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12-17-2005, 01:47 AM
Hey guys, i need your help. im getting my book ready for online availability on Amazon.com in February... but I dont have a cover design yet. Definitely something some of you'd be really good at.

I was thinking a picture of a guy on steps in an alley... something where you cant see the guys face because his head is in his hands or he's wearing a hoody or something and please photoshop it to look good and throw in some text saying "Entries of confusion", "Hopeless situation", "The mirror tells me lies" and "Help me save me from myself". I have a sample chapter in my blog section at www.myspace.com/donkeydic if you want to get a better feel.

If you can help me with this Ill owe you forever, would get full credit for the work and we could set up residuals for copies sold. Thanks either way guys.