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08-02-2012, 12:47 PM
Just watched Manning describe Champ Bailey as the best CB he has faced in his career dating all the way back to Georgia and Tennessee. He said Champ is still the best because of his hard work and discipline and going against him in TC is helping him get stronger trust with his receivers as the window to throw against him is so small.

Manning went on to say that the offense is going to be more versatile than the one he ran in Indy because of the strength of the running game.

*Sidenote* This is where Manning is different. He makes teams pay if they play a single high safety in cover one or cover three. No one in the league plays him without 2 high safeties 90% of the time. He forces man cover 2, cover 2, or quarters coverages more than any other QB in the league. This is the difference in DEN's running attack this year. There will be few to zero teams that will put 8 in the box against Manning, especially with the speed of Caldwell and Thomas on the outside. If DEN gets back to the stretch zone and inside and outside zone plays, they will create HUGE running lanes in their 2 TE sets. If teams leave a LB in to cover Tamme, Peyton will move him into slot and spread them out. The running game will make some BIG plays this year because of this.

The reason this never worked since Edgerrin James left in INDY, is the OL could not win the zone matchups consistently in the running game. DEN can do that. And Now, they will not face heavy run defenses. They will get a ton more nickle to run against. Watch for teams to play a big nickle version against Tamme. It will allow the running game to get some traction early in games, due to teams being afraid of the big play deep with Manning. Accuracy is WAY more important than arm strength on deep balls.

*Back to Mcgahee* He talked about simply being around Manning helps breed perfectionism and wanting not to make mental errors. He said players WANT to spend more time in the playbook and after practice so they do not make correctable mistakes. He said its so evident that Peyton does everything to put them in the right play and right positions on every play to succeed. No one wants to let him down.

Asked about the defense, he said they have to rise to the occasion to play against Manning in camp. He said the blocking scheme to protect Manning is hard for the RB's as they have to help on the edge rushers more and Dumervil and Miller are not fun to pass protect against! He also said its making him a better pass protector and all around player, but he is ready to go up against someone else on the edge.

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good stuff, thanks Mediator12!

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Thanks med! Where did you watch this? I wanna see!

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It should be an OM rule that Med has to post 5 analytical post a day....

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Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

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some of it is here:


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some of it is here:



FYI they had Adam Gase on with Joel Klatt and Mike Evans this morning. Gase's interview was really eye-opening talking about the difference's between going from Tebow to Manning, and how impressed he's been with Brock Osweiller.

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OK when is the first pre season game , I'm ready ......

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THIS is the kind of stuff that I come to the Mane to read. Nice analysis, very interesting point of view. I cant wait for the season to start!

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This was on NFL network Training camp live today. I took notes and then applied the analysis.