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09-23-2012, 04:05 PM
On the Foster TD reception Kevin Vickerson was in coverage, I noticed him playing zone on at least 2 big plays against Atlanta last week as well and on a later play on a 2nd down Dumervil was in coverage. JDR needs to get away from this idea of putting defensive linemen in coverage, it is not fooling anyone and it just creates a huge mismatch against any halfdecent QB. If you really want to blitz a linebacker, then put an extra linebacker in so you don't compromise coverage.

On the 2nd FG drive, in the red zone on 2nd down we ran out of the shotgun in an 8 yard situation, it was so obvious it was going to be a run. When in the shotgun the RB is 2 steps behind Manning it is a run, when the RB is next to Manning it is a pass.
On the 3rd down Thomas ran way too far into the end zone, he has to get to the line and turn for the pylon, not run 3 yards into the end zone and them come around.

Jim Leonard couldn't return a punt for a TD if the punter was the only Houston guy on the field, he has so little speed the clock would run out before he made it to the end zone.

On 3rd and 4 at midfield we ran out of the shotgun and again the RB behind Manning was such a clear give away, it was stuffed at the line. I am not sure if this was an audible or a playcall, but it was a bad decision and Manning should have gotten away from it.

Not sure how that block in the back on Irving on the play he was injured wasn't called - he was shoved both hands between the shoulder blades.

The Texans have matched up JJ Watt with Ramirez all day and Ramirez is getting eaten alive, we either need to shift protection so Franklin can block in to double Watt or the RB needs to chip Watt - because Ramirez is not doing anything.

Manning early on seems to pass it only to RB and TE, it was the same against Atlanta and Pittsburgh, once he starts passing to his WRs the offense gets moving much better. The recievers are the best pass catchers and playmakers, they need the ball.

09-23-2012, 04:25 PM
Dear thread,

They sucked

The end.