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09-11-2012, 09:13 AM
On Aug. 8 2004 Broncos legendary quarterback John Elway capped his career with his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The very next day Broncos rookie quarterback Matt Mauck began his career in his first-ever NFL preseason game. That’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Mauck didn’t end up enshrined in Canton. His future was headed in a very different direction.

“It’s definitely a long way from the football field,” Mauck said.

Fast forward 11 years. Mauck traded in the helmet and shoulder pads for a cap and gown. “Dr.” Matthew Mauck, the former Broncos quarterback, is now a 2011 graduate of the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine.

“I’ve always just been into math and science and I’ve always wanted to help people, so it was just kind of a natural fit for me,” he said.

Just a couple of weeks ago Mauck went to work full time at a local practice.

So how exactly does a quarterback who won a national championship at Louisiana State University end up a dentist? Mauck got the bug in college, but he put it off when the Broncos drafted him in the seventh round of the 2004 draft. A couple years later, after time with the Tennessee Titans, back surgery put his life at a crossroads.

“Do I want to try to rehab and put a couple more years into trying to get back in the NFL? Or do I want to start my career after the NFL?”

Ultimately, he decided it was time to move on.

“At the time it was pretty tough, but now looking back on it I feel extremely fortunate and I think I made a good decision.”

It turns out that it was a great decision. Mauck knows all too well the sad stories of many former players who have nothing to fall back on when their playing days end. But being a dentist wasn’t a fall-back for him — it was his true calling all along.

“The nice part about this office is you’ll see that there are patients who have been here since they were five and now they’re 35; and that’s the part of dentistry that I like is basically you are kind of engrained in the community.”

Of course football will always be a part of his life and Mauck still misses game days. He didn’t land in the Hall of Fame like Elway, but he’ll say he ended up right where he wanted to be.

“It’s still an honor. It’s just the same as it is to put on a football uniform. It honor to put this on every day.”

09-11-2012, 09:17 AM
Good career path after football. I really doubt that he would have had any injuries sustained from football. He would have been a career back-up.

09-11-2012, 09:18 AM
Meanwhile, BVP is taking orders at BK

09-11-2012, 09:24 AM
Good for him, its a solid career choice.

09-11-2012, 09:26 AM
So has Jeff Garcia taken up proctology professionally yet?

09-11-2012, 09:29 AM
Meanwhile, BVP is taking orders at BK

BVP is the color analyst for Sky Sports in the UK.

09-11-2012, 09:34 AM
BVP is the color analyst for Sky Sports in the UK.

He is no longer playing "professionally" in Europe??

09-11-2012, 09:45 AM
I was pumped when we drafted him, I thought he'd be a steal and develop into a good QB. Then again I think every player we draft, especially those in the latter rounds, is going to develop into a star.

09-11-2012, 09:46 AM
and it reminds me, it's time for my next dental appointment.

09-11-2012, 10:01 AM
Mauck is one of my favorite sports stories, period.

A lot of people don't know he played 3 seasons with the Cubs organization, including parts of 2 seasons with my beloved single-A Lansing Lugnuts in 1999 and 2000.

He said before he was drafted that he wasn't even sure how long he wanted to play in the NFL because he was going to grad school for dentistry.

Think about it, this guy has played both baseball and football professionally, won a college football national championship, has a great job now, and will be able to carry all that around with him for the rest of his life.


bronco militia
09-11-2012, 10:02 AM
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSsKqfzXlB50S2FMPtZeJmWYjq1uxlcm lqyR1YL2dS8OmoWoQJJc0JSjFZXTg

09-11-2012, 10:06 AM
Meanwhile, BVP is taking orders at BK

LOL.....how true.

09-11-2012, 10:17 AM
He is no longer playing "professionally" in Europe??

No. And I guess he's "really into" wine. They had him on one of the local radio stations here and he kept going off about how passionate he is about wine.

09-11-2012, 10:21 AM
He is no longer playing "professionally" in Europe??

2010 he signed with Leicester Falcons

..and he´s maybe taking order for his wine


Dr. Broncenstein
09-11-2012, 10:40 AM
BVP is swirling wine and trying to pretend he isn't queer.

09-11-2012, 10:45 AM
Per the article....

In 2004, Mauck played in his first preseason game......

....fast forward 11 years.....


So Mauck will be a dentist in 2015?

09-11-2012, 11:29 AM
Do dentists help people? Most of the time I'd argue they don't. They just push night guards and the removal of teeth that don't need to be removed.