saudi ambassador.
“Both that language and the absence of any statement attributed to Arbabsiar imply that the Iranian-American said nothing about assassinating the Saudi ambassador except in response to suggestions by the informant, who was already part of an FBI undercover operation,” adds Porter.
Indeed, the record shows that it is the informant who constantly refers to the assassination. When Arbabsiar wired $100,000 dollars to an account in New York in August, he still did so under the impression that the money would be used in connection with the drug deal, the legal document shows.
The DEA informant himself was under pressure to pull off the sting because he had already been charged with a narcotics offense and was posing as a drug cartel operative in return for the charges against him being dropped.
It appears as though the entire plot was, similar to a myriad of previous terror cases, a case of entrapment where the FBI deliberately chooses an individual down on his luck and promises him money and importance, radicalizing him in the process and convincing him to commit criminal activities. Even so, there is no specific example where Arabsiar directly advocates killing the Saudi ambassador.
As we reported yesterday, an FBI insider who spoke with retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer told Shaffer that no details of a terror plot existed within the Department of Justice files, indicating that the story was largely fabricated by the Obama administration as a pretext to give Israel the green light to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, which many geopolitical observers are warning is only weeks away.

10-14-2011, 08:57 AM
Go figure, eh.

10-14-2011, 09:31 AM

Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana

Government Takes Private Property Without Due Process
Great. So now there's absolutely no chance you'll be able to track down your stolen **** at the pawn shop - the crackheads are gonna be forced to sell everything on the black market if they weren't already. Stupid law.

10-14-2011, 10:54 AM
Great. So now there's absolutely no chance you'll be able to track down your stolen **** at the pawn shop - the crackheads are gonna be forced to sell everything on the black market if they weren't already. Stupid law.

Not only that - but you are going to see barter come back - which is one of the reasons they are crashing down on CA with their "dispensaries"....

10-14-2011, 12:51 PM

Ever feel as though you’re trapped in a waking nightmare? An ordinary Egyptian man’s terrible saga, via Huffington Post:

An Egyptian man who looks like Saddam Hussein says a gang of Iraqi kidnappers tried to force him to act in a pornographic film.

After refusing a $330,000 offer to play Hussein in a sex tape — which was purportedly planned to be sold to the media as an authentic recording of the deceased Iraqi dictator — Mohamed Bishr told al-Ahram that three men in black suits attempted to abduct him as he walked to a cafe in Alexandria on Sunday.

“The three men, who had guns hanging from their belts, forced me out of my car and shoved me into a van, hitting my head,” Bishr told the publication. For some reason, the abductors began arguing with each other and tossed him out of the vehicle, Bishr claims.

While plotting ways to destabilize Hussein before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the CIA considered concocting a hoax video featuring a Hussein look-alike having sex with a teenage boy.

10-14-2011, 12:54 PM

Does the thought of puppy sandwiches trigger your gag reflex or bring a sympathetic tear to your eye? Well, British celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says if you eat other types of meat, you should get a grip. He says he'd have no problems with a "high-welfare organic puppy farm," according to the Guardian.

"You can't object, unless you object to the farming of pigs," he says.

Mr. Fearnsley-Whittingstall wouldn't eat dog steak himself (he's recently become a vegetarian) but took the controversial stance to point out the hypocrisy among meat eaters who are happy to eat animals traditionally raised as livestock but are vehemently opposed to eating those raised as pets.

Our culture's opposition to eating puppies is based on a shaky foundation, he argues. At some point, we decided dogs would make great household companions and pigs (and cows and chickens) would be raised on farms and then grilled, fried and baked.

Surprise, surprise: not everyone's a fan of his stance.

10-14-2011, 01:01 PM

Decriminalize the Average Man

If you reside in America and it is dinnertime, you have almost certainly broken the law. In his book Three Felonies a Day, civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate estimates that the average person unknowingly breaks at least three federal criminal laws every day. This toll does not count an avalanche of other laws — for example misdemeanors or civil violations such as disobeying a civil contempt order — all of which confront average people at every turn.

An article in the Economist (July 22, 2010) entitled "Too many laws, too many prisoners" states,

Between 2.3m and 2.4m Americans are behind bars, roughly one in every 100 adults. If those on parole or probation are included, one adult in 31 is under "correctional" supervision. As a proportion of its total population, America incarcerates five times more people than Britain, nine times more than Germany and 12 times more than Japan.

By contrast, in 1970, less than one in 400 Americans was incarcerated. Why has the prison population more than quadrupled over a few decades? Why are you, as an average person and daily felon, more vulnerable to arrest than at any other time?

There is a simple answer but no single explanation as to how the situation arose or why it continues to accelerate out of control. The answer: a constant flood of new and broadly interpreted laws are criminalizing entire categories of daily life while, at the same time, the standards required for arrest and conviction have been severely diluted. The result is that far too many people are arrested and imprisoned for acts that should not be viewed as criminal at all or should receive minimal punishment.

In some cases, the violated laws are so obscure, vague, or complicated in language that even the police are ignorant of them. In other cases, outright innocence is not sufficient to escape the brutality of detention.

(cont'd on site) -

10-17-2011, 07:21 AM
I hit up the #Occupy HBG, Lanc & York this weekend:

Was interesting. Yep, there were some young people - but to me that's a given. Smiley I sort of "ignore" them a little bit. But was interesting to talk to some of them and just gauge where they are at. Most of them don't have any "answers", but they are genuinely concerned for the future. From speaking with them, I get the impression that they put their trust more in Gov't, than "Corporate". I shared some information with them about the ideas of collusion between big $ & Gov't and while the perception of corporate greed is valid - don't forget to focus on empowering the citizens and taking responsibility for gov't. Also gave them some stuff to read to just "food for thought it": (As in, be a student of business. Learn how it works. Don't get stuck making bad deals due to lack of knowledge.)

Also noticed many 30's, 40's, 50's there, met some vets, etc.

It wasn't NYC that's for sure. Was just a lot of people who don't understand why things are so difficult. Many of the sentiments of "bail me out", is a direct response of the Wall St/Bank Bail outs. I can understand the frustration. In our "system", only the very upper, and very lower ends of our society get "much" of the benefit with a lower pay out.

I grabbed some literature. Seen that the AFL-CIO is trying to "co-opt" their way in (ala the way the Tea-Party was). But, much of the actual #Occupy literature actually put Obama to blame on problems as well.

Just interesting on how it doesn't always match up with what is being "sold".

Oh!!! One other quick thing: I met my first ever Agent Provocateur! It was interesting. I heard him with some of the other people there and I had invited him to come over and chat with me. He did, and he didn't stay long. But it was pretty interesting.

10-17-2011, 08:29 AM

3 Types of Wall Street Protesters Hurting Their Own Cause

10-17-2011, 11:00 AM

Gov't cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future
By Bob Sullivan

Imagine that you couldn't drive on major highways without agreeing to put a camera in your car -- one that could film either the occupants or the vehicle’s surroundings and transmit the images back to a central office for inspection.

You don't have to read George Orwell to conjure up such an ominous surveillance state. You just have to skim through filings at the U.S. Patent Office.

It's hard to imagine Americans would tolerate such a direct, Big-Brotherish intrusion. But they might not notice if the all-seeing cameras were tucked inside another kind of government tracking technology that millions of Americans have already invited into their cars.

Kapsch TrafficCom AG, an Austrian company that just signed a 10-year contract to provide in-car transponders such as the E-Z Pass to 22 electronic highway toll collection systems around the U.S., recently filed a patent on technology to add multi-function mini-cameras to their toll gadgets. Today, transponders are in about 22 million cars around the U.S. Adding inward and outward facing cameras to the gadgets would create surveillance capabilities far beyond anything government agencies have tried until now.

The stated reason for an inward-pointing camera is to verify the number of occupants in the car for enforcement of HOV and HOT lanes. The outward-pointing camera could be used for the same purpose, helping authorities enforce minimum occupant rules against drivers who aren't carrying transponders.

But it's easy to imagine other uses. The patent says the transponders would have the ability to store and transmit pictures, either at random intervals or on command from a central office. It would be tempting to use them as part of a search for a lost child, for example, and law enforcement officials might find the data treasure trove irresistible. The gadget could also be instructed to take pictures when the acceleration of a car "exceeds a threshold," or when accidents occur, so it could be used like an airplane cockpit flight recorder.

It's important to note that a patent filing is a far cry from the invention and manufacturing of a new product. Many patent filings are nothing more than a defensive measure taken to protect the farthest reaches of intellectual property. Officials at Kapsch declined to be interviewed for this story, but in a statement said that citizens shouldn't read too much into the filing.

“This patent filing is part of the standard intellectual property protection process followed by every company that invests in research and development," said Erwin Toplak, chief operating officer of Kapsch, in an e-mail. "Kapsch, for example, files approximately 20 patent applications a year. This process protects our unique ideas; it does not signify that a commercial product is in development or even contemplated .”

10-17-2011, 11:05 AM

The Mysterious Black Stone of Kaaba - Worship of a Meteorite?

Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam. This year, Hajj is expected to fall between November 4-9.

People often associate Hajj with the familiar image of devout Muslims making the journey to the Kabaa, and seven-times circling the ancient stone building towards which they pray. The gathering in the plain of Arafat symbolises the climax of the hajj pilgrimage, and in 2010 two million Muslims were at the site together on a single day.

What is less commonly known is the presence of a holy relic - literally a cornerstone - that is part of the worship. The origins of the dark stone remains a mystery to not only Muslims but geologists, scientists and historians alike.

Does the black stone reveal pagan goddess-worshiping roots of Islam?

The Black Stone of Ka’aba - al-Hajr al-Aswad


**** An interesting read if you are interested in these sorts of things.

10-18-2011, 07:37 AM

1. Break up the monopolies. The so-called “Too Big to Fail” financial companies – now sometimes called by the more accurate term “Systemically Dangerous Institutions” – are a direct threat to national security. They are above the law and above market consequence, making them more dangerous and unaccountable than a thousand mafias combined. There are about 20 such firms in America, and they need to be dismantled; a good start would be to repeal the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and mandate the separation of insurance companies, investment banks and commercial banks.

2. Pay for your own bailouts. A tax of 0.1 percent on all trades of stocks and bonds and a 0.01 percent tax on all trades of derivatives would generate enough revenue to pay us back for the bailouts, and still have plenty left over to fight the deficits the banks claim to be so worried about. It would also deter the endless chase for instant profits through computerized insider-trading schemes like High Frequency Trading, and force Wall Street to go back to the job it’s supposed to be doing, i.e., making sober investments in job-creating businesses and watching them grow.

3. No public money for private lobbying. A company that receives a public bailout should not be allowed to use the taxpayer’s own money to lobby against him. You can either suck on the public teat or influence the next presidential race, but you can’t do both. Butt out for once and let the people choose the next president and Congress.

4. Tax hedge-fund gamblers. For starters, we need an immediate repeal of the preposterous and indefensible carried-interest tax break, which allows hedge-fund titans like Stevie Cohen and John Paulson to pay taxes of only 15 percent on their billions in gambling income, while ordinary Americans pay twice that for teaching kids and putting out fires. I defy any politician to stand up and defend that loophole during an election year.

5. Change the way bankers get paid. We need new laws preventing Wall Street executives from getting bonuses upfront for deals that might blow up in all of our faces later. It should be: You make a deal today, you get company stock you can redeem two or three years from now. That forces everyone to be invested in his own company’s long-term health – no more Joe Cassanos pocketing multimillion-dollar bonuses for destroying the AIGs of the world.

