View Full Version : How much is one TD a game worth?

Jason in LA
01-15-2012, 11:11 PM
So I was having a random thought while watching the Giants kicking the crap out of the Packers. After the refs screwed the Giants out of a fumble early in the game when the ref instant replayed it and for some reason ruled that the runner was down, the Packers scored a TD a few plays later. At first I was thinking that there was a lot more game to play, and that one TD may not decide it, mostly because it was still early in the game.

Well then I got to thinking, how much of a difference would it be if a team could take one TD a game away from their opponents in games they lost. For the Broncos, if they could do that they'd go from 8-8 to 12-4!

Now what if in the Broncos victories one touchdown was taken away from them. They'd go from 8-8 to 2-13-1.

So when the Giants were screwed on the instant replay call, they were really screwed. Good thing that game didn't come down to one TD.

01-15-2012, 11:50 PM
No shocker there. If you go from giving 21 points a game on defense, to 14 points a game, you would go from middle of the pack to top 5 defense. I see no need for replay if they aren't going to overturn all the bad calls. If it still comes down to this or that, or this ref or this whistle why not just let them play? I'm almost ready to say replay just a joke. Make the refs call them game without mistakes. If you have mistakes we should be seeing new refs all the time. Keep looking until you have the best refs around, then pay them to be full time or something. Its a joke. We have a bunch of crappy refs running around acting like its a part time job, which it is.