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Pontius Pirate
09-17-2012, 04:18 PM
If you're like me, you're already looking at your fantasy team (and around your league) saying things like, "You gotta be kidding me - where did that guy come from?" or "Damn, what happened to my 1st round pick!" Here's my take, through the first two weeks, on the top-3 over & under-valued players at each position looking at ADP and standard scoring. And yes, there is a lot of time for this all to change....

QB: over-valued
1) Tom Brady. ADP was #5 and he's 15th in QB pts right now
2) Aaron Rodgers. ADP was #2 and he's 14th in QB pts right now
3) Matt Stafford. ADP was #11 and he's 21st in QB pts right now

QB: under-valued
1) RG3. ADP was #87 and he's first in QB pts
2) Sam Bradford. ADP was #161 and he's 8th in QB pts
3) Eli Manning. ADP was #41 and he's 2nd in QB pts

RG3 is the guy in this list whose surprised me the most. I thought people were crazy taking him in the 3rd or 4th round - and now he's just crushing. I think he could have a better overall year than Cam did last year.

RB: over-valued
1) CJ2K. ADP was #9 and he's 45th in RB pts. LOL
2) Darren McFadden. ADP was #11 and he's 25th in RB pts
3) Shady McCoy. ADP was #3 and he's 14th in RB pts

RB: under-valued
1) Reggie Bush. ADP was #53 and he's 2nd in RB pts
2) Frank Gore. ADP was #43 and he's 5th in RB pts
3) Stevan Ridley. ADP was #74 and he's 7th in RB pts

I mean, was anyone surprised that CJ2K would be a bust this year? Sure, he could get it together...but unlikely. Honorable mention on the over-valued list goes to Forte, SJax, and Bradshaw - but injuries are partly to blamed.

WR: over-valued
1) Larry Fitz. ADP was #20 and he's 76th in WR pts
2) Wes Welker. ADP was #24 and he's 55th in WR pts
3) Dez Bryant. ADP was #44 and he's 57th in WR pts.

WR: under-valued
1) Danny Amendola. ADP was #130 and he's 4th in WR pts
2) Dwayne Bowe. ADP was #63 and he's 3rd in WR pts
3) Brandon LaFell. ADP was #146 and he's 8th in WR pts

This grouping just underscores how crazy FF is and how quick things can change. Any of these guys can have a huge game and swing like crazy. One things for sure: NY Giants WR's are NOT going to disappoint this year.

Misc. Over & Under
1) Over TE: Antonio Gates looks like he's done for sure
2) Under TE: Martellus Bennett and Dante Rosario
3) Over DEF: Giants and 49'ers. Niners look tough, but not in pts
4) Under DEF: Cleveland. Team sucks, but DEF is racking up pts

The End.

Smiling Assassin27
09-17-2012, 04:20 PM
Over-valued: Hold on, while i post my entire friggin' roster.

That One Guy
09-17-2012, 04:24 PM
I'm not doing FF this year but surely the Miami receiver should be mentioned. He basically is their passing O.

09-17-2012, 05:22 PM
Over-valued: Hold on, while i post my entire friggin' roster.