10-18-2011, 07:42 AM

Occupy George (http://occupygeorge.com/) is a (presumably illegal) attempt to convey the reality of wealth distribution in the United States to the public by adding pertinent information to paper currency and circulating it as needed. Now your money will have informational as well as purchase value. Download their templates or order the custom stamps, and you can begin minting your own Occupy George bills at home:

Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%. By circulating dollar bills stamped with fact-based infographics, Occupy George informs the public of America’s daunting economic disparity one bill at a time.


10-18-2011, 07:46 AM

The Robot Author Has Arrived


Posted by JacobSloan on October 17, 2011

dadoesWe can all agree that it’s O.K. for robots to take over unpleasant jobs — like cleaning up nuclear waste. But how could we have allowed them to commandeer one of the most gratifying occupations, that of author?

Via the New York Times, Pagan Kennedy looks into the phenomenon of android authors, and finds that their works are already being published and sold on Amazon:

One day, I stumbled across a book on Amazon called “Saltine Cracker.” It didn’t make sense: who would pay $54 for a book entirely about perforated crackers? The book was co-edited by someone called Lambert M. Surhone — a name that sounds like one of Kurt Vonnegut’s inventions. According to Amazon, Lambert M. Surhone has written or edited more than 100,000 titles, on every subject from beekeeping to the world’s largest cedar bucket. He was churning out books at a rate that was simply not possible for a human being.

So who was Lambert M. Surhone? Just looking at the numbers, you could argue that he’s one of the most prolific creators of literature who ever lived. But was he even human? There are now software programs — robots, if you will — that can gather text and organize it into a book. Surhone might be one of them.

Whatever he was, Lambert M. Surhone worked under the auspices of a German company, VDM Publishing. In addition to selling conventional books, VDM also extrudes thousands of paperbacks every year using content available without cost on the Internet. These books, or booklike products, lie in wait for the distracted shopper, someone who might think, Oh good, I really need a tome on Spearman’s law of diminishing returns, so I’ll just go ahead and pay $84. And with one overhasty click on the “Place your order” button, the shopper can pay a lot of money for a book that turns out to be warmed-over Wikipedia.

VDM Publishing puts a notice on the cover of its books, boasting “high-quality content by Wikipedia articles!” Still, not every buyer sees the disclaimer. Librarians, for instance, report that they must be vigilant in order to avoid wasting money on the robot-books. Readers complain that the books proliferate like kudzu in online stores.

But the invasion of robot-books is unsettling for another reason. I think we can all agree that it’s O.K. for robots to take over unpleasant jobs — like cleaning up nuclear waste. But how could we have allowed them to commandeer one of the most gratifying occupations, that of author?

***Cont'd on site/linked article

10-18-2011, 07:48 AM
Who Lobbies In Washington? (http://www.disinfo.com/2011/10/who-lobbies-in-washington/)

Posted by JacobSloan on October 17, 2011

OpenSecrets has a wealth of information concerning private lobbying of federal and state government in the United States. However, it may be best to begin by looking at where the lobbying money is coming from. The FIRE (finance, insurance, and real estate) sector leads the field in terms of lobbying funds spent from 1998-2011.


10-18-2011, 07:55 AM
The 'agent provocateur' who infiltrated Occupy Wall Street
Among the protesters pepper-sprayed while storming a D.C. museum this weekend was a conservative aiming to "mock and undermine" the movement


10-18-2011, 10:34 AM

GE's new factory will push out one solar panel every ten seconds

10-18-2011, 11:45 AM

OmniTouch projection interface makes the world your touchscreen (video)


Sometimes you just want to make notes on your forearm. Put that permanent marker down though, because PhD student Chris Harrison et al at Microsoft Research have created a new system that allows touchscreen interaction on hairy and uneven surfaces. It uses a short-range depth camera instead of the infrared sensor we've seen on similar devices, which allows it to gauge the viewing angle and other characteristics of surfaces being used -- and it can even handle pinch-to-zoom. There's a video after the break, if you fancy a bit of wall-based digital finger painting.

10-18-2011, 11:46 AM


10-18-2011, 11:48 AM


Record high: 50% of USA wants to legalize pot

A Gallup poll released yesterday shows that for the first time since it began conducting the survey, more Americans favor legalizing pot than Americans who favor keeping it illegal.

As Radley Balko put it: "I’d love to hear a White House reporter ask [Obama] if he’s aware that a higher percentage of Americans now support legalizing marijuana than think he’s doing a good job as president."

The law-enforcement/prison industry, which profits greatly from marijuana prohibition, probably doesn't like these survy results too much, but since they control the politicians they will be fine for the next couple of decades, at least.

Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

10-20-2011, 06:50 AM

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

AS PROTESTS against financial power sweep the world this week, science may have confirmed the protesters' worst fears. An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy.

The study's assumptions have attracted some criticism, but complex systems analysts contacted by New Scientist say it is a unique effort to untangle control in the global economy. Pushing the analysis further, they say, could help to identify ways of making global capitalism more stable.

The idea that a few bankers control a large chunk of the global economy might not seem like news to New York's Occupy Wall Street movement and protesters elsewhere (see photo). But the study, by a trio of complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is the first to go beyond ideology to empirically identify such a network of power. It combines the mathematics long used to model natural systems with comprehensive corporate data to map ownership among the world's transnational corporations (TNCs).

"Reality is so complex, we must move away from dogma, whether it's conspiracy theories or free-market," says James Glattfelder. "Our analysis is reality-based."

10-20-2011, 07:11 AM

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Located atop a six-story 1919 warehouse, the 40,000 square foot organic Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm built by Bromley Caldari Architects is believe to be the largest of its kind in the world! The almost 1-acre farm is an oasis surrounded by little greenery and lots of concrete in Queens at 37-18 Northern Boulevard. After a successful first growing and selling season that began in the spring of 2010, the farmers at Brooklyn Grange are continuing their production of organic produce that includes 40 varietals of juicy tomatoes, peppers, fennel, salad greens, kale, swiss chard, beans of all sorts and a variety of delicious root vegetables like beets, carrots, and radishes, as well as plenty of herbs. Click through for the delicious details and pictures!

Read more: Brooklyn Grange is the World's Largest Rooftop Farm! | Inhabitat New York City

10-20-2011, 07:33 AM
http://www.blacklistednews.com/Ironic_%E2%80%9CScariest_Chart_Ever%E2%80%9D_Redux _%E2%80%93_America_Will_Surpass_100%25_Debt_To_GDP _On_Halloween_/16205/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Ironic “Scariest Chart Ever” Redux – America Will Surpass 100% Debt To GDP On Halloween

10-20-2011, 09:34 AM

Albino Cyclops Shark Confirmed Authentic


10-20-2011, 09:36 AM

S.978, a new bill in Congress, makes it a felony to post videos that contain copyright-infringing music, with up to five years in prison for violators. The clever folks at Fight for the Future have noticed that this law would have put Justin Bieber in jail, since he launched his career by posting videos of himself singing R&B tunes, in violation of copyright. The Free Bieber campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the campaign to fight S.978 and keep posting videos of yourself singing music legal, and they've got plenty of info for helping you fight the bill and enlist your friends to do the same. After you sign, you can submit a webcam video "from behind bars" explaining why jail-time for ordinary internet users is a terrible idea (they're calling it the "Biebercam"). You can also submit your own photos of Bieber in jail to their Tumblr.

Just a kid, singing a song
This is a video of child celebrity Justin Bieber singing "With You" by the artist Chris Brown. YouTube videos like this one were what made him famous. Tons of kids do this for fun, and many now-popular artists got started in this same way.

Wait-- it's illegal?
Copyright law is so extreme, just singing somebody else's song in public could be infringement. Because he and his mother posted the videos to advance his music career, it's commercial infringement. And a new bill would make this a felony.

5 years in jail, for singing!
The maximum sentence would be five-years, just for singing a cover! Other online video "crimes" could include: videos of a school play, a professional baseball game, or videos with incidental background music (even just a ringtone). Nuts, right?

10-20-2011, 10:13 AM
You're going to read this, and you're going to say, how is this about tech? I'm gonna head you off at that pass: This is a message from Internet, the generation that became the voice that set the tone for everything you love about the Net. And it's pissed. -Editor (http://gizmodo.com/5851062/generation-x-is-sick-of-your-bull****)

10-20-2011, 12:18 PM

10-20-2011, 12:31 PM

Paula Dean Butter flavored lip gloss

10-20-2011, 12:35 PM
Jamie Hubley, a 15-year old gay teen who was bullied at school, killed himself on Friday. His suicide note was found on Tumblr. (http://catchmeblondy.tumblr.com/)


10-25-2011, 12:10 PM

Children may be vaccinated with anthrax to test if they can survive bioterrorism attack

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2053344/Children-vaccinated-anthrax-test-survive-bioterrorism-attack.html#ixzz1bp2lVZqD

10-25-2011, 02:39 PM
Jamie Hubley, a 15-year old gay teen who was bullied at school, killed himself on Friday. His suicide note was found on Tumblr. (http://catchmeblondy.tumblr.com/)



I have the utmost respect for gay people because unlike many people they accept them self

10-31-2011, 06:53 AM
Three-Eyed Fish Caught Near Argentinian Nuclear Power Plant


In an episode of The Simpsons, nuclear power plant owner Mr. Burns tries to justify the existence of Blinky, a three-eyed fish caught in the local river, by saying it is the next step in evolution and not a horrible mutation. Strangely though, he refuses to eat Blinky when it is served to him — we’re not surprised. But while Blinky is the product of a fictional cartoon, this three-eyed fish caught nearby a nuclear facility in Argentina, is not.

10-31-2011, 06:55 AM
<a href="http://s86.photobucket.com/albums/k82/amesj523/?action=view&amp;current=5cVgH.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k82/amesj523/5cVgH.jpg" border="0" alt="Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension"></a>

10-31-2011, 07:15 AM
Portland woman, boyfriend won't face charges in photos with dead horse (http://www.koinlocal6.com/news/local/story/Portland-woman-boyfriend-wont-face-charges-in/O5kF74cxmUikMab_W02A2g.cspx)

WARNING: The video and pictures in this story could be disturbing to some viewers.

Portland woman, boyfriend won't face charges in photos with dead horse


WARNING: The video and pictures in this story could be disturbing to some viewers.

Washington County investigators have chosen not to file charges in a disturbing incident involving pictures released on the internet of a Portland-area woman and her boyfriend with a dead horse.

The 21-year-old woman told Washington County Sheriff’s Office detectives she wanted to “feel one” with a horse, according to a WCSO incident report.

After the horse had been put down and gutted, the woman undressed and crawled inside the carcass of the dead horse and took pictures to prove it.

"At some point you in your career you say yeah I've seen a lot of bad stuff -- you see this kind of picture and you realize maybe you haven't seen everything, " said Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson.

In addition to the picture of the naked woman inside the horse, there are other photos, including one of the woman and her boyfriend holding what appears to be the horses’ heart. Another shot shows them holding a piece of the horse in front of their mouth – posing as they’re about to take a bite out of it.

KOIN Local 6 has chosen not to release their names.

Arguably the most artistic photo of the group is a picture of the naked 21-year-old, blood-soaked from head to toe, standing over the horse’s body she had just been inside.

The woman and her boyfriend had recently taken over care of the 32-year-old horse, which was in declining health. The horse had lived in Ridgefield, Washington.

