View Full Version : Hillman, Manning, Freeney & Mathis, Wolfe & Osweiler

Bronco Rob
06-01-2012, 08:36 AM
Though Denver's willingness to cater their offense around the specific strengths of their quarterback certainly played a role in Manning's decision to sign with the Broncos, don't underestimate the similarities the future Hall of Fame quarterback may have seen in the combination of Miller and Dumervil off the edge as to what he had with the Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis while with the Indianapolis Colts. If Manning is able to lead the Broncos to a strong offense in 2012, the duo could wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks attempting to match Manning point for point -- just as Freeney and Mathis did.

Just as the Colts discovered this past season with Manning injured, with the team struggling to score points, opponents were able to control the clock and run the football right down the throats of Indianapolis' undersized defense. With each of the Broncos' starting two defensive tackles from a year ago (Brodrick Bunkley, Marcus Thomas) no longer on the roster, Denver knows that to be successful in a division as run-heavy as the AFC West, they needed reinforcements up front.

Considering that the Broncos finished the 2010 season dead last in the division at 4-12, that's quite a turnaround in head coach John Fox's first year with the team -- regardless of who was playing quarterback.