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07-18-2012, 01:32 AM
Pretty good stuff here for the off-season.

While we are all so quick to praise Tim Tebow for some truly miraculous comebacks, it was Prater’s right foot that actually won the games against Miami in OT, San Diego in OT, Minnesota as time expired, and Chicago as he booted a 59 yarder at the buzzer and a 51 yarder in OT to win the game. Count ‘em up, Prater had three walk-off kicks in a row, the first time that has happened in the NFL since Chris Jacke from Arizona pulled it off in ’98.

Prater was responsible for half of the Broncos regular season wins! When does Skip Bayless start praising the real star from Florida?
Sure, Prater got into quite a scrape with the law before last season. An incident I thrillingly detailed with wild speculation and narrative. However, the series of events that led up to that night of debauchery are absolutely comical compared to a night spent partying with Perrish Cox and Demaryius Thomas. Prater’s wild night, can’t hold a flame to the up-the-skirt Twitter avatar antics of D.J. “I choose to appeal and appeal again until I truly lose” Williams. The desire to get lucky with a stripper from “the Gun” seems purely passť to those who really need Harvey Steinberg’s help.

The rest of the article: http://www.milehighsports.com/?p=10911

07-18-2012, 07:43 AM
i like the MVP article LOL

Boobs McGee
07-18-2012, 08:51 AM
Matt Prater often calls home to Florida to see if his dad has seen any hawks. No joke. Prater’s nickname is “Hawk” for that very reason.
During his non-holdout holdout, Prater had some anxious moments, but his mind was eased as his father informed him of the frequent hawk sightings. Now if I was Prater’s dad, I think I would just lie my butt off every time he asked me about a bird.
“I’m sorry, son, what do you need to see to kick good – a hawk, a flamingo, a two-headed pterodactyl? Yea, crazy thing, I saw five of each of those yesterday!”
However, as long as Prater isn’t seeing security guards from IKEA lurking in a hotel parking lot, I’m sure everything is cool. But that doesn’t mean one of the deadliest kickers in the league doesn’t have a few quirky traits.
The hawk thing is kind of nutty, but makes sense. What most folks don’t know is there is a small family of hawks that actually lives in some of the protective evergreen trees that hover over the Dove (ironic) Valley practice field. With nothing but huge gobs of time on his hands, Prater often watches for these predators as they circle the gridiron desperately searching for the countless rabbits that inhabit the facility. There is truly nothing better to do while doing nothing than search out the spiritual bird."

He actually has a hawk and an eagle on top of his locker haha. I was wondering what the facination was!