View Full Version : UFC 179

11-03-2014, 08:27 PM
Just a few thoughts

* One of the greatest UFC Championship fights I've seen between Aldo and Mendez

* Ref in that championship fight should not ever be allowed to ref a championship fight ever again. Not taking a point away from Aldo for 2 clearly late hits after the round buzzer sound and not taking a point was absolutely disgusting. Not even so much as a friggen warning to Aldo.

* I had Mendez winning that fight. I gave the first round to Aldo, 2nd round was a draw, 3rd round was a draw, 4th round clearly went to Mendez and the last round I think Mendez landed the biggest punches AND he had the take down, he won that last round. How that was a unanimous decision for Aldo was a joke.