The couple told sheriff’s investigators they fired a single shot with a high powered rifle to put the horse down. Their intent, they told investigators, was to humanely kill the horse and eat the meat.

The WCSO incident report indicated the woman wanted to feel what it would be like to be inside the dead horse. There were photos taken. Several were of her smiling at the camera from inside the stomach of the dead animal, all but the face of her 5-foot-6, 119-pound frame inside the horse.

Her mother says the girl now wishes the entire episode would just go away. The girl has received death threats, hostile contact from people across the country who have viewed these pictures and labeled her everything from a devil worshipper to a pervert. Her mother said she is neither.

Washington County’s investigation is suspended. There has been no evidence of any criminal activity. The horse was not abused, nor was it tortured. It was killed in what law enforcement considers one of the most humane ways to put animals down, a single gunshot to the brain with a high powered rifle. The horse likely never knew what happened. The meat was harvested and eaten.

10-31-2011, 07:19 AM

Scientists crack mysterious "Copiale Cipher"


10-31-2011, 07:24 AM

Last Living Master of Fading Sikh Martial Art Seeks Successor


10-31-2011, 07:28 AM

Mayan Filmmaker Offers Photo as Proof of Aliens, Says Hawking Agrees (Exclusive)

The monument, according to an accompanying letter by archaeologist Hector E. Mejia, dates back to between 3500 and 5000 B.C. and is evidence of a superior civilization unlike any known to have lived on Earth.

Mejia described the photograph as being "of a bust which a first glance can be seen to have an elongated cranium and fine characteristics which are not consistent with pre-Hispanic races of America."

"I certify that this monument presents no characteristics of Maya, Nahuatl, Olmec or any other pre-Hispanic civilization," he wrote. "It was created by an extraordinary and superior civilization with awesome knowledge of which there is no record of existence on this planet."

The photo is one of several purported pieces of evidence that will be shown in Julia-Levy's documentary, which he is making with the cooperation of the Mexican and Guatemalan governments keyed to 2012, the date the Mayan calendar ends.

"This explains who we are," said Julia-Levy, the son of actor Raul Julia. "This explains why these big f---ing monuments are all around the world."

And Julia-Levy then passed along a direct quote that, he claimed, came from no less than Stephen Hawking, who he said "is going to work with us" and will be included in his film:

"'I warn humanity that aliens are out there. Just because the aliens were friends with the Mayans doesn't mean they are our friends. Humans should avoid contact with aliens at all costs.'"

An email sent to a representative for Hawking asking about the authenticity of the quote was not answered.

Hawking has in the past said that that alien life is likely to exist in the universe ("to my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly natural"), and has speculated about the dangers of contact.

"If aliens ever visit us," Hawking has said, "I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans."

TheWrap has been unable to unearth any Instances of Hawking saying anything about the aliens ever contacting or being friends with the Mayans.

But Julia-Levy insisted that the words are Hawking's. He also claimed government conspiracies surrounding the photo, and the head it depicts: After the photo was taken in the late 1930s, he said, it was only published once, in a magazine that was then immediately withdrawn from circulation by "the government of England."


10-31-2011, 07:30 AM

Dreams read by brain scanner for the first time

10-31-2011, 07:31 AM


Space news - cool stuff!

10-31-2011, 08:26 AM
http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2011/10/missouri-caver-encounters-underground.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PhantomsAndMonstersAPersonalJ ourney+%28Phantoms+and+Monsters%29

Missouri Caver Encounters Underground Reptilian Humanoid

11-01-2011, 08:03 AM

Texas Sheriff's office receives weaponizable drone, alarms local news station

11-02-2011, 06:04 AM

Chinese Military Suspected in Hacker Attacks on U.S. Satellites

Posted by HAL9000 on October 28, 2011

MUOSTony Capaccio and Jeff Bliss report in Bloomberg:

Computer hackers, possibly from the Chinese military, interfered with two U.S. government satellites four times in 2007 and 2008 through a ground station in Norway, according to a congressional commission.

The intrusions on the satellites, used for earth climate and terrain observation, underscore the potential danger posed by hackers, according to excerpts from the final draft of the annual report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. The report is scheduled to be released next month.

“Such interference poses numerous potential threats, particularly if achieved against satellites with more sensitive functions,” according to the draft. “Access to a satellite‘s controls could allow an attacker to damage or destroy the satellite. An attacker could also deny or degrade as well as forge or otherwise manipulate the satellite’s transmission.”

11-02-2011, 06:06 AM
GoogleReader changed the share function. Since I am not signing up for a Google+ account - things will be slow - but will be migrated to twitter as I shop for a new aggregate. Content will also still be posted here.



11-02-2011, 06:52 AM

Giant prehistoric krakens may have sculpted self-portraits using ichthyosaur bones


For decades, paleontologists have puzzled over a fossil collection of nine Triassic icthyosaurs (Shonisaurus popularis) discovered in Nevada's Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park. Researchers initially thought that this strange grouping of 45-foot-long marine reptiles had either died en masse from a poisonous plankton bloom or had become stranded in shallow water.

But recent geological analysis of the fossil site indicates that the park was deep underwater when these shonisaurs swam the prehistoric seas. So why were their bones laid in such a bizarre pattern? A new theory suggests that a 100-foot-long cephalopod arranged these bones as a self-portrait after drowning the reptiles. And no, we're not talking about Cthulhu.

After considering the more brutal aspects of modern octopus predation, paleontologist Mark McMenamin of Mount Holyoke College came to the conclusion that the shonisaur remains had been deposited in a "kraken" lair by its massive, tentacled squatter. From his abstract of research being presented today at The Geological Society of America's annual meeting:

We hypothesize that the shonisaurs were killed and carried to the site by an enormous Triassic cephalopod, a "kraken," with estimated length of approximately 30 m, twice that of the modern Colossal Squid Mesonychoteuthis. In this scenario, shonisaurs were ambushed by a Triassic kraken, drowned, and dumped on a midden like that of a modern octopus. Where vertebrae in the assemblage are disarticulated, disks are arranged in curious linear patterns with almost geometric regularity. Close fitting due to spinal ligament contraction is disproved by the juxtaposition of different-sized vertebrae from different parts of the vertebral column. The proposed Triassic kraken, which could have been the most intelligent invertebrate ever, arranged the vertebral discs in biserial patterns, with individual pieces nesting in a fitted fashion as if they were part of a puzzle. The arranged vertebrae resemble the pattern of sucker discs on a cephalopod tentacle, with each amphicoelous vertebra strongly resembling a coleoid sucker. Thus the tessellated vertebral disc pavement may represent the earliest known self‑portrait.

McMenamin anticipates that this theory will be met with skepticism, as the fleshy body of a giant Triassic octopus wouldn't fossilize well. But the possibility of finding that which is essentially a gargantuan mollusk's macaroni illustration? That's the kind of glorious crazy you hope is reality.

11-02-2011, 06:56 AM

AmtrakConnect free WiFi added to 12 East Coast routes, snack car will still cost ya

Remember when we noted the existence of AmtrakConnect WiFi on the Adirondack train (number 69) about two weeks ago? Although it wasn't official at the time, it is now -- and it turns out that was just a sliver of what to expect. Amtrak recently announced that the free service is currently available on twelve of its East Coast routes, which should please many a railway commuter accustomed to WiFi deprivation. Eight of those routes (Northeast Regional, Keystone and Empire services, Carolinian, Downeaster, Ethan Allen Express, New Haven – Springfield Shuttle and Vermonter) feature full wireless connectivity from head to caboose, while the others (Adirondack, Maple Leaf, Palmetto and Pennsylvanian) have designated cars that allow for internet access. Factor in its Acela and Northwest Regional lines, and Amtrak says 60 percent of its fleet is now WiFi-capable with more additions due in California before the year's out. Better yet, "4G speeds" are also in the cards for the future, but we won't hold our breath waiting for an equally swift rollout. Full press release after the break.

11-02-2011, 07:04 AM
http://boingboing.net/2011/11/01/why-being-wrong-makes-us-angry.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+boingboing%2FiBag+%28Boing+Bo ing%29

Why being wrong makes us angry
from Boing Boing by Maggie Koerth-Baker

Christie Aschwanden is a science journalist. Last month, she joined a lot of other science journalists at the National Association of Science Writers conference and gave a short Ignite presentation about why people get angry when presented with evidence that their beliefs are wrong. She's posted a storyboard of the presentation to The Last Word on Nothing blog. It's definitely worth a read.

I’m married to an amazing guy. Dave is like those honeybees that always know the way back to the hive. Me, I’ve gotten myself lost in the Hearst building. We’ll be hiking and we’ll come to a split in the trail and I’ll point one way and say, we need to go here. And Dave will say no, actually, this is the right way (as he points in the opposite direction). And I’ll insist that, no, this is the way.

And then he’ll point out that my way peters out below some cliff face. Which only pisses me off. The more evidence he shows me that I’m wrong, the more insistent I become — I’m right and he’s wrong. And it’s not just me. This political scientist named Brendan Nyhan at Dartmouth has documented what happens when you show people evidence that their beliefs are wrong.

So when Dave tells me that his way is right and mine is straight up a cliff, I think, oh yeah? Well I’m smart, independent and capable, so therefore I’m correct. I would never point us in the wrong direction. See, it’s never really about the hiking trail. It’s about some bigger story you’ve told yourself. I’m not taking issue with Dave’s direction. I know he’s right. But the factual mumbo jumbo he’s showing me clashes with the story I’ve told myself. I don’t like what it says about me.

Ouch. I know I've had experiences very much like that one before. I'm sure you have, too. What we believe about ourselves affects how we react to people who show us that we are wrong about something.

What's interesting to me about this, though, is that I don't react this way when I prove my own beliefs wrong. For instance, when I hear about a new study, and then have to dig into the evidence that presents a different perspective than the one I originally came up with. In fact, I kind of like doing that. But, then, challenging my own beliefs makes me feel more capable. It fits the story I tell me about myself.

I came away from this thinking two things. First, maybe we all need more opportunities to comfortably challenge our own ideas. (Although, I'm not sure how to create that space. Especially to cover the things that really matter.) Second, we all (me included) need to remember that being questioned—and being wrong—doesn't mean there's something wrong with us.

11-02-2011, 07:12 AM

Anonymous vs. Zetas: is #OpCartel a flop, hoax, or honeypot?
from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

[Video Link] Over the last few days, word has spread of a purported #antisec operation by Anonymous against the most brutal of all Mexican drug cartels, Los Zetas. What was unusual about the way this story spread, however, was the speed at which it was amplified by credulous reports from larger media outlets. This op got lots of press, fast. Faster, in fact, than it got support from Anons.

Geraldine Juarez and Renata Avila were two of the earlier voices I read expressing doubt about the prevailing storyline—a report by Juarez is here. Some I spoke to within Mexico wondered if the Mexican government (no bastion of purity) might be involved.

At the New York Times, writer Damien Cave digs in here on why the story is important.

And over at Wired News, a must-read piece by Quinn Norton that cinches the deal for me (and in it, she references the aforementioned Global Voices item). Quinn's been covering Anonymous extensively for some time, and I trust her spidey sense on this one.

"Everyone, Anonymous and not, seems to agree that going after the Zetas, who are known for hanging people by their own intestines, would be a new level of ambitious, and might even be the point where Anonymous would bite off more than they could chew," Quinn writes. "But there’s some nagging problems with the video that proposes the op."

Read the rest at Wired.

Of course, this, too, could be wrong (or, not the whole story).

