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Scouting reports on your newest Broncos


STRENGTHS: Osweiler has a very deliberate, quick-twitched setup which he employs on a consistent basis. His athletic ability allows him to play the position naturally and with ease. He slings the ball naturally, as well, and even though he pats the ball before throwing, his release is so compact and effective he isn't hindered by this habit in the slightest. His shining asset is his arm strength; he can hit nearly any NFL-caliber throw at this point in his career. He is a good leader and looks in control in the huddle and on the field. He is above average from an accuracy standpoint, and he really has a good grasp on when to add touch to the ball or to zip it. He has the pocket presence of a first-day pick and doesn't go down easily. He is good to extend plays with his feet.

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STRENGTHS: Hillman relies heavily on his quickness and immediate vision to find a seam to be an effective runner. He has decent speed for his size, but his quickness is his biggest asset. He has a natural feel for how to find daylight and can be patient to wait for a pulling interior lineman to get to the second level. He has a good burst in a short area to make guys miss, and has the quickness to be an effective short-yardage back in the NFL.

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If Wolfe is drafted in a 4-3, he could be a versatile defender. He could add some weight and stay at defensive tackle, or he could be a power left defensive end on running downs who moves inside to rush the passer at tackle on passing downs. Wolfe could thrive in either system. He may take a little more development time, but it wouldn't be surprising if Wolfe turns into rock solid pro; a blue-collar defender who does the dirty work to make his defense successful.

Wolfe shouldn't get out of the second round. Mel Kiper recently had him in the first round of a mock draft, while the consensus view has him as a third- or fourth-rounder. Part of that could just be Wolfe being underrated as a sleeper prospect. It wouldn't be surprising if he goes sooner than most pundits project.

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