View Full Version : Better or Worse teams for 2012

09-04-2012, 04:17 AM
by Michael Lombardi


2011 record: 8-8
2012 verdict: Better

If Peyton Manning is back at 100 percent, the Broncos easily blow past eight wins. Even if he is around 80 percent, I still see them winning more than eight games. Less than 80 percent, though, and my crystal ball gets a little cloudy.

2011 record: 7-9
2012 verdict: Better

Just getting some marquee players back from injury will significantly upgrade Kansas City. Adding Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator will also help improve quarterback Matt Cassel, which will boost the Chiefs as a whole.

2011 record: 8-8
2012 verdict: Worse

The Raiders have some talented skill players, but there are huge concerns at corner and along the defensive line. Not to mention the biggest concern/question: How good is Carson Palmer? Can he lead this team to the playoffs? I am not a believer.

2011 record: 8-8
2012 verdict: Better

The Chargers have to stay healthy -- especially on the offensive line -- and the defense must gel if they want to improve on their 2011 record. The main reason to predict a better record in San Diego: I'm counting on Philip Rivers to return to his old form.

Not just Manning, but if we are able to avoid any more serious injuries to good players (such as Cooper and Hunter) and and if we can get DJ back in decent time, I think 12-4 is realistic, even with this schedule. Manning alone is going to help our defense be better by the fact we won't see nearly as many 3 and out's by the offense, longer sustained drives and hopefully playing with a lead sometimes as well. That can only help out defense. But as a whole, I think the defense is looking better then last years.