As Damien Cave replied to this post just now, "Boing Boing is right to doubt #opcartel, but remember the Mexican context of fear. If it doesn't happen, it may not be a hoax. It may be that people have been scared off."

And that's the one thing Anonymous and the cartels have in common: the truth about their activities can be really hard to figure out.

11-02-2011, 07:19 AM

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has more information on Blue Coat, a US company whose "deep packet inspection" products are being used by the Syrian secret police with reportedly horrific consequences for Syrians who dare to express dissent online. Blue Coat denied knowledge of the products' use in Syria, then changed their tune after incontrovertible evidence surfaced. Now they've told the WSJ that they don't want their products used in Syria because it's illegal to sell technology to Syria.

But what they haven't said is, "We don't want our products used in Syria because they're being used to figure out who to kidnap, torture, and murder."

And they haven't said, "We'll stop selling our products to countries like Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia" -- repressive states (that are legal to sell technology to) where Blue Coat's products are used in the same fashion as in Syria.

In other words, Blue Coat is only concerned about breaking the law, not about helping in human rights violations. Depending on the program, criminal penalties for violating OFAC regulations can range from $50,000 to $10 million with imprisonment ranging from 10 to 30 years for "willful violations."

Given Blue Coat's early denials, we're skeptical that their violation wasn't willful. As Andrew McLaughlin put it in a tweet, "Shame on Blue Coat. Their denials re knowingly assisting Syria censorship don't ring true."

Blue Coat's blatant lack of concern for human rights is alarming. There are far more repressive regimes in the world than there are embargoed countries. Several United States allies, including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, are also using Blue Coat systems for censorship and surveillance. But Blue Coat is surely unconcerned; after all, exporting to those countries isn't against the law; it just helps violate the human rights of the people living under those regimes.

Meanwhile, the list of Syrians detained for blogging or other online activities continues to grow.

11-02-2011, 07:22 AM

DHS seeks intelligence on "domestic threats" from Twitter traffic
from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin
Popular uprisings in the Mideast and North Africa, and now, Occupy Wall street: all examples of popular unrest powered in part by Twitter and other online social networks. In response, the U.S. government is reported to now be developing guidelines for culling intel from social media, according to a Homeland Security official.

Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary Caryn Wagner said the use of such technology in uprisings that started in December in Tunisia shocked some officials into attention and prompted questions of whether the U.S. needs to do a better job of monitoring domestic social networking activity.

"We're still trying to figure out how you use things like Twitter as a source," she said. "How do you establish trends and how do you then capture that in an intelligence product?"

Wagner said the department is establishing guidelines on gleaning information from sites such as Twitter and Facebook for law enforcement purposes. Wagner says those protocols are being developed under strict laws meant to prevent spying on U.S. citizens and protect privacy, including rules dictating the length of time the information can be stored and differences between domestic and international surveillance.

11-02-2011, 07:33 AM

Ten Years After the Patriot Act, a Look at Three of the Most Dangerous Provisions Affecting Ordinary Americans

11-02-2011, 07:42 AM

SOPA: US House of Reps copyright bill proposes national censorship, attacks on hosting services, Twitter, YouTube

PROTECT-IP is a US Senate bill that establishes a draconian censorship and surveillance regime in America in the name of protecting copyright. Its House version, SOPA, has just been introduced, and it's even worse than PROTECT-IP. Much, much worse:

As with its Senate-side evil sister, PROTECT-IP, SOPA would require service providers to “disappear” certain websites, endangering Internet security and sending a troubling message to the world: it’s okay to interfere with the Internet, even effectively blacklisting entire domains, as long as you do it in the name of IP enforcement. Of course blacklisting entire domains can mean turning off thousands of underlying websites that may have done nothing wrong. And in what has to be an ironic touch, the very first clause of SOPA states that it shall not be “construed to impose a prior restraint on free speech.” As if that little recitation could prevent the obvious constitutional problem in what the statute actually does.

But it gets worse. Under this bill, service providers (including hosting services) would be under new pressure to monitor and police their users’ activities. Websites that simply don’t do enough to police infringement (and it is not at all clear what would qualify as “enough”) are now under threat, even though the DMCA expressly does not require affirmative policing. It creates new enforcement tools against folks who dare to help users access sites that may have been “blacklisted,” even without any kind of court hearing. The bill also requires that search engines, payment providers (such as credit card companies and PayPal), and advertising services join in the fun in shutting down entire websites. In fact, the bill seems mainly aimed at creating an end-run around the DMCA safe harbors. Instead of complying with the DMCA, a copyright owner may now be able to use these new provisions to effectively shut down a site by cutting off access to its domain name, its search engine hits, its ads, and its other financing even if the safe harbors would apply.

Disastrous IP Legislation Is Back – And It’s Worse than Ever

11-02-2011, 07:54 AM
Rushkoff: OWS is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living. (http://feeds.boingboing.net/~r/boingboing/iBag/~3/2ZJ_Z69fNpY/rushkoff-ows-is-not-a-protest-but-a-prototype-for-a-new-way-of-living.html)

from Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder
As usual, Douglas Rushkoff has an interesting perspective on OWS: "It is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living. "

But “Occupy” is anything but a protest movement. That’s why it has been so hard for news agencies to express or even discern the “demands” of the growing legions of Occupy participants around the nation, and even the world. Just like pretty much everyone else on the planet, occupiers may want many things to happen and other things to stop, but the occupation is not about making demands. They don’t want anything from you, and there is nothing you can do to make them stop. That’s what makes Occupy so very scary and so very promising. It is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living.

Now don’t get me wrong. The Occupiers are not proposing a world in which we all live outside on pavement and sleep under tarps. Most of us do not have the courage, stamina, or fortitude to work as hard as these kids are working, anyway. (Yes, they work harder than pretty much anyone but a farmer or coal miner could understand.) The urban survival camps they are setting up around the world are a bit more like showpieces, congresses, and “beta” tests of ideas and behaviors the rest of may soon be implementing in our communities, and in our own ways.

The occupiers are actually forging a robust micro-society of working groups, each one developing new approaches - or reviving old approaches - to long running problems. In just one example, the General Assembly is a new, highly flexible approach to group discussion and consensus building. Unlike parliamentary rules that promote debate, difference, and decision, the General Assembly forges consensus by “stacking” ideas and objections much in the fashion that computer programmers “stack” features. The whole thing is orchestrated through simple hand gestures (think commodities exchange). Elements in the stack are prioritized, and everyone gets a chance to speak. Even after votes, exceptions and objections are incorporated as amendments.

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Rushkoff: OWS is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living. (http://feeds.boingboing.net/~r/boingboing/iBag/~3/2ZJ_Z69fNpY/rushkoff-ows-is-not-a-protest-but-a-prototype-for-a-new-way-of-living.html)

from Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder
As usual, Douglas Rushkoff has an interesting perspective on OWS: "It is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living. "

But “Occupy” is anything but a protest movement. That’s why it has been so hard for news agencies to express or even discern the “demands” of the growing legions of Occupy participants around the nation, and even the world. Just like pretty much everyone else on the planet, occupiers may want many things to happen and other things to stop, but the occupation is not about making demands. They don’t want anything from you, and there is nothing you can do to make them stop. That’s what makes Occupy so very scary and so very promising. It is not a protest, but a prototype for a new way of living.

Now don’t get me wrong. The Occupiers are not proposing a world in which we all live outside on pavement and sleep under tarps. Most of us do not have the courage, stamina, or fortitude to work as hard as these kids are working, anyway. (Yes, they work harder than pretty much anyone but a farmer or coal miner could understand.) The urban survival camps they are setting up around the world are a bit more like showpieces, congresses, and “beta” tests of ideas and behaviors the rest of may soon be implementing in our communities, and in our own ways.

The occupiers are actually forging a robust micro-society of working groups, each one developing new approaches - or reviving old approaches - to long running problems. In just one example, the General Assembly is a new, highly flexible approach to group discussion and consensus building. Unlike parliamentary rules that promote debate, difference, and decision, the General Assembly forges consensus by “stacking” ideas and objections much in the fashion that computer programmers “stack” features. The whole thing is orchestrated through simple hand gestures (think commodities exchange). Elements in the stack are prioritized, and everyone gets a chance to speak. Even after votes, exceptions and objections are incorporated as amendments.
Typical idealistic hand job for a bunch of rich kids who want to pretend they're changing the world. And this guy praises the stupidest thing about "the protest" that is they have no demands, no leader and no timetable. They just want to live in tents to "change the world" in some nebulous way. They probably don't even agree with each other what the change should look like. "They work harder than coal miners." ::) Yeah staying in a tent while everyone buys food for you is the same as working in a coal mine.

I look forward to when bad weather and boredom sets in. A few of these guys will get violent wanting to fulfill their martyr mentality when the media and everyone starts to ignore them. Then the tear gas crew will move in and clear them out.

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Typical idealistic hand job for a bunch of rich kids who want to pretend they're changing the world. And this guy praises the stupidest thing about "the protest" that is they have no demands, no leader and no timetable. They just want to live in tents to "change the world" in some nebulous way. They probably don't even agree with each other what the change should look like. "They work harder than coal miners." ::) Yeah staying in a tent while everyone buys food for you is the same as working in a coal mine.

I look forward to when bad weather and boredom sets in. A few of these guys will get violent wanting to fulfill their martyr mentality when the media and everyone starts to ignore them. Then the tear gas crew will move in and clear them out.


Reverse the Effects of the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision

This decision stated that corporations can spend as much as they want on election campaigns and no disclosure is required whatsoever. Corporations should be highly limited in their ability to contribute to political campaigns no matter what the election and no matter what the form of media. This is in order to ensure that the politicians that are elected are loyal to the people and not to their corporate buyers.

Re-Instate the Glass-Steagall Act

The repeal of the provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act effectively removed the separation that previously existed between investment banking which issued securities and commercial banks which accepted deposits. The deregulation also removed conflict of interest prohibitions between investment bankers serving as officers of commercial banks. This repeal directly contributed to the severity of the Financial crisis of 2007 - 2011 by allowing Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with their depositors’ money that was held in commercial banks owned or created by the investment firms.

Pass the Buffet Rule on Fair Taxation

This act would ensure that all American citizens making over one million dollars pay a fair portion of their income to the federal government. This act does not call for a higher tax rate for the ultra-rich as one would logically assume, but rather for a tax rate equivalent to that of the middle class, an extremely reasonable request.

Completely Revamp the Securities and Exchange Commission

This commission must be completely rebuilt to ensure the protection of the American people. It is currently a broken institution that merely perpetuates the corporate domination over the middle class. The new commission must be powerful and well funded, and regulated consistently.

Re-Establish the Public Airwaves

There must be an established order in which presidential candidates debate and campaign on mainstream media. Currently the institutions pick and choose which candidate to give air time, based on their financial interests. These interests directly conflict with the interests of the people, and in order to ensure that voters are given an unbiased, equal view of each candidate, drastic mass-media reforms must be enacted.

Investigate, Arrest and Try the Wall Street Criminals

These corporate moguls clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis in many notable cases. There is a broad consensus that there is a clear group of people who committed financial crimes and have not been brought to justice. A vigorous and intensive investigation must be conducted to prevent future acts of rampant foul play.

Intense Regulation of the Defense Industry

The wars that our country is engaged in are not wars in the interest of the American people, or for the good of any group of people. These wars are fought for corporate profit, and until reforms are put in place, we will continue to sacrifice our beloved troops to benefit a select few war profiteers. Legislation MUST be put in place to ensure that no institution whatsoever profits from the making of war.

