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09-03-2012, 09:08 AM
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50. Peyton Manning
Oh, just the greatest quarterback in league history in a historically unprecedented situation — this should be easy to figure out. There's virtually no chance that Manning is actually the 50th most valuable asset in the league, but when you average out all the possibilities — maybe there's a 30 percent chance he's one of the 10 most valuable guys in the league, a 30 percent chance he's a money pit, and a 40 percent chance he's somewhere in between — 50th feels about right. If he comes back and he's the Peyton Manning from 2010, two years older and with worse receivers, this is probably just a little low. Then again, he's 36 and one positive neck examination away from making a guaranteed $58 million over the next three years.

20. Von Miller
I put Miller ahead of Smith — even though Miller has a slightly larger contract and had fewer sacks last year — because Miller's a more complete player. Smith spent last year serving as a situational pass rusher. He was great at it, and he's moving into a bigger role in 2012, but Miller, on the other hand, spent last year serving as a three-down linebacker. Smith never had a game like Miller's ridiculously clutch performance against the Jets. That puts Miller slightly ahead across their respective developmental curves.



09-03-2012, 09:56 AM
In before people trashing a Grantland article because of Bill Simmons.

09-03-2012, 12:33 PM
In before people trashing a Grantland article because of Bill Simmons.

This. Simmons rules.

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This piece reads as if there were three or four fellows sitting on the shaded Courtouse Bench discussing ball players. Nothing was ever resolved, but that wasn't the point. They usually had a flask somewhere, and the dicussions got around to the old players, like Ruth and Gherig(sp) or the Designated Hitter rule. My grandfather usually had the flask, and I am told he could punch.