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AFTER CHARLOTTESVILLE: Seven key Nazis and their links to Putin & Trump

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The past bloody weekend in Charlottesville shows that Donald Trump’s “alt-right” supporters are — wait for it — actual Nazis. Anyone marching among Swastikas no longer gets a pass for worn-out platitudes about southern heritage. President Trump’s defense of their rally shows that he is taking their side. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/08/15/trump-puts-a-fine-point-on-it-he-sides-with-the-alt-right-in-charlottesville/?utm_term=.585c9140569d) The Nazi side.

Really, no one should be too surprised — he’s been telling us who he is for a very long time. Like in the 1990 Vanity Fair profile (https://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/2015/07/donald-ivana-trump-divorce-prenup-marie-brenner) revealing that he kept by his bedside — and read — a book of Hitler’s speeches called My New Order. (https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2015/08/donald-trump-marie-brenner-ivana-divorce) (See, he does read).

But there’s something deeper here, something worth getting surprised about — and like so many things with Donald Trump, that deeper thing is Russia: several of the key figures who organized, appeared at, or promoted the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Rally have strong ties to Moscow.

Business Insider first turned me onto this last December with a story called: A model for civilization': Putin's Russia has emerged as 'a beacon for nationalists' and the American alt-right. (http://www.businessinsider.com/russia-connections-to-the-alt-right-2016-11?r=US&IR=T&IR=T) I took their reporting and expanded it with my own research connecting the dots between Trump and the neo-Nazis that Business Insider profiled. I’m now adding relevant details about those behind the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally.

First the back story.

How Russia aided the rise of the neo-Nazis (“alt-right”)

During the campaign I read right wing websites periodically, especially Breitbart News and the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, because I found it was the best way to see how Trump voters were responding to campaign news. Breitbart News, in particular, was the best predictor of which candidate Trump was likely to target and dispatch next — using that information together with polling I could predict with reasonable accuracy how Trump was going to do in a given primary.

But it wasn't until the Spring of 2016 that Breitbart revealed itself as the home of the “alt-right”. And with a shock I soon realized that the neo-Nazis I had been following were same thing as Steve Bannon’s “alt-right”. This is a big movement, much bigger than I had realized, even though I have followed the Nazi/Klan/Anti-Government movement closely for four decades.

I’ve come to see that there are many reasons why it is growing; it is no longer dependent on its own financial support and limited to those it can proselytize face to face. The internet has been one of the game changers and the movement has been helped by things as diverse as the 2014 Gamergate hashtag campaign, the birther campaign against President Obama (of which Trump was a big part), and the fake news (Russian propaganda) movement. Nazis have also successfully incorporated many Southern nationalist groups into their “alt-right” branding. Organizations such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans used to keep their distance from the Klan, and especially from neo-Nazis. But now there is a considerable overlap, based on what I see in the webpages of Stormfront. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at the many images with an intermingling Rebel flags and Swastikas in Charlottesville.

But most importantly neo-Nazis have also been aided by Putin. And in exchange they are almost worshipful toward him. They idolize Russia, seeing it as their ideal of a white nationalist state.

American Nazis routinely attend extreme right conferences in Europe, including in Russia, that are sponsored by Russian organizations. There is constant travel to Moscow by several of the most prominent Nazis. And there are the many ways Nazis express their adoration of Putin on websites such as Stormfront. Nazis love Trump, especially after his response to Charlottesville. But they love Putin even more. Odd for a supposedly American nationalist group that wants to #MAGA (“Make America Great Again”).

I have two images that capture the full lunacy of the way Nazis see Trump and Putin. I found both of these on Stormfront. First, the way some Nazis saw Donald Trump during the early part of the election.

Screen capture of Stormfront image of Donald Trump from summer 2015 — and no, it was not satire!

Putin lent his body to the Trumpian eagle pose.

I thought the body didn’t look very Trumpian — and then realized where he got it . . .

Trump buddy & idol Vladimir Putin.

Even though I had been seeing the adoration of Putin in the pages of Stormfront throughout the election, I didn’t understand it. It was a tweet (and the link to Business Insider) by independent Presidential candidate, Evan McMullin, that opened my eyes:

The white supremacist and nationalist movement is a key tool in Putin's subversion of western democracy.


Continued: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/8/18/1689526/-AFTER-CHARLOTTESVILLE-Seven-key-Nazis-and-their-links-to-Putin-amp-Trump

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Interesting. Trump sticks up for the confederacy and Putin tries to rehabilitate Stalin (like two peas in the same pod). Russians are starting to put little busts of Stalin in their homes (at Putin's urging - "Remember when Russia was strong?).


But let's not worry about that. These racists and fascists are no danger to us. They're insignificant little groups here and there who have no power, etc. Let them march and wave their flags. They couldn't even fill a beer hall:


Trump says there are "fine" people on both sides. Putin says that Stalin had "good intentions." China is building the largest nationalist army in the world.

It's okay. The ideals of the American republic have won! Time to take a nap. Ha!

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was a nazi?

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was a nazi?

More of a socialist.

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Richard Spencer has a punchable face. ��


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Guess Who
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https://scontent.fbkk8-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-0/p480x480/20819511_10213967382359726_738193833364901112_o.jp g?oh=a9e507cc4bb062972217bb542fd6835d&oe=5A13D797

Actually one of them did resign a couple of days ago.

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Actually one of them did resign a couple of days ago.

One finally decided to act out of enlightened self-interest, no doubt.

Evangelicals lagging way behind corporate America in the moral compass department.

Who woulda thunk it?

Guess Who
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One finally decided to act out of enlightened self-interest, no doubt.

Evangelicals lagging way behind corporate America in the moral compass department.

Who woulda thunk it?

He was one of the only minorities there.

Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council

Most of President Trump’s evangelical advisers have stood by him this week following much criticism over his response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, even as several CEOs left business advisory councils and members of his Committee on the Arts and Humanities have announced they are leaving the panel.

In a first for his evangelical advisory council, New York City megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard announced Friday that he had stepped down from the unofficial board of evangelical advisers to Trump. Bernard sat at the president’s table on May 3, the night before the National Day of Prayer when Trump gathered several religious leaders to announce an executive order on religious freedom.