So...what's the problem? If they haven't been violent now, why would that change? Why do you take the talking points from the media about what #Occupy represents?

PS - items 3 & 7 i'd like to understand more before I "support" them. But that's the point of the General Assembly - to make those changes necessary. Direct Democracy...

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TSA Checkpoints Now On TN Highways

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security on Tuesday partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and several other federal and state agencies for a safety enforcement and awareness operation on Tennessee’s interstates and two metropolitan-area bus stations. They are randomly inspecting vehicles on highways in Tennessee.

The random inspections really aren’t any more thorough normal, according to Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Tracy Trott who says paying attention to details can make a difference.

“People generally associate the TSA with airport security…but now we have moved on to other forms of transportation, such as highways, buses and railways,” said Kevin McCarthy, TSA federal security director for West Tennessee.

To increase national security, the TSA created Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response, known as VIPR, teams, which consist of federal air marshals, surface transportation security inspectors, transportation security officers, behavior detention officers and explosive detection canine teams.

McCarthy also pointed out that Interstate 40 is one of the country’s a major thoroughfares, being the third longest major west-east interstate highway in the United States after Interstate 90 and Interstate 80. Interstate 40′s western end is in Barstow, Calif. and its eastern end is in Wilmington, N.C.

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<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CAD25s53wmE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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http://www.pcworld.com/article/243055/socialbots_invade_facebook_cull_250gb_of_private_d ata.html

Facebook was recently invaded by a robot army created by four researchers to demonstrate the ease at which online social networks can be maliciously exploited by the unscrupulous.

With a horde of 102 bogus Facebook friends, the University of British Columbia researchers showed that they could harvest personal information on members not publically available on the social network and that its defenses were inadequate to cope with a large scale infiltration.

During the course of an eight week campaign on Facebook, the researchers gathered 250GB of information from thousands of the social network's members. Their "sockpuppet" bots were "friended" by more than 3000 members and the network reached more than a million profiles.

To launch their mischief on Facebook, the quartet—Yazan Boshmaf, Ildar Muslukhov, Konstantin Beznosov, and Matei Ripeanu—used a new breed of botnet called a socialbot. What distinguishes a socialbot from other kinds of bots is that it's designed to pass itself off as a human being. That allows it to obtain a privileged position in an online social network (OSN). In the case of Facebook, that position would be "friend."

"As socialbots infiltrate a targeted OSN, they can further harvest private users' data such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other personal data that have monetary value," the researchers explained in a paper they plan to present next week month at the Security Applications Conference [PDF] in Orlando, Fla.

11-07-2011, 06:42 AM

The Desktop Regulatory State:
The Countervailing Power of Superempowered Individuals

The subject of my previous book — The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low Overhead Manifesto — was the way in which falling capital outlays required for both information and material production was eroding the rationale for large organizations, and shifting the balance of power toward individuals, small groups and networks. In particular, I focused on the radically reduced capital outlays required for manufacturing were giving rise to a low-overhead micromanufacturing economy in which the large quantities of land and capital to which the privileged classes had access were becoming increasingly irrelevant, and the material basis for the factory system and wage employment was collapsing.

In this book, my subject is how the same phenomenon is empowering individuals against the large, powerful institutions — both state and corporate — that previously dominated their lives. The implosion of capital outlays associated with the desktop revolution, and the virtual disappearance of transaction costs of coordinating action associated with the network revolution, have (as Tom Coates has said) eliminated the gap between what can be produced within large hierarchical organizations and what can be produced at home in a wide range of industries: software, publishing, music, education, and journalism among them.

The practical significance of this, which I develop in this book, is that many of the functions of government can be included in that list. The central theme of this book is the potential for networked organization to constrain the exercise of power by large, hierarchical institutions in a way that once required the countervailing power of other large, hierarchical institutions.

11-07-2011, 06:44 AM

Inside the Russian Short Wave Radio Enigma

From a lonely rusted tower in a forest north of Moscow, a mysterious shortwave radio station transmitted day and night. For at least the decade leading up to 1992, it broadcast almost nothing but beeps; after that, it switched to buzzes, generally between 21 and 34 per minute, each lasting roughly a second—a nasally foghorn blaring through a crackly ether. The signal was said to emanate from the grounds of a voyenni gorodok (mini military city) near the village of Povarovo, and very rarely, perhaps once every few weeks, the monotony was broken by a male voice reciting brief sequences of numbers and words, often strings of Russian names: “Anna, Nikolai, Ivan, Tatyana, Roman.” But the balance of the airtime was filled by a steady, almost maddening, series of inexplicable tones.

11-07-2011, 07:06 AM

Welcome to Bazaaristan
Photos from the $10 trillion shadow economy.

11-07-2011, 07:08 AM

The Shadow Superpower
Forget China: the $10 trillion global black market is the world's fastest growing economy -- and its future.

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Those last two links from fp.com are worth the read. Spend the moments to check them out.

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The Chemist's War
The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences.

11-07-2011, 07:36 AM

Garden Plot / CONPLAN 2502 (Civil Disturbance Operations)

Use of the military to support civil authorities stems from core national values as expressed in the Constitution. Article I, Section 8 states, "Congress shall have power... to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions." Article II, Section 3 states the President, "...shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed." The 10th Amendment reads, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it, are reserved to the States respectively...," providing the basis that Federal government support, including DoD assistance, is provided in support of State and local authorities.

The President is authorized by the Constitution and Title 10 (10 USC 331-334) to suppress insurrections, rebellions, and domestic violence. After issuing a Cease and Desist Order, the President issues an executive order that directs the Attorney General and the SECDEF to take appropriate steps to disperse insurgents and restore law and order. The Attorney General is then responsible to coordinate the federal response to domestic civil disturbances. The restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act no longer apply to federal troops executing the orders of the President to quell the disturbance in accordance with Rules of the Use of Force (RUF) approved by the DoD General Counsel and the Attorney General.

USNORTHCOM Concept Plan (CONPLAN) 2502 (Civil Disturbance Operations), is the plan for supporting state and local authorities during civil disturbances. This plan serves as the foundation for any CDO operation and standardizes most activities and command relationships. Tasks performed by military forces may include joint patrolling with law enforcement officers; securing key buildings, memorials, intersections and bridges; and acting as a quick reaction force. The JTF commander, a general officer, coordinates all DoD support with the Senior Civilian Representative of the Attorney General (SCRAG). DoD will usually establish a JTF headquarters near where the Attorney General's local representative is based.

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Are You An Anarchist?

Posted by JacobSloan on November 4, 2011

anarchRegardless of what your answer is, David Graeber’s classic essay “Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You” is food for thought regarding what is possible. Via the Anarchist Library:

Many people seem to think that anarchists are proponents of violence, chaos, and destruction, that they are against all forms of order and organization, or that they are crazed nihilists who just want to blow everything up. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Anarchists are simply people who believe human beings are capable of behaving in a reasonable fashion without having to be forced to. It is really a very simple notion. But it’s one that the rich and powerful have always found extremely dangerous.

At their very simplest, anarchist beliefs turn on to two elementary assumptions. The first is that human beings are, under ordinary circumstances, about as reasonable and decent as they are allowed to be, and can organize themselves and their communities without needing to be told how. The second is that power corrupts. Most of all, anarchism is just a matter of having the courage to take the simple principles of common decency that we all live by, and to follow them through to their logical conclusions. Odd though this may seem, in most important ways you are probably already an anarchist — you just don’t realize it.

Let’s start by taking a few examples from everyday life:

If there’s a line to get on a crowded bus, do you wait your turn and refrain from elbowing your way past others even in the absence of police?

If you answered “yes”, then you are used to acting like an anarchist! The most basic anarchist principle is self-organization: the assumption that human beings do not need to be threatened with prosecution in order to be able to come to reasonable understandings with each other, or to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Everyone believes they are capable of behaving reasonably themselves. If they think laws and police are necessary, it is only because they don’t believe that other people are. But if you think about it, don’t those people all feel exactly the same way about you? Anarchists argue that almost all the anti-social behavior which makes us think it’s necessary to have armies, police, prisons, and governments to control our lives, is actually caused by the systematic inequalities and injustice those armies, police, prisons and governments make possible. It’s all a vicious circle. If people are used to being treated like their opinions do not matter, they are likely to become angry and cynical, even violent – which of course makes it easy for those in power to say that their opinions do not matter. Once they understand that their opinions really do matter just as much as anyone else’s, they tend to become remarkably understanding. To cut a long story short: anarchists believe that for the most part it is power itself, and the effects of power, that make people stupid and irresponsible.

Are you a member of a club or sports team or any other voluntary organization where decisions are not imposed by one leader but made on the basis of general consent?

If you answered “yes”, then you belong to an organization which works on anarchist principles!

11-07-2011, 11:42 AM

Parents Using Facebook to Trade Viruses In the Mail to Infect Their Children

Posted by SpaceNeedle on November 5, 2011

Chicken Pox PartyRight, because you’re “afraid” of vaccines, let’s deliberately put pathogens in the mail. Reports KPHO CBS 5 News:

PHOENIX — Doctors and medical experts are concerned about a new trend taking place on Facebook.

Parents are trading live viruses through the mail in order to infect their children. The Facebook group is called “Find a Pox Party in Your Area.” According to the group’s page, it is geared toward “parents who want their children to obtain natural immunity for the chicken pox.”

On the page, parents post where they live and ask if anyone with a child who has the chicken pox would be willing to send saliva, infected lollipops or clothing through the mail. Parents also use the page to set up play dates with children who currently have chicken pox. Medical experts say the most troubling part of this is parents are taking pathogens from complete strangers and deliberately infecting their children.

11-07-2011, 11:46 AM

Nicotine Primes Brain for Cocaine Use

Posted by Good German on November 5, 2011

Man SniffingVia ScienceDaily:

Cigarettes and alcohol serve as gateway drugs, which people use before progressing to the use of marijuana and then to cocaine and other illicit substances; this progression is called the “gateway sequence” of drug use. An article in Science Translational Medicine by study author Denise Kandel, PhD, of the Mailman School of Public Health; and Amir Levine, MD; Eric Kandel, MD; and colleagues at Columbia University Medical Center provides the first molecular explanation for the gateway sequence. They show that nicotine causes specific changes in the brain that make it more vulnerable to cocaine addiction ― a discovery made by using a novel mouse model.

Alternate orders of exposure to nicotine and cocaine were examined. The authors found that pretreatment with nicotine greatly alters the response to cocaine in terms of addiction-related behavior and synaptic plasticity (changes in synaptic strength) in the striatum, a brain region critical for addiction-related rewards.…

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Microsoft signs Compal deal, now takes money from half of all Android ODMs


11-08-2011, 11:30 AM

A warning for zoophiles from MSNBC:

For many people, bestiality is a bad joke, but for some it could be a matter of life or death, according to a new study finding that men who had sex with animals in their lifetimes were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis as others.

The study of 492 men from rural Brazil found that 35 percent of study participants, who ranged from 18 to 80 years old and included both penile cancer patients and healthy men, reported having sex with animals (SWA) in their lifetimes. A team of urologists from centers around Brazil co-authored the paper, which looked at risk factors for penile cancer in men who had visited 16 urology and oncology centers in 12 Brazilian cities. In addition to SWA, three other risk factors for penile cancer were found: smoking, the presence of premalignant lesions on the penis and…

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How Transparency Will End Tyranny (http://www.acceler8or.com/2011/10/how-transparency-will-end-tyranny/)

How Transparency Will End Tyranny
By Valkyrie Ice

Tyranny relies on isolation. It relies on control of information and making those tyrannized have a worldview that makes them feel isolated and alone. A tyrant wants everyone to be suspicious of everyone else, and to believe that rebelling is pointless because they would be one lone voice that would be quickly silenced. They want people to feel terrified of the “world outside” of the tyranny so that people will tolerate the “lesser of two evils.” But that’s impossible to do with the internet. When people can connect without borders and can talk to people all over the world, isolation is impossible.

