View Full Version : Can't get it together until late ?

09-23-2012, 06:59 PM
Even late we don't have a rhythm but if we weren't so bad early both games were winnable.

OR..............maybe Pitt isn't any good anymore cause Raiders beat them today last I saw so maybe we just aren't that good period ?

09-23-2012, 07:46 PM
The Broncos are still trying to find their offensive identity. I understand how Fox wants to mold his style of play with Manning, but right now it seems like they are forcing oil and vinegar together.

Combine that with facing some tough teams and that has led to the offensive output the past two games. I definately expected growing pains, but had optimistically hoped the Broncos would go 1-1 the past 2 weeks.

I wouldn't scrap with what Fox is trying to do just yet, but I would have started a ground and pound style against Atlanta instead of airing it out and vice versa against Houston. Playing in a dome with a no huddle requires a level of communication the broncos haven't achieved yet while Denver's thin air makes the hurry up deadly.

Granted in both games, the broncos shot themselves in the foot with the early TOs and giving up big plays which prevents them from getting in their designed game plan. In past years they would have gotten blown out, but they have hung tough which gives me hope the Broncos will be a force the second half of the season.