View Full Version : OT: Tell Me About Your Favorite Unlocked GSM Phones

01-14-2013, 04:37 PM
Anyone got any experience with unlocked gsm cell phones? Heard you can hook 'em up to Straight Talk plan and save big bucks.



01-14-2013, 05:16 PM
I have an unlocked iphone 4s, picked up a t mobile pay by the day sim card, 10 dollars of air time is good for up to90 days, if i use it its 2 bucks a day unlimited talk text and edge data.

the 4s isnt compatible with tmobiles 3g, and the phone cant do 4g so im stuck on edge, but its better than getting raped by rogers when im in the states.

of note, even if your apple phone is unlocked you will still have to hook it up to itunes with the different sim card in it, for the phone to verify that its unlocked with apple, you only need to do this once, if you just put the sim card in without doing this it wont work.

I looked at straight talk, but they didnt have anything with a micro sim, and i wasnt sure if i could have gotten it cut in myrtle beach. nokia lumia 800 uses a microsim too.

If you buy a phone just to get the sim, do not put the sim in the phone it came with, if you do the sim will be locked to the phone for 6 months and you wont be able to use it in your phone.