But just by itself, the internet is not enough, because, as Egypt again shows, just being connected is not sufficient. There’s a second element that is needed to eradicate tyranny, and that is accountability.

If you are unsure what I mean by “accountability” let me refer you to my blog because a full explanation would greatly exceed my word limit, but in short, let me give you my usual example. If you look at a small tribe, everyone knows everyone else, and if any member is “up to no good” i.e. acting in a manner that jeopardizes the well-being of the tribe for self serving gain, then they are easy to spot, and easy to penalize. They steal food from others, then they don’t get to share in the hunt, or get thrown out of the tribe if it’s bad enough. The internet is allowing us to gradually return to this state of “knowing everyone” again, in the sense that it allows us to create and access records of even the most trivial events, like twits, or, as Jon Stewart often does, pull up video records of political figures saying the exact opposite of what they currently say.

11-14-2011, 08:31 AM
Yellow Boxes To Track Traffic On 2 Interstates
PennDOT Experimenting With Bluetooth Technology

Read more: http://www.wgal.com/news/29057108/detail.html#ixzz1dhLErYLT


11-14-2011, 11:07 AM

This 28-Year-Old's Startup Is Moving $350 Million And Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/this-28-year-old-is-making-sure-credit-cards-wont-exist-in-the-next-few-years-2011-11#ixzz1dhyXvuU8

11-14-2011, 12:29 PM
https://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9221756/Looking_for_work_Here_s_a_job_fair_touting_tech_op enings_in_India

Looking for work? Here's a job fair touting tech openings in India
India is a 'sea of opportunity' for tech workers, says sponsor of the San Jose job fair

11-14-2011, 12:33 PM

11-14-2011, 12:39 PM
BEIJING, China — Factories in China’s manufacturing heartland are feeling the squeeze again, with minimum wages in Guangdong province set to rise by as much as 20 percent on Jan. 1 for the second time in less than a year.

And while one Chinese province’s minimum wage might seem like a local issue, the salary question underlines a continuing momentum in China toward building higher-end business and better jobs.

11-14-2011, 12:48 PM
Willy Staley's "A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage," is a lyrical, insightful conspiracy theory about the appearance and disappearance of McDonalds's McRib sandwich. Staley argues that the McRib's appearance correlates with falls in the pork futures market, and represents a way for McD's to cash in on cheap pork, representing a kind of triumph of restaurant automation, logistical acumen, and financial engineering. In Staley's view, McDonald's is only secondarily a restaurant, and primarily conducts the business of a commodities brokerage.

I've long been fascinated with injection-molded protein slurry masquerading as some recognizable foodstuff. I once proposed a line of perverse vegan aerosol meat substitutes like "I can't believe it's not organ meat" and "I can't believe it's not marrow bones" that would come as a soy spray in a mousse can whose nozzle mated with a dishwasher/microwave-safe mold (with plastic "bones" as appropriate) that you could nuke for a minute before ejecting the piping hot reformed slurry on a plate and popping the mold right into the dishwasher.

Fast food involves both hideously violent economies of scale and sad, sad end users who volunteer to be taken advantage of. What makes the McRib different from this everyday horror is that a) McDonald’s is huge to the point that it’s more useful to think of it as a company trading in commodities than it is to think of it as a chain of restaurants b) it is made of pork, which makes it a unique product in the QSR world and c) it is only available sometimes, but refuses to go away entirely.

If you can demonstrate that McDonald’s only introduces the sandwich when pork prices are lower than usual, then you’re but a couple logical steps from concluding that McDonald’s is essentially exploiting a market imbalance between what normal food producers are willing to pay for hog meat at certain times of the year, and what Americans are willing to pay for it once it is processed, molded into illogically anatomical shapes, and slathered in HFCS-rich BBQ sauce.

The McRib was, at least in part, born out of the brute force that McDonald’s is capable of exerting on commodities markets. According to this history of the sandwich, Chef Arend created the McRib because McDonald’s simply could not find enough chickens to turn into the McNuggets for which their franchises were clamoring. Chef Arend invented something so popular that his employer could not even find the raw materials to produce it, because it was so popular. “There wasn’t a system to supply enough chicken,” he told Maxim. Well, Chef Arend had recently been to the Carolinas, and was so inspired by the pulled pork barbecue in the Low Country that he decided to create a pork sandwich for McDonald’s to placate the frustrated franchisees.

A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage (via Kottke)

(Image: McDonalds McRib Sandwich, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from io_burn's photostream)


11-14-2011, 02:28 PM

This 28-Year-Old's Startup Is Moving $350 Million And Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/this-28-year-old-is-making-sure-credit-cards-wont-exist-in-the-next-few-years-2011-11#ixzz1dhyXvuU8

This could be huge I mean really huge that is if the banksters don't make this sleep with the fishes.

11-15-2011, 07:32 AM
This could be huge I mean really huge that is if the banksters don't make this sleep with the fishes.

Well, maybe this would be a good Op to advertise and get more people doing this to further remove the "system". This is more effective than occupying a "physical" space.

11-15-2011, 08:15 AM

Mexico: Widespread Rights Abuses in ‘War on Drugs’
Impunity for Torture, ‘Disappearances,’ Killings Undermines Security

11-15-2011, 08:28 AM

Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz
from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin
Quinn Norton has a definitive introduction to Anonymous up at Wired.com's Threat Level today. It's a must-read. Quinn was on the NPR radio program Morning Edition today to talk about her research. It's a great segment, but I was disappointed to hear the host echo what may be falsehoods by repeating the "Anonymous takes on the Mexican Drug Cartels" headline without addressing the layers of smoke and mirror beneath. Quinn could have capably done that herself, of course; if they let her address it during the interview, that didn't make it to the final cut. (Solution, ATC? Bring her back on!)

11-16-2011, 07:55 AM

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Jack the Ripper’s Blade Found?

Via the Telegraph:

It was found among possessions belonging to Welsh surgeon Sir John Williams, a chief suspect in the Victorian murders. Sir John, known to his family at the time of the killings as “Uncle Jack” was the surgeon to Queen Victoria who lived in London at the time of the slayings.

He fled the capital after the murders and later founded the National Library for Wales in Aberystwyth. One of his distant relatives has now unearthed the old black-handled surgeon’s knife, which he used for operations, and believes it could be the murder weapon.

Tony Williams, 49, Sir John’s great-great-great-great nephew, has now published a book, which features the startling image of the knife, to expose his relative’s guilt.

Read More: Telegraph

11-16-2011, 08:05 AM

Parkinson’s Disease Linked To Common Chemical

The petro-chemical industry likes to portray itself as the progenitor of our rapidly-advancing technological society, but it will come as little surprise to some that there is a price to be paid, principally to the health of our planet and our selves. Neil Bowdler reports on a new study showing a six-times greater likelihood of developing Parkinson’s disease after exposure to trichloroethylene (once used as a general anesthetic), for BBC News:

An international study has linked an industrial solvent to Parkinson’s disease.

Researchers found a six-fold increase in the risk of developing Parkinson’s in individuals exposed in the workplace to trichloroethylene (TCE).

Although many uses for TCE have been banned around the world, the chemical is still used as a degreasing agent.

The research was based on analysis of 99 pairs of twins selected from US data records.

Parkinson’s can result in limb tremors, slowed movement and speech impairment, but the exact cause of the disease is still unknown, and there is no cure.

Research to date suggests a mix of genetic and environmental factors may be responsible. A link has previously been made with pesticide use.

‘Significant association’
The researchers from institutes in the US, Canada, Germany and Argentina, wanted to examine the impact of solvent exposure – specifically six solvents including TCE.

They looked at 99 sets of twins, one twin with Parkinson’s, the other without.

Because twins are genetically very similar or identical and often share certain lifestyle characteristics, twins were thought to provide a better control group, reducing the likelihood of spurious results.

The twins were interviewed to build up a work history and calculate likely exposure to solvents. They were also asked about hobbies.

The findings are presented as the first study to report a “significant association” between TCE exposure and Parkinson’s and suggest exposure to the solvent was likely to result in a six-fold increase in the chances of developing the disease…

11-16-2011, 08:13 AM


Ohio Family Claims To Be Haunted By Ghosts Having Sex

Posted by JacobSloan on November 11, 2011

ghost-jpeg1This certainly raises all sorts of questions. CBS Cleveland reports:

An Ohio grandmother and her 4-year-old granddaughter say they have caught ghosts having sex inside their house.

Speaking to CBS Cleveland, Diane Carlisle said this visitation was the latest in a series that goes back to when she first moved to her Euclid home 12 years ago. Her photos prove it, she said.

This time, her granddaughter Kimora saw a man’s bare backside and a woman’s legs with high heels still on. At other times, they’ve seen men, women and children in various rooms and in her backyard.

Even her dog had an experience better to forget than remember. Walking up the stairs from the basement, something caught its hind legs and held them. Now, the dog avoids the basement.

The rest of the family has learned to live with them, Carlisle said.

“[My granddaughter, daughter and I] have grown with them around,” she said. “At times you get scared, like when you’re home alone and hear footsteps around and doors slam.”

11-16-2011, 08:17 AM

Satanic Sex Women Stab Man 300 Times In Ritual


Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe these two! From the Smoking Gun:

Two young Milwaukee women were arrested this week after an 18-year-old Arizona man–who traveled to Wisconsin by bus after meeting one of the suspects online–told cops that he was held captive in the duo’s apartment for two days and slashed and stabbed more than 300 times as part of an apparent satanic sex ritual.

A Milwaukee Police Department search warrant for the East Knapp Street apartment where the man was held details his ordeal. The warrant authorized cops to seize an assortment of items from the residence, including “knives or other cutting instruments,” blood and DNA evidence, duct tape, restraining devices, and “Books or literature relating to Satanism or the occult.”

The police investigation began Sunday night after cops responded to a report of a possible stabbing. Officers found the Arizona man “bleeding from the neck, arms and back.” He told cops that after arriving at the home of a woman he met online, he “was bound and was stabbed numerous times over a timeframe of what he described as ‘two days.’”…

[continues at the Smoking Gun]

11-16-2011, 08:21 AM

The Radical 1930s Cartoons Of Syd Hoff


11-16-2011, 09:49 AM

A single molecule consisting of just 160 atoms has been tied into a knot that is more complicated than any other synthetic compound.

The molecule constitutes the smallest version of the pentafoil knot – which has both cultural and mathematical significance – in existence. The feat could help us understand the properties of naturally occurring molecular knots, and lead to the creation of materials with exotic new properties.


11-16-2011, 11:31 AM

11-16-2011, 11:32 AM

11-16-2011, 11:34 AM

A Golden Mean in Your Mouth
by Miss Cellania


Dr. Eddy Levin of Harley Street puts a golden ratio, not just golden teeth, into his patients’ mouths. Dr. Levin has been at this for a while. It was he who in 1978 wrote a study called “Dental Esthetics and the Golden Proportion,” which graced pages 244–52 of that year’s September issue of The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.1

The golden ratio is a special number that has caught the eye and imagination of mathematicians, of artists, and now, thanks to Dr. Levin, of dentists. Some call it the “golden mean” (philosophers, though, use that phrase to mean something else). Some call it the “golden section.” Some Germans call it, evocatively, the “goldener Schnitt.” Almost everyone calls it beautiful.

