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Denver man tries out to be Broncos' first male cheerleader

Published April 16, 2012


A Colorado man danced off against more than 200 women in a bid to become the Denver Broncos' first male cheerleader.

The NFL team's judges welcomed the unlikely entry from Sacha Heppell in the first round of the 2012 tryouts Sunday.

"It's huge. I'm excited, totally thrilled," Heppell told KUSA before his audition. "No male has ever made it through auditions. I don't even know if a male even made it to the auditions."

"It's an open call, so anyone can show up and try out," a member of the judging panel said, adding that the decision on whether to accept a male hopeful would be based on his "dance ability" alone.

After being put through his paces, Heppell said getting the chance to perform his pro football routine was "amazing," although he admitted, "I messed up a few times."

The judges agreed, cutting him from the competition to cheer Peyton Manning and Co. at Mile High next season.

"I'm a little disappointed. I gave it all I got," Heppell said, though he remained undeterred in pursuit of his dream. "I'm going to continue to practice throughout this year, and I will be back next year."

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Bronco Rob
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Here are some fun facts:

Going back to 1976, the Denver Broncos have had an equal number of Superbowl appearances as losing seasons (6). Over that same time span, The Kansas City Chiefs has had more losing seasons (18) than playoff appearances (11).

Since the Kansas City Chiefs last playoff win, every single AFC West team other than Kansas City has been to at least one Super Bowl, one of which won it twice.

In the 1983 Draft. The most quarterback Rich draft NFL history. With John Elway, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Ken O'Brien and Tony Eason who did the Kansas City Chiefs draft?

What team has won 3 playoff games in 42 years?

What team has lost 7 playoff games in a row?

Why is the date January 16th 1994 so significant in Kansas City Chiefs football history?

Name the last team the Kansas City Chiefs beat in the playoffs.

Denver Wins With Bubby-Ball! Broncos Beat The Kansas City Chiefs Behind Quarterback Bubby Brister To Stay Undefeated : Denver 30, Kansas City 7

Dave Goldberg Associated Press

John Elway Bubby Brister? Who cares? Whoever plays quarterback for the Denver Broncos, they look like they're on the way to an unbeaten season.

The 36-year-old Brister, reborn as Elway's backup, ran 38 yards for a touchdown on the first series, then Terrell Davis went 41 yards for a score as the Broncos jumped to a quick lead and went on to a 30-7 win over Kansas City on Monday night.

The victory made the Broncos the first 10-0 team in the NFL since the 1991 Washington Redskins and put them on track for a Dec. 21 confrontation in Miami with the Dolphins, who in 1972 were the last NFL team to go unbeaten.

If we do what were supposed to do and we don't have any major injuries, I don't see why we can't do it,'' Brister said of the possibility of a perfect season.

Brister, now 4-0 as a starter this year, finished 13 of 23 for 180 yards, and Davis, who leads the NFL in rushing, carried 18 times for 111 yards. Brister added 53 more on five carries as Denver ran for 211 yards.

The Broncos' defense, meanwhile, held the Chiefs to 31 yards on the ground.

"I don't feel like a backup,'' said Brister, who had 71 starts for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Jets in 10 seasons before sitting out 1996 and joining the Broncos last year.

"I've always felt like a starter, but there's only one of them and I've had guys like Boomer Esiason and John Elway ahead of me.''

It was the fifth straight loss for Kansas City (4-6), which looked before the season like the most dangerous threat to the Broncos in both the AFC West and AFC as a whole. But the Chiefs, who had never had a four-game losing streak in Marty Schottenheimer's 10 seasons as coach, looked like a dispirited bunch against the Broncos, who now have outscored opponents 114-13 in first quarters this season.

It took just 2:42 for Denver to take a 7-0 lead on a bootleg around right end by Brister, who made his fourth start in place of Elway, who is nursing pulled rib muscles. Brister was almost untouched after his fake to Davis pulled the entire Kansas City defense to the opposite side of the field.

The next score was even quicker - a 79-yard drive that took only three plays and was capped by the burst by Davis. He was tripped up 10 yards downfield , regained his balance and continued on into the end zone. That was the game.

The Chiefs cut it to 14-7 on an 87-yard drive that consumed almost eight minutes of the second quarter, leading to a 3-yard touchdown pass to Kimble Anders from Rich Gannon, filling in for the benched Elvis Grbac.

But Jason Elam added 42- and 46-yard field goals before the half and a 35-yarder in the third quarter. Things officially ended with 7:36 left in the game when Gannon, who finished 26 of 39 for 224 yards, tripped and fell at the 20 on a fourth down at the Denver 10.

"We ran 19 times for 31 yards and we wanted to run 35 times for 200 yards,'' Gannon said. "We have too much talent in the locker room to be playing the way we are. The mistakes and the penalties are killing us. We're not playing very good football.''



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He should have tried out in KC if he wanted to make it.


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I'm sorry you didn't make the cut Rob Hilarious!

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Anyone else read his quotes thinking of a lisp?

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Smartest man in the known universe, when else are you going to have a shot at spending a full day as the only guy in a group with 200 potential NFL cheerleaders in spandex and sports bras - not even Bill Gates could afford to buy this kind of experience.

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Yeah KC's Cheerleaders look like dudes.They know it, too.

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Yeah KC's Cheerleaders look like dudes.They know it, too.



eddie mac
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I bet she's better looking than anything you've ever tapped.Hilarious!

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He should have tried out in KC if he wanted to make it.



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Classic Mork and Mindy episode.

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Does he get to be in the Calendar?

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This post makes you gayer than Blart.

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Queef fans know they come up short when it comes to football conservation so they like to deflect the focus to irrelevant topics like the cheerleaders.

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He should have tried out in KC if he wanted to make it.


No doubt. Here is a tip KCDude, if you ever want to be able to touch a girl and not get slapped, tryout for the Ravens' squad. They actually have male cheerleaders.

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Yeah, we know oh we know. She is a chick and you play for the other team.