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02-02-2014, 08:32 AM
Hey all, I'm a loyal Broncos fan from Denver, but unfortunately I'm stuck in Seattle for work these days. It's amazing how stupid these espresso sipping yuppies are, they actually think that the seahawks can win without their ridiculous 12th man bullsh*t. Anyways, I'm stuck watching the game today with some of these guys, and as the only Broncs fan in the mix, I was wondering if I could get a little hometown support. If I put a list of my friend's phone numbers up here, could y'all send them texts or call them and harass them about how bad their seahawks suck throughout the game? It would really be great to see these fools put in their place! Thanks everyone! These guys are diehard fans, lets take their spirit away! Here are a few:


The ruder the better, and wait until kick off.

Dr. Broncenstein
02-02-2014, 08:33 AM
Woah dude. Bad idea.

02-02-2014, 08:34 AM
Dude, that's pretty funny.

02-02-2014, 08:36 AM
Isn't that the area code for Myrtle Beach?

Dr. Broncenstein
02-02-2014, 08:36 AM
I'm pretty sure this is forbidden stuff and could get TJ in hot water. Mods need to mod.

02-02-2014, 08:38 AM
Nah, it's all in good fun. I'm friends with guys. Seriously though, let em have it!

02-02-2014, 08:40 AM
Yep, mods should be pressing the delete button right about now.

02-02-2014, 08:47 AM
You may be friends with them, and they may not mind, but there's no way to know that. And after the game leaving your friends' phone numbers on the Internet isn't smart. I would do this with members you trust over a PM going forward.

02-02-2014, 08:57 AM
If I were one of your friends and you posted my number online I would kick the **** out of you.

02-02-2014, 08:58 AM
You're A DICK!!!

but I lol'd

Pick Six
02-02-2014, 09:06 AM
Seriously...take those phone numbers off. You DO know this is the internet, don't you?

02-02-2014, 09:11 AM
It's a scam guys....your phone number will show up on the texts and he'll then stick you with phone charges on one of those "one ring" scams.....

02-02-2014, 09:13 AM
This poster has been around for a long time, so he's built up a lot of trust around here...

02-02-2014, 09:13 AM
You're A DICK!!!

but I lol'd

Ha, I agree. This is a terrible idea, but it's also a pretty good prank.

02-02-2014, 09:16 AM
lol. rulez. damn the consequences.

02-02-2014, 09:28 AM

02-02-2014, 09:29 AM
Not a scam, just a friendly prank. You all need to chill.

02-02-2014, 09:34 AM
Not a scam, just a friendly prank. You all need to chill.


what's next? you got some really cool t-shirt we should buy?

02-02-2014, 09:35 AM
If a "friend" of mine posted my phone number on the web I would personally make sure they get their as kicked. Totally classless and raider like behavior.

Old Dude
02-02-2014, 09:37 AM
Original post chopped to get rid of phone numbers.
User banned.
Thread on its way to the Butt.

02-02-2014, 09:37 AM
Although pranking your friends with text bombs may be funny, posting their #s is not. It's the INTERNETS and stuff doesn't go away. I'd edit out the numbers and say that you'll PM them if anyone wants to "help out".

02-02-2014, 09:38 AM
I don't think it was a scam. I do think it was a poor choice.

Old Dude
02-02-2014, 09:42 AM
It's also illegal under Colorado Harassment Statute.

02-02-2014, 09:46 AM
It's also illegal under Colorado Harassment Statute.

Would have been cool to text one of his friends and say, hey some uber lame Broncos bandwagon fan just posted you and your friends phone number on a heavily trafficed forum.

Would have got his ass kicked.