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Pontius Pirate
08-13-2017, 06:09 PM
They all suck. So what do you do? What side do you pick? A primer on the four main political factions in the US at the moment:

Alt-Right: basically neo-nazis (eg. Richard Spencer) or loons (eg. Cernovich). Their icon is a frog. They fear white culture being on the outs. They also fear science. A bunch of whiny white men who can't get laid and blame all ills on brown people and women. Trump is definitely in this camp.

Establishment Right: This might be the worst party of all. They are kinda held hostage by Trump and so just have to do what he says, with no spine whatsoever. This includes McConnell, Cruz, Ryan....the list goes on. The only thing they believe in is self preservation.

Establishment Left: Goddamn Hillary lovers. Aka Liberals. Peter Daou, Pelosi, Booker, Tanden. All losers. They are at odds with the next and last group over single-payer and free education. They are living in glory days. You won't see them defending progressive ideals at any protest. They are cowards. No joke: their new icon is a donut. Their main thing is just getting offended at every possible diversity slight.

Non-Establishment Left: AKA the Democratic Socialists of America. AKA antifa. AKA communists. Their icon is a red rose. In every other Twitter profile, these idiots also have hammer and sickles as a logo and freely tout Lenin as a hero. They want single-payer and free education and want to bring down capitalism.

In sum: on the fringes, it's Nazis fighting Communists in the goddamn United States of America. In the establishment, it's a bunch of dinosaurs who don't know what to do about the extremism in their parties.


You're lured into believing you have to pick one of these sides (and no, Libertarians are not a real option unless your main policy cause is weed). So what is a sane American to do?


Be a free-thinking, independent centrist. Pick stances from each side that make sense to you. Hate guns but believe in free market? Be a centrist. Love guns but believe the govt. should do more to support those who can't support themselves? Be a centrist. Believe diversity is important but not the main thing? Be a centrist. Believe capitalism is good but more taxpayer money can be given to social causes? Be a centrist.

I'm sorry folks: the way forward is centrism. Right in the middle. As middle as you can get.

08-13-2017, 06:18 PM
Thomas Jefferson wrote that we need a revolution every 20 years.

Does this answer your question?

08-13-2017, 06:51 PM
What's Venus?

Where would you rather live? US or Russia?