View Full Version : The faux concern of the VRA being scaled back

06-28-2013, 09:16 AM

"You cannot punish Southern leaders in 2013 for the sins of their grandfathers. As Chief Justice John Roberts noted, black turnout in 2012 was higher in Mississippi than in Massachusetts.

What Congress can no longer do is impose conditions on Southern states from which Northern states are exempt. Washington can no longer treat the states unequally for that, too, is a violation of the Constitution.

The Roberts court just took a giant stride to restoring the Union. Yet the hysterical reaction to the decision reveals a great deal. What do critics say they are afraid of? While conceding that immense progress has been made with the huge turnout of black voters in the South and the re-election of a black president, they say they fear that without the pre-clearance provision this would never have happened. And now that the provision no longer applies to the South, the evil old ways will return.

On several counts this is disheartening. For what the critics of the court decision are saying is that, no matter the progress made over half a century, they do not trust the South to deal fairly and decently with its black citizens, without a club over its head. They do not believe the South has changed in its heart from the days of segregation.

They think the South is lying in wait for a new opportunity to disfranchise its black voters. And they think black Southerners are unable to defend their own interests without Northern liberal help.

In this belief there are elements of paranoia, condescension and bigotry. Many liberals not only do not trust the South, some detest it. And many seem to think it deserves to be treated differently than the more progressive precincts of the nation."

06-28-2013, 09:30 AM
So the affected states weren't lying in wait to disenfranchise blacks the moment the law was struck down?

Answer me this: How many southern states covered by Section 5 enacted voting rights legislation the day of the decision? I know the answer. Do you?