The golden ratio is the number you get when you compare the lengths of certain parts of certain perfectly beautiful things (among them: snail shell spirals, the Parthenon in Athens, and Da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper”). You’ll find that the ratio of the bigger part to the smaller equals the ratio of the combined length to the bigger. That ratio, that number, is always the same, ever so slightly bigger than 1.6180339.

If doing sums causes you pain, just go find someone who has perfect teeth and who won’t mind you staring into his or her mouth.

11-16-2011, 11:38 AM

http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k82/amesj523/th_moonbow_vetter_900-500x333.jpg (http://s86.photobucket.com/albums/k82/amesj523/?action=view&current=moonbow_vetter_900-500x333.jpg)


Stephanie Vetter captured this amazing photograph of the Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland. The rainbow is caused not by sunlight, but the illumination of a nearly full moon against the backdrop of the Northern Lights.

11-16-2011, 11:42 AM

11-16-2011, 12:10 PM

11-16-2011, 12:14 PM

Neighbors help each other in aftermath of October snowstorm

11-16-2011, 12:20 PM

Fighting in the Fifth Dimension

11-16-2011, 12:41 PM

In Conclusion

Although Kim Noble enjoyed some mainstream exposure, the true source of the artist’s condition – Monarch programming – is nowhere to be found in mass media. Analyzed in its entirety, Noble’s body of work describes a highly organized and complex system that appears to hold great amounts of knowledge- occult and scientific – as well as material resources. This system also appears to literally own humans, mostly children, who are abused and traumatized to create within them programmable alter personas. The fact that no newspapers dared to investigate (or even mention) anything related to MK-Ultra, a program that was proved to use the exact techniques described in the paintings, tells volumes about the power of those operating it. The soulless handlers depicted in Noble’s paintings are not lone psychopaths, but high level officials of the Illuminati system who enjoy media immunity. In fact, they are sometimes part of the media as the worlds of the entertainment business and Monarch programming often collude.

Partly for this reason, the symbolism used during Monarch programming has spilled over to the mainstream entertainment business. Some of the world’s biggest stars are products of mind control. The same symbols used in the programming of Monarch slaves is sent to the world through mass media. High level mind control handlers and slaves (those who have “succeeded” at the various levels of programming) end up operating in show business. Some of our favorite entertainers are nothing more than puppets whose strings are pulled by unseen handlers. These handlers are “unseen” to most, but they certainly make themselves “seen” through the symbolism placed in the media.

Many of the symbols described on this site directly originate from the shady world of Monarch programming, which uses a complex system of occult images and powerful triggers. Although most of us are fortunate enough not to live through the hell endured by these MK slaves, we are still subject to a form of programming using movies, television, music and other forms of mass media. Those who operate behind the scenes attempt to slowly normalize their existence and their depraved behaviour. Why are children being so aggressively sexualized in mass media? Is it because people in the entertainment business are connected with the people who commit the horrific acts portrayed above? Sadly, the reality is sicker than the fiction.


11-16-2011, 12:48 PM

5 Grams Daily of This REVERSED Severe Radiation Poisoning in Chernobyl Children...

I'd like to dig into this some more.

11-16-2011, 12:53 PM
Cave painters were realists, DNA study finds


11-18-2011, 10:07 AM

GREELEY, Colo., Nov. 16 (UPI) -- A store called Kids N Teen has removed crotchless underpants from its displays, a Denver television station reports.

The manager told KUSA-TV the operators of the Greeley Mall in Greeley, Colo., asked for the removal.

Erin French, a mother who lives in the area, said she discovered the sexy underwear during a family trip to the mall, noticing the store because it is close to the children's play area. She said much of the store's wares are clearly for young children and she was shocked to find the crotchless panties near "cuddly little backpacks and perky little princess dresses."

The manager, who would identify herself only as Kristina, said about 25 percent of the store's wares are aimed at teenagers.

"This is a baby store, this is a children's store," French said. "There is one purpose for an item of that nature, and that is not something that we want to encourage for our young girls."

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/11/16/Mom-upset-by-crotchless-panties/UPI-12671321476836/#ixzz1e560rb53

11-18-2011, 10:15 AM

11-18-2011, 10:16 AM

11-18-2011, 10:26 AM

11-21-2011, 11:37 AM

Water pump reportedly destroyed by SCADA hackers

The FBI and DHS are investigating damage to a public water system in Springfield, Illinois, which may have been the target of a foreign cyber attack. There's no threat to public safety and criminal interference has not been officially confirmed, but a security researcher called Joe Weiss has reported evidence that hackers based in Russia are to blame. He claims they accessed the water plant's SCADA online control system and used it to repeatedly switch a pump on and off, eventually causing it to burn out. Coincidentally, a water treatment facility was publicly hacked at the Black Hat conference back in August, precisely to highlight this type of vulnerability. If there are any SCADA administrators out there who haven't already replaced their '1234' and 'admin' passwords, then they might consider this a reminder.

11-21-2011, 11:44 AM

The US Army completed testing of its hypersonic weapon yesterday, launching a test projectile across the Pacific Ocean. The glider flies at a lower trajectory than typical missiles, traveling at several times the speed of sound, making it capable of hitting anywhere on this peaceful ball of blue and green within an hour. We saw DARPA's hypersonic aircraft's successful launch earlier this year -- the Falcon HTV-2 (pictured above) managed to hit the dizzying speed of Mach 20 during its tests, before it crashed. Despite recent military funding issues in the US government, hopefully all things hypersonic will get to fly again soon.

11-21-2011, 12:30 PM

What is the Weather Modification Grant Program?
The Weather Modification Grant Program provides state grants to water providers, local governments and/or their fiscal agents that assist in funding ground-based wintertime operational cloud seeding programs. The state funding is designed to model successes in Utah where state funding has helped local water user-sponsored cloud seeding programs for decades. Currently only wintertime, ground-based cloud seeding is eligible for a grant. Weather modification programs like summertime hail cannons or aerial hail suppression and rain augmentation programs are not eligible. Grants are not eligible for field research projects unless they are requested by local sponsors as part of their annual request to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB).

When available, the base funding comes through the annual CWCB Construction Fund Bill. This funding can be complemented by regional funding. In 2007, agreements were signed related to Colorado River collaboration that allows for out of state funding to come in for local programs.

11-22-2011, 06:50 AM

Plants That Point To Hidden Ruins

Plants That Point To Hidden Ruins

Posted by JacobSloan on November 22, 2011

photogravure1BLDG BLOG delves into the beauty of how plant life can reflect what is buried in the earth below, and could even be used to find the location of hidden treasure:

I absolutely love stories like this, and I swoon a little bit when I read them; it turns out that “plants growing over old sites of human habitation have a different chemistry from their neighbors, and these differences can reveal the location of buried ruins.”

The brief article goes on to tell the story of two archaeologists, who, in collecting plants in Greenland, made the chemical discovery: “Some of their samples were unusually rich in nitrogen-15, and subsequent digs revealed that these plants had been growing above long-abandoned Norse farmsteads.”

The idea that your garden could be more like an indicator landscape for lost archaeological sites—that, below the flowers, informing their very chemistry, perhaps even subtly altering their shapes and colors, are the traces of abandoned architecture—is absolutely unbelievable.

So why not develop a new type of flower in some gene lab somewhere, a designed species that reacts spectacularly to the elevated presence of nitrogen-15 from ruined settlements? Ruin Flowers® by Monsanto acting as deserted medieval village detection-landscapes, as thale cress does for mines.

You plant these flowers or trees or vineyards—future archaeological wine—and you wait three seasons for the traces to develop. Now imagine a modified tree that can only grow directly above ruined houses. Imagine an entire forest of these trees, curling and knurled to form floorplans, shaping out streets and alleyways, rooms instead of orchards and halls instead of groves. Now imagine the city beneath that forest becoming visible as the woods slowly spread, articulating whole lost neighborhoods over time.

Genetically-modified plantlife used as non-invasive archaeological research tools would, at the very least, add a strange practicality to summer gardening activities, in the process turning whole surface landscapes into an unexpected new kind of data visualization program.

11-22-2011, 07:22 AM

America’s Concentration Threatened By Adderall Shortage

Posted by JacobSloan on November 21, 2011

2310749647_339fa45387Is Adderall the crystal meth of the middle and upper classes? Well, both drugs became huge at around the same time. The Fix writes that prices are skyrocketing and panic and withdrawal are setting in across the nation as pharmacies’ shelves run short:

When Jay V.’s pharmacist told him about the nationwide Adderall shortages last weekend, he reacted as any economically rational finance professional would, and attempted to bribe her. Whatever the cost, “it’s cheaper than cocaine,” his reasoning went. And even if it isn’t, you can’t put a price on never having to go back to doing bumps in the work bathroom to get through late night deal committee meetings, can you?

Jay’s pharmacist said she was reserving her supply for regular customers, but that the price had doubled and the clock was ticking.

If addiction is the kind of thing you think about a lot, it’s easy to overlook its significance in the cold, objective Realpolitik scheme of things, which is this: it’s a great ****ing business model.

The best of the addiction-based business models are “addiction-proof” addictive drug, and the Adderall story is at its core the saga of a nearly century-long quest for this unattainable ideal. Amphetamine salt—Adderall’s active ingredient—has been the subject of heady dispute within the medical profession since the drug company Smith, Kline and French began peddling the stuff in 1935, but for decades just about the only thing medical community generally agreed about was that it was not addictive. The SKF sales department did, however, have a term for the loyalty it engendered among consumers: “stick.”

The dawn of the Drug War eventually in the early 1970s eventually brought an end to the widespread use of those first-generation amphetamines, but naturally they “stuck” around in some circles. And then in the nineties, when upper-middle class America was stricken with a modern epidemic of ADD (and its “hyperactive” variant ADHD) necessitating widespread amphetamine use while simultaneously the nation’s truck stops and trailer parks began falling prey to the scourge of illegal amphetamines—and yet no one ever seemed to link the two—it appeared as though an element of cognitive dissonance about the stuff had also “stuck.” For the same reason crystal meth never found much “stick” as an ADD drug—although it’s out there, under the brand name Desoxyn—Adderall users for the most part never identified as “addicts” before the nightmare shortages of this year.

The real panic set in around mid-August, when a supply shock attributed to “back-to-school” season ravaged the suburbs.

A guy in New Jersey who’d been paying $9 for his monthly prescription for years suddenly had to scour every pharmacy in a 50-mile radius and cough up $99. A woman in Massachusetts reported calling 25 pharmacies and only finding one that would fill her prescription—for $408; a man from Massachusetts advised her to take his advice offered to share the spreadsheet of eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire drug stores he’d compiled a few days while making the rounds trying to figure out where to fill his own prescription. (He’d listed 142 by the time he found—at #48—his meds.)

So what happened to all that Adderall? Actually, it goes back to that great ****ing business model: the manufacturing shortage appears to many skeptics to be itself manufactured—orchestrated by the same company that got everyone hooked on the drug in the first place, Shire Plc, formerly Richwood Pharmaceuticals, which two generic competitors now accuse of hoarding.

Adderall itself was introduced by a then-unknown Richwood during another American attention deficit drug crisis, the Great Ritalin Scare of 1993. Back then, drastic shortages of that groundbreaking ADD drug prompted thousands of panicked parents to switch to Adderall, despite Richwood’s dubious pedigree as the startup of a former Kentucky schoolteacher, Roger Griggs. Following in the tradition, Shire is now attempting to use contrived Adderall shortages as a chance to convert ADD sufferers (and their long-suffering parents) to the cause of their new(ish) ADD drug, Vyvanase.

Then as now, amphetamine-based ADD drugs have suffered periodic supply hiccups stemming from their strict regulation by the Drug Enforcement Administration, which levies annual quotas on the aggregate amount of stimulants it will allow to be legally produced each year.

By 1993 Griggs had spent a few years trying to sell pediatricians on what seemed like a no-brainer Ritalin alternative: dexedrine, marketed under his proprietary brand “Dextrostat.” But dexedrine had a lot of negative abuse baggage from its heyday in the ‘60s and ‘70s, so Dextrostat never really took off. No matter: a less infamous diet drug of the era, Obetrol, concocted from a mixture of amphetamine salts containing 75% dexedrine with (supposedly) none of the baggage, and its factory was up for sale. Richwood pounced. By June 1994 it’d renamed Obetrol “Adderall,” and was selling it to pediatricians as a cheaper, more plentiful and longer-lasting alternative to Ritalin. They hadn’t bothered notifying the FDA, which ordered the company to suspend Adderall marketing in November and conduct clinical trials. When the agency officially approved Adderall for ADD just over a year later, it still gave Richwood a two year headstart over the competition, and the indication in kids as young as three was an added bonus that allowed them to make up for lost time.

11-22-2011, 07:24 AM

Pepsi Getting Heat for Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Research

11-22-2011, 07:26 AM

FDA Allows Meat and Produce To Be Blasted with Radioactive Nuclear Waste

Ethan A. Huff writes on Natural News:

The use of pesticides and the presence of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are not the only major differentiating factors between conventional food and organic food. According to GreenMedInfo.com, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the conventional food supply to be irradiated with nuclear waste at extremely high levels, and also treated with deadly bacteriophage virus “cocktails” in order to make it “safe” for consumers.

It is a dirty little secret of the factory food industry, and one that has remained largely veiled thanks to a lack of effective regulation concerning proper labeling. But everything from herbs and spices to vegetables and fruit is effectively murdered with Cobalt-60 gamma radiation derived from the waste of nuclear reactors before being sold to customers.

According to data listed on the FDA’s own website, fresh conventional foods are typically blasted with 1 kilogray (kGy) of gamma radiation, which is the equivalent of 16,700,000 chest X-rays, or 333 times the human lethal dose. Fresh poultry and red meat are subjected to 3 kGys and 4.5 kGys, respectively, with frozen red meat subjected to radiation blasts as high as 7 kGys.

The FDA has approved gamma radiation doses of 10 kGys for enzyme preparations, which include various food additives, solvents, preservatives, and antioxidants. And spices, herbs, and seasonings are permitted to be blasted with an astounding 30 kGys of gamma radiation, which is the equivalent of 500,000,000 chest X-rays, or 10,000 times the human lethal dose.

Read More: Natural News

11-22-2011, 07:31 AM
http://www.datelinezero.com/2011/11/16/indian-girl-weeping-stones-daily/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DatelineZero+%28Dateline+Zero %29&utm_content=Google+Reader

A girl weeping stones has doctors baffled and unable to explain the phenomenon.

11-22-2011, 07:46 AM

'Undercover police dwarfs stole my DNA at bus stop'

11-22-2011, 07:51 AM


Randall Munroe at xkcd put together a chart about money, so massive that you’ll have to enlarge a few times just to read it. The statistics cover what things cost, what people earn, business profits, taxes, government spending, utilities, war, and more. The amounts of money for each are laid out in blocks for comparison. That’s a lot of blocks. What is shown here, as compressed as it is, is just a portion. Link -via Boing Boing

11-23-2011, 07:36 AM

Bush at 21%

11-23-2011, 08:24 AM

FCC finds AT&T merger not in public interest, Genachowski issues order to hold trial

It's no secret that the FCC has raised concerns over the proposed merger, and pushing this order forward understandably reflects that. In fact, during a conference call with media, the FCC expressed fears that the deal would violate antitrust standards and isn't in the public interest, and the Commission cited records showing it would ultimately result in a loss of jobs, contrary to AT&T's claims. Naturally, this means there's one more hoop for the carrier to go through before it can hope to pick up T-Mobile, and it's a biggie; with the FCC and DoJ holding steadfastly against the acquisition, the GSM carrier's chances of success appear to be slimming significantly. Head past the break to see AT&T and Sprint's reactions to the news.

AT&T's statement:

The FCC's action today is disappointing. It is yet another example of a government agency acting to prevent billions in new investment and the creation of many thousands of new jobs at a time when the US economy desperately needs both. At this time, we are reviewing all options.

Sprint's statement:

As Chairman Genachowski said in August when the Justice Department filed its antitrust lawsuit against AT&T, the record before the FCC presented, "serious concerns about the impact of the proposed transaction on competition." That record is complete and more than justifies moving this matter to an Administrative Law Judge for a hearing. We appreciate Chairman Genachowski's leadership on this issue and look forward to the FCC moving quickly to adopt a strong hearing designation order.

11-29-2011, 08:17 AM

A hiker from New Zealand has reported that he was kidnapped by a family of Yeti’s.
Paul Collinson, aged 47 and residing in New Zealand had the shock of his life when hiking in the Himalayan Mountain Range in Nepal.

Collinson, a keen amateur hike enthusiast and mountain climber, claims he was touring the Himalayan area in Nepal when he was taken from his tent in the middle of the night by a real life Yeti.

“I was taking a month out from work and was touring Nepal and decided to spend a week up close to the mountain ranges”, the man says. “I was only two days into my camping trip when something approached my tent one night.”

A hiker from New Zealand has reported that he was kidnapped by a family of Yeti’s.
Paul Collinson, aged 47 and residing in New Zealand had the shock of his life when hiking in the Himalayan Mountain Range in Nepal.

Collinson, a keen amateur hike enthusiast and mountain climber, claims he was touring the Himalayan area in Nepal when he was taken from his tent in the middle of the night by a real life Yeti.

“I was taking a month out from work and was touring Nepal and decided to spend a week up close to the mountain ranges”, the man says. “I was only two days into my camping trip when something approached my tent one night.”

The Yeti is infamous for being the mysterious snowman that resides high up in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Similar creatures around the world have been spotted. It is known in the US as the Sasquatch.

Collinson spoke of how one night he heard a strange noise coming from outside of his tent. “I assumed it was a mountain goat or some other wild animal and smelling my food supplies. It happens occasionally out in the wild with animals.”
Strange Footprints

The man claims whilst hiking only hours before he was snatched from his tent, that he saw large footprints in the snow measuring well over fifteen inches in length and over eight inches in width. He also claims he saw what appeared to be hairs stuck to some wild foliage close by his camp site. “Again I assumed it was the hair of a goat. I am no wild life expert and thought nothing of it. I wish I had taken a sample now.”

It was that same night when Collinson was approached by a strange creature. “The noise got louder and then I heard heavy breathing. I mean, this breathing was deep!”

At this point the tent started to shake wildly. “I was frightened to death when the whole tent was just pulled up from over me. I then saw this giant shadow of a creature or man.”

According to Collinson he was unconscious straight after. “I must have been knocked unconscious”, he says. “When I awoke I was dazed and surrounded by a family of hairy giants. “

The hiker then explains how the Yeti family brought him food. “I was amazed”, Collinson claims,”As these creatures appeared very intelligent and brought me food. It had even been cooked!”

Collinson even said he was given a small hollowed branch filled with wild berries. “It was like desert”, Collinson said. “I ate these berries and sat wondering if I could open up some form of dialogue with the Yetis.”

11-29-2011, 10:56 AM

A Family’s Billions, Artfully Sheltered

Good read up on how to avoid taxes.

11-29-2011, 11:58 AM

Weeding out corporate psychopaths

11-29-2011, 12:10 PM

Ignorance Is Bliss When It Comes to Challenging Social Issues

ScienceDaily (Nov. 21, 2011) — The less people know about important complex issues such as the economy, energy consumption and the environment, the more they want to avoid becoming well-informed, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.

11-30-2011, 07:04 AM

Senate set to pass bill that redefines America as a "battlefield," authorizes indefinite military detention of US citizens without charge or trial
from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

The US Senate's Defense Authorization Bill redefines America as a "battlefield" and authorizes US troops to conduct military arrests of civilians on US soil, and to indefinitely detain citizens without charge or trial. The ACLU wants you to write to your senator and demand that this insanity not pass.

The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. Even Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised his concerns about the NDAA detention provisions during last night’s Republican debate. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.

The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday. The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.

I know it sounds incredible. New powers to use the military worldwide, even within the United States? Hasn’t anyone told the Senate that Osama bin Laden is dead, that the president is pulling all of the combat troops out of Iraq and trying to figure out how to get combat troops out of Afghanistan too? And American citizens and people picked up on American or Canadian or British streets being sent to military prisons indefinitely without even being charged with a crime. Really? Does anyone think this is a good idea? And why now?

Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window (via JWZ)

11-30-2011, 07:06 AM

Kidnapper sues victims who escaped for breach of contract
from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Jesse Dimmick is suing Jared and Lindsay Rowley, whom he was convicted of kidnapping, for breach of contract. Dimmick argues that because the two won his trust when he invaded their house at knifepoint (while fleeing a murder charge which led to him driving over a police spike-strip in front of their house), and then left once he fell asleep, they violated their contract to remain his hostages. The couple lulled Dimmick with a clever strategy of watching Robin Williams's Patch Adams with him while eating Cheetos and drinking Dr Pepper.

You see, Dimmick alleges that, after breaking into the Rowleys' home with a knife and gun, they all then sat down and hashed out a deal under which they would hide him from police (the police who were right outside) for an unspecified amount of money. "Later," he complained, "the Rowleys reneged on said oral contract, resulting in my being shot in the back by authorities." Ergo, breach of contract.

Um, no, wrote the Rowleys' attorney in a motion to dismiss earlier this month. He had multiple arguments, all very good ones, as to why a contract claim would not fly here. First, there was no agreement. Second, if there was an agreement, there was no meeting of the minds on the amount of money (Dimmick admitted the "offer" was for "an unspecified amount"), and so no binding contract. Third, agreements made at knifepoint are, you may be surprised to learn, not enforceable as they are made "under duress." Finally, a contract to do something illegal (e.g. hide a fugitive) is also not enforceable.

Man Sues Couple He Kidnapped

11-30-2011, 07:08 AM
bad breeding:

Police hand- and ankle-cuff 5-year-old, charge him with battery on a police officer
from Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder

Police feel safer in Stockton, California, after they successfully subdued a big, scary 5-year-old boy, cuffing him with cable straps and charging him with "battery on a police officer."

In it, the officer, Lt. Frank Gordo, says he placed his hand on Michael's and, "the boy pushed my hand away in a batting motion, pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee."

When Michael wouldn't calm down, Gordo cuffed Michael's hands and feet with zip ties and took the boy to the Stockton Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital in the back of a squad car.

He had not called Michael's mother or father at that point.

Michael was cited for battery on a police officer.

"I didn't know until two or three weeks later that my son was zip tied," Gray said.

Her ex-husband had picked Michael up from the hospital. When he arrived, Michael's wrists were still zip tied behind his back.

5-Year-Old Handcuffed, Charged With Battery On Officer (Via